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Articles by IAM Associates
The BDS Movement Recruited Jewish Israeli Professors to Deflect Accusations of Anti-Semitism
The IAM 4th annual conference on Anti-Semitism and BDS on the 10th of May provided the audience with some unexpected information. For example, Dr. Dana Barnett, the IAM editor, explained the role of the Jewish and Israeli activists within the movement to boycott Israel.
Much to everyone's surprise Barnett revealed that the function of Jewish Israeli professors is to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism. In an interview with JerusalemOnline shortly after the conference, Barnett cited Israeli professor Rachel Giora, a Tel Aviv University linguist and a staunch supporter of BDS who wrote in an article detailing the movement of boycott from within, that “The major role of the Israeli BDS movement has been to support international BDS calls against Israel and legitimize them both as clearly not anti-Semitic."
Barnett also revealed that Israeli professors profit from their roles in the delegitimization of Israel campaigns. BGU professors Neve Gordon and Oren Yiftachel are a case in point. The former received Saudi support for his book Israel's Occupation, as he admitted in the foreword of the book, "I began writing the book in 2004 during a sabbatical at the University of California, Berkeley, where Nezar AlSayyad from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies... welcomed me and provided me the necessary resources to write." Berkeley's Center for Middle East Studies has been a recipient of Saudi largess for years. The latter, who coined the apartheid analogy received a trophy from Michael C. Hudson, a veteran Arab propagandist and the director of the Middle East Institute at the University of Singapore, which is supported by Gulf states funding.
Barnett stated that this pattern is not new and has been used to promote the "New Historians" in the 1980's.

The Israel Academia Monitor Conference on Anti-Semitism and BDS, Tel Aviv University
The IAM Conference that took place last week in Bet Hatfutzot, Tel Aviv University, has dealt with BDS and its relations to anti-Semitism. The first panel, in English, was academic; the second was in Hebrew and geared toward applied issues.
Each of the scholars at the first panel presented an original piece of research. For example, Dr. Sharona Goldenberg, a lecturer of law at the Netanya Academic College and the director of International Freedom of Research Center (IFRC), spoke about the research she had conducted on scholarship applications. She found that one of six Israeli scholars who apply for studies abroad hide their identity in order to increase their prospects. In other words, the national identity of the scholars dooms their chances regardless of their qualifications.
In an interview to Jewish News Service, Goldenberg explained that these are “new hidden Jews, the new anusim (forced converts) within Israeli academia... By putting them into a situation where they need to hide their identity, the boycotters are breaching their basic rights.”
The struggle against BDS has taken place mostly on campuses and the fight against it should therefore focus on this arena. IAM is dedicated to educate both academic and the lay pubic about this phenomenon.

ã"ø ãðä áøðè áúåëðéú òøá çãù 4 ìîàé 2016. äøàéåï îúçéì á-18:25 ã÷åú ìä÷ìèä

ëðñ 2016 çøí åàðèéùîéåú çãùä - îâîåú åùéðåééí

Dana Barnett, Post-Zionism and Israeli Universities: the Academic-Political Nexus

Dana Barnett, Post-Zionism and Israeli Universities: the Academic-Political Nexus. Part 2

Barnett, Post-Zionism and Israeli Universities. Endnotes & Bibliography

Academic Accountability: Who Finances Israel’s Delegitimization on Campus?
The public is invited
Academic Accountability: Who Finances Israel’s Delegitimization on Campus?
Friday, May 8, 2015 at 9am
Tel Aviv University, Dan David Building Hall 3
(Entrance from Gate 4)
The roundtable will explore the sources of funding for a range of academic activities that have contributed, over time, to the delegitimization of Israel. There is a virtual consensus that the academy has lead the campaign to present Israel as an apartheid-style state, paving the way for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) initiative. Yet there is little understanding of the financial underpinning of this effort.
The following panelists will address the various aspects of this issue
Greetings: Gideon Kressel, Prof. (Em.) Ben Gurion University; Israel Academia Monitor
1. The Financial Network: Who Funds What and Why?
Ofira Seliktar, Prof. (Em.) Gratz College; Chair Intelligence & Strategy Section, ASMEA
2. German Foundations, Academic Discourse and the Delegitimization of Israel
Clemens Heni, PhD. Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)
3. Funding Israeli Scholars to Produce Paradigmatic Literature: A Case Study
Dana Barnett, PhD. King’s College London; Israel Academia Monitor
4. Developments of the Academic Boycott of Israel since 2002
Manfred Gerstenfeld, PhD. Former Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Q & A

Israel Academia Monitor presents the executive summary of the academic freedom project
The executive summary is based on the first systematic and detailed report of how Israel’s version of academic freedom functions in comparison to three key Western nations - Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States- that have informed its evolution.
The full report will be available soon.
The Problem
Neo-Marxist, critical scholarship in the West has acquired a substantial following in liberal arts (humanities and social sciences) departments in Israeli universities. Known in Israel as post-Zionism, it characterizes Zionism as a colonial-imperialist movement and views its progeny- the State of Israel- as a colonial-apartheid state. Alternatively, Israel is presented as a Nazi-like state and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are accused of Nazi-like behavior in the territories. Post Zionist scholars offer courses that, for most part, do not produce a balanced view of the issues of the issues involved.
Mixing academics and political activism, these professors have pursued robust efforts to compel Israel to withdraw from the territories or to accept return of Palestinian refugees, thereby creating a bi-national Jewish-Palestinian state. They have assumed leadership roles in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, have launched international petition drives condemning the IDF for war crimes, and have even attempted to initiate litigation against individual IDF commanders.
Government and university authorities have been reluctant to react because of the prevalent notion that academic freedom protects faculty, both in intramural matters and in extramural speech and action. Indeed, radical scholars and their liberal defenders in the academy and media have warned about the specter of McCarthyism. No matter how justifiable, they assert that imposing any limits would set back Israel’s standing in the academic world and put it at odds with the standards of academic freedom common in the West.

A lecture by Gideon Kressel, May 14, 2012 at 21:30 at BGU: "Legislature/Executive/Judiciary and the Academy"
It is ok to be politically opinionated as we can be, taking part in rallies and election campaigns; but as university professors, when facing our students and classes, we need be loyal to an academic agenda. In the name of political, economic and the social sciences, we are paying respect; that is equal attention to all that is uttered, by the parties where every opinion is uttered. This takes a careful listening, hence taking into consideration the entire political gamut.
Off campus be political as you please, but while confronting your classes, be and remain scientific. Watch the triad of independent scholarly authorities —observe them at work from an academic perspective!
Bottom line: By all means; retain the academic agenda. Remain a teacher, not a preacher!

Israeli academics calling for boycott: Should they be tolerated?
Israel Academia Monitor responds to Prof. Rivka Carmi's "Universities are in the footnotes", May 28, 2011. JPOST
We recognize Professor Rivka Carmi's enormous contribution in the field of pediatrics and genetics and her past criticism of Neve Gordon, a professor at Ben Gurion University known for his advocacy of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. It is thus puzzling to read Prof. Carmi’s response to the justified criticism of anti-Zionist professors who continue to hold tenure on her and other campuses. She obfuscates facts and uses sophistry to deflect the real problems raised by what she calls right-wing “watchdog groups.”

On Friday May 13, 2011, two Israel Academia Monitor members went to the Board of Governors meeting at Tel Aviv University, where Tel Aviv University security permitted them to hand out fliers and to speak with the members of the Board of Governors. The only condition that they added was that they not leave a specific corner near the road, so they called out to the members of the Board of Governors that were interested in hearing what they had to say so that they can come to them.
Unfortunately, Israel Academia Monitor did not have this kind of luck at the Ben-Gurion University Board of Governors meeting. For the first full day of the BGU Board of Governors meeting, on Sunday May 29, 2011, one Israel Academia Monitor member was successfully able to attend three sessions and to speak with a couple of members of the Board of Governors, but the only reason that this happened is because this IAM member came to the meeting without fliers. For the second full day of the BGU Board of Governors meeting, on Monday May 30, 2011, two IAM members were able to place fliers in the auditorium where the BGU Board of Governors meeting was taking place.
However, later that afternoon, when one IAM member went to the Leanardo Hotel to leave fliers for the BGU Board of Governors members, this IAM member faced difficulties from the hotel security, treated like a common criminal.

IAM Friday Special Editorial: Academic Freedoms at Tel Aviv University – A View on the Radical Left
For a number of years now, the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University has been embroiled in a debate over the boundary between academic freedom and the right of instructors to engage in political activism including a campaign to promote Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) against Israel. In the past, some TAU professors signed petitions urging the United Nations to send troops to protect Palestinians, or even suggested inviting NATO bombings to compel Israel to give up the territories. A TAU historian has recently written a book asserting that Jews are an “invention” of the Zionist movement and have no rights to Israel because the vast majority of them are descendent of the Khazars, a medieval Turkic tribe whose elite apparently converted to Judaism. A simple Google search indicates that the Khazar theory has been highly popular with anti-Semitics groups in Russia, England and the United States for at least a century. Clothed in academic legitimacy, the book has become a hit in the pro-Palestinian and radical left-wing circles in the West.

[Advertisment at the Jerusalem Post]
Concerned about Israel’s image in the world?
Concerned about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaign operating against Israel?
Concerned that academics in the university you love and support are calling for a boycott of the very university that employs them?

What of tomorrow? As university Board of Governors season approaches, it’s time to examine the priorities for students
This is the season of Israeli universities’ Boards of Governors’ meetings. As governors arrive from all over the world, perhaps it is a good time to assess the priorities for both Israeli students and Jewish students in the Diaspora.
Here in Israel we see the continuation of Israeli academics at Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion and the Hebrew Universities, which imbue their students with a doctrine that is against Israel, and against even the university that pays their salaries. This year there are some governors who chose to stay away from their annual board meetings because their voices are not being heard. Last year a respected governor of Tel Aviv University, Mark Tanenbaum, resigned his seat on the board, as well as resigning from chairing anumber of university committees, because the president refused to allow a meaningful discussion and a vote on the question of those academics calling for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel.

Invitation: Prof. Geoffrey Alderman, patron of the UK Council on Academic Freedom to speak at BGU and Ariel U Center
Professor Geoffrey Alderman, Michael Gross Professor of Politics & Contemporary History at the University of Buckingham (UK) and Patron of the UK Council on Academic Freedom, will lecture on "The limits of Blackmail, Deligitimisation and Slander (BDS) as Instruments of Scholarly Discourse" at Ariel University Center, Israel, on Wednesday 30 March at 1.00 pm.
Prof. Alderman will address a seminar on "Intellectual Freedom and Academic Obligation" at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, on Monday 28 March 2011 at 2.00 pm.
Both events are opened to the public. Professor Alderman encourages those of different views to attend these events and participate in the discussions.

Radical post-Zionist academics unite in Protest: Activist Ariella Azoulay needs their support against Bar-Ilan U
Instead of raising alarm bells over Bar Ilan’s alleged mistreatment of Azoulay, Israeli academics should engage in an honest debate about the widespread phenomenon of post Zionism cooperation and the political agenda of the foreign sources that supports many of their projects.

Channel 10 “Hamakor” on Im Tirtzu's efforts in combating post/anti-Zionist perspectives in Israeli academe
Last week the Channel 10 program “Hamakor” ran an investigative report on the pro-Zionist student organization Im Tirtzu , focusing mainly on its efforts in combating the overwhelming dominance of post/anti-Zionist perspectives in Israeli academe.
Overall, Im Tirtzu had good reason to be pleased with the coverage it received, which, although not uniformly complimentary, was distinctly more positive than negative.
Although the report was critical of some aspects of the Im Tirtzu’s operations, it did corroborate the basic validity of much of the organization’s contentions. No less important, it also expressed considerable criticism for Im Tirtzu’s adversaries in the academic establishment, who were repeatedly portrayed as insensitive, arrogant and unresponsive to legitimate complaints it has raised

By thy own hand: The growing menace of endogenic Judeo-phobia – or how Jews fan the flames of hatred against their own
The problem extends far beyond the explicitly post/anti-Zionists who propose annulling the country’s status as a Jewish state and transforming it into a “state of all its citizens,” and/or openly condemn it as an ethnocratic apartheid regime, meriting not only international censure but sanction.
Oren Yiftachel, for example, depicts Israel (on both sides of the Green Line) as a “colonialist ethnocracy,” and Neve Gordon has explicitly called for a boycott of the country because of its “apartheid policies.”
It extends to purportedly pro-Zionists who allegedly endorse the existence of Israel as the nation-state of Jews, but provide – hopefully unwittingly – anti- Semites with material and opportunity to promote their Judeo-phobic agenda. This group includes figures such as Aeyal Gross, who has described Israel as “a society where shooting at children of the ‘other’ is the norm” and which “is in fact indifferent or worse to Israel’s widespread killing of Palestinian youth”

IAM Friday Special: Seeking intellectual integrity
The furor over allegations of post/anti-Zionist bias in the Israeli
academe refuses to subside. Last week a heated debate on the topic was held in the Knesset's Education Committee with the participation of Education Minister Gideon Saar. Clearly the charges as to deliberate ideological imbalance were not directed at the faculties of the natural or exact sciences but focused on the social sciences and the humanities.
Unsurprisingly, the representatives of the institutes of higher
learning rejected the accusations of intentional exclusion of
pro-Zionist perspectives, opposed any discussion of the issue, and questioned the very legitimacy of debate on the subject, warning that it constituted a grave threat to academic freedom which could undermine democratic governance in the country. As to bias in the appointment of faculty, and in promotion criteria, they endeavored to reassure the participants that these were based solely on academic achievement and professional excellence.

Shana Tova greetings by Dr. Mordechai Kedar, chairman of Israel Academia Monitor ÷åøàé àúø îåðéèåø äà÷ãîéä äéùøàìéú
Dear Friends of Israel Academia Monitor,
For quite some time, a small minority of vocal Israeli academics have been attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the Zionist enterprise. They have called for divestment of investments, sanctions and boycotts of Israel including academic boycotts. Some of these people have even supported calls to boycott the very institutions from which they have been receiving their salaries and research funds. During the past months, these issues have come to the forefront of the Israeli public discourse. Opinions are diverse and polarized.

Jerusalem Post: Criticism of academics is not McCarthyism
The presentation of factual evidence by concerned citizens about the activities of those who advocate sanctions against their own universities is the diametric opposite of the ideology.

Editor's note on two different issues: 1) Ran Baratz. 2) Palestinian quest for academic cooperation with Israel
1) Prof' Yakira wrote that Dr. Baratz was not the only candidate for the teaching position and another candidate with better qualifications won the position. Dr. Baratz did not have scientific articles published anywhere yet. Prof' Bar-Tal wrote that already two weeks prior to the "scandal" in the media, Dr. Baratz has a contract waiting at his desk, to teach in the second term of the year. This means that the story of political bias is untrue.
2) We have seen an email sent by Dr. Udi Adiv, a lecturer at the Open University of Israel. The email tells of meetings he had with Palestinian academics who requested mutual academic research with Israeli academics, in various fields, such as Education and Culture, Urbanization, Health, Nutrition, Marketing, Agriculture, Transportation, Water and Sewage. This comes as good news. While the Palestinians are the ones who initiated a world-wide call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, it is good step to see Palestinian academics seeking source for cooperation with the Israeli academia.

Limit Israel’s boycott fans
For years now, Israeli academic institutions have been under attack by Israeli teaching staff members who travel the world and urge lecturer unions to boycott Israeli universities. Some of these Israeli professors go even further by encouraging economic bodies to withdraw their investments from Israel in general and from the universities in particular, boycott Israel and its academic institutions, and impose sanctions on them.
These people justify their activity by arguing that academic freedom grants them the right to undermine the economic stability of the institutions they draw their salaries from, while the State – which pays their salaries – must continue doing so even though they incite against it and threaten its very existence.

IAM's chapter three, Im Tirtzu's Knesset Education Committee Report on 'Boycott Israel' calls by anti-Israel Israeli academics
Below please find ‘boycott Israel’ calls advanced by radical Israeli academics. This was gathered by Israel Academia Monitor since 2004 for the purposes of research and learning and submitted to 'Im Tirtzu' to be incorporated in their report to the Knesset Education Committee.

Supplements to Report

2010 Anti-Zionism in Israeli Universities: Executive Summary (English Translation)
Following a meeting of the Knesset’s Education Committee on the 28th of April 2010, the chairman of the committee, MK Zevulun Orlev, requested that Im Tirtzu prepare a full report of its findings regarding the overpowering anti‐Zionist bias in Israeli academia, as well as the exclusion and silencing of those who hold divergent opinions. In accordance with the decision of the Education Committee, this report will be communicated to the Council for Higher Education, who will then study its content and provide its conclusions to the Education Committee.
Unlike the accusations which have been levelled since the meeting of the Education Committee, the goal of this report is not to silence opinions we disagree with but rather, the opposite, to bring about true academic freedom in Israel, by allowing for a marketplace of ideas. We wish to expose the strength and volume of the anti‐Zionist bias in the Israeli academia in order to provide to all students in Israel the ability to study and research in an environment of true freedom, mutual respect and openness which are unfortunately not present in today’s higher education.
Part C of the report presents the participation of Israeli professors and academics in calling for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. The report lists hundreds of Israeli professors that have participated in petitions, articles, speeches and activities whose goals were to hurt the nternational image of the State of Israel in general, and of the Israeli academia more specifically.
We want to thanks Dr. Dror Eidar for his help in the preparation of the report, Dr. Udi Lebel and Dr. Ran Baratz for the academic supervision given during the preparation of the syllabus research in 2008, to “Israel Academia Monitor” and to Ms. Dana Bernett on the work they have done to put together Part C of the report, and to the dozens of students that had the courage to testify in front of us.

Israel Academia Monitor wishes to congratulate the authors Shlomo Sharan and David Bukay for their newly published book "Crossovers: Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism"
The authors identify a symbiotic relationship between anti-Semitic Palestinian doctrines and those Jews who are anti-Zionists. There has been a great deal of research on these as separate phenomena, but there has thus far been no research that has noted their similarities. Palestinian anti-Semitism and Jewish anti-Zionism may stem from different sources, but they have similar consequences. Palestinian views derive from religious Islamic as well as nationalist-Arab roots, while the views of anti-Zionist Jews grew out of an ideological Marxist-Trotskyite background. Both share a common goal: The destruction of the Jewish-Zionist nation, and a common strategy, to achieve a bi-national state as a first stage in the march to this goal.
Jewish history is replete with examples of how Jews have ignored repeated threats and acts of violence against them. That characteristic of Jews reflects their Messianic belief, but it lacks a basis in history. That belief has resisted change even in the face of threats that were obvious and that have endangered Jewish lives in the past. Contemporary anti-Zionists share this optimistic outlook.
Paradoxically, while the Jewish-Zionist State of Israel contends in public that another Holocaust will not happen and is patently impossible, the lesson of recent Jewish history is that that a Holocaust can happen again. This work is unrelenting in its criticism and tough minded in its assessment of the future.

Appeal to Reason - To Tel Aviv University Governors
Under the cover of human rights, the radical leftists go to all lengths to endeavour to destroy our institutes of higher learning and the Jewish State. Under the guise of free speech and academic freedom, some of them are openly calling for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) by the international community against Israel and her universities. These activities have seriously and negatively impacted our students in Israel many who are frightened to stand up to their radical leftist teachers for fear of receiving bad examination marks. Outside of Israel Jewish students are being harassed and intimidated by pro-Palestinian groups supported by these very same Israeli academics.

Campus fears here and there: To what extent are governors conscious of hatred resulting from Israeli academics that promote BDS against Israel?
Is it not strange that they are able to travel abroad calling for the boycott of the very universities from which they receive their livelihood?
Do governors recognize the devastating effect of this Israel-bashing on students in their respective countries? For example, a number of Israeli academics spearheaded the recent “Israel Apartheid Week” (now in its sixth year) aimed to show the country as an apartheid state like South Africa was. London was the scene of major anti-Israel activity during this “Apartheid Week,” led by an associate professor from Tel Aviv University. The prime objective was to isolate, delegitimize and dehumanize the one Jewish state. This is particularly disturbing when seen in conjunction with Jewish students who feel unable to stand up to the increasingly virulent anti-Israel bombardment on campus.
WHILE WE pride ourselves on being a democratic country where free speech is a given right, every society places a limit on free speech. Surely it is unacceptable that there are those employed by Israeli universities who educate their students to see the country as a colonial and pariah state as well as travelling abroad to call for BDS

An open letter to professor Rachel Giora
I refer to the open letter to which you subscribed, addressed by BOYCOTT! (Supporting the Palestinian call for BDS from within), to the management of the Irish public limited company, CRH, urging it to divest from Israeli cement company Nesher.
Since you signed as a professor, I fear that the shallow unsubstantiated arguments presented in BOYCOTT's political appeal are unworthy of the rigorous academic standards one is entitled to expect of the university you represent.
BOYCOTT's letter to CRH not only lacks rational argumentation, it employs highly emotive inaccurate language hardly appropriate from an academic. The title professor conveys a false sense in the mind of the reader that the material is authoritative, even though your field of linguistics is no guarantee of expertise in Middle East politics.

IAM Friday special op-ed: TAU’s Daniel Bar-Tal, Haaretz’s Zvi Bar’el, and Kissinger’s Lambs
as reported in the March 3rd Haaretz article, more than half the students would deny Arabs the right for election to the Knesset. In presenting these data, Professor Bar-Tal laments that “Jewish youth have not internalized basic democratic values.” And he takes particular aim at the attitudes of the religious cohort in the survey: “There is a combination of fundamentalism, nationalism [!], and racism in the worldview of religious youth.”

Festival of Hatred ôñèéáì ùðàú éùøàì
With a lot of fanfare the Hate Fest dubbed “Israeli Apartheid Week” opened in campuses worldwide. For the last six years this vile event has become a fixture on the agenda of the self styled community of “Israel’s Critics”. Like previous years, this year’s event, Which took place from March 1, through March 13, 2010, featured endless diatribes condemning Israel delivered by a host of “enlightened” intellectuals and academics. Among the keynote speakers in the various happenings one could find many prominent Israeli names.

Responses to Professor Joseph Klafter's op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, titled "The double boycott challenge"
Professor Klafter is mistaken if he feels members of the Board of Governors, such as myself, have a problem with free speech at the University. We don't. Even when the anti-Israel polemics are repugnant to our pro-Israel sensibilities.
I DO however have a problem with these professors hiding behind the University's skirt of "free speech" while in essence, actively working to harm the State of Israel. This insidious and dangerous activity must be dealt with firmly by the TAU Administration.
Allowing the professors to actively advocate and promote the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions ("BDS") Movement in general, and the academic boycott of TAU in particular is unacceptable.

Israeli Communists and Anarchists against Israel
The Fascist Left Anarchist and Communist exponents in the academia, who pose the gravest threat to the Israeli society because it is they who teach and influence our children, are to be expulsed forever from any and all academia posts that they hold in Israel and hopefully abroad too.


Why Write about the Anti-Zionist Academics?
The many claims made in print or through other media of communication by anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic academics in Israel’s universities need to be examined and rebutted, to set the historical record straight. Citizens of Israel, who still respect the status of professors in our universities should understand what is being said by this group and why it is at once very upsetting and very distorted, in many cases turned inside out. There are at least three important reasons why such a rebuttal is vital.
These people are among those who teach our youth in the universities and who exert enormous influence on their ideas, attitudes, values and strivings. University professors do not know exactly how they influence their students. Occasionally the reactions of students can be the exact opposite of what was intended. Nevertheless, the role of the anti-Zionist academics in molding Israel’s youth cannot be discounted. It is crucial that their opinions meet with serious counter-efforts on behalf of all Jews who value the existence and significance of Israel as a Jewish nation.

Radical-left “Academic Inquisition?”
Readers of IAM are familiar with the continuing efforts of faculty members on the extreme left to advance radical anti-Zionist agendas in their classrooms and to muzzle responsible academic inquiry that challenges their views.
How deeply-rooted the problem is--and how damaging to the health of Israel’s academic community--is suggested in a document by Professor Niva Hativa, head of the department of Curriculum and Instruction at Tel Aviv University. Written as an internal memo which she circulated to the TAU faculty, the document was the subject of a brief article in Haaretz (November 11) and an extensive report and commentary the day before by Erez Tadmor in Maariv (November 10).
Drawing on end-of-semester comments submitted by students “on the teaching they receive,” Hativa describes a stifling atmosphere in which “students of lecturers with left-wing views...complain bitterly that they are extremely offended by the presentation of materials that oppose their views, but are fearful of expressing contrary viewpoints in class, lest it harm their grades.”

[Tel Aviv U, Ethics, MA student] Omar Bargouti will be visiting LA: "Israel’s Control of Water as Tool of Apartheid and Means of Ethnic Cleansing"
Omar Bargouti, (a Tel Aviv University MA student), will be visiting LA shortly. Among other things he will attempt to make the claim that Israel is depriving the Palestinians of water as a measure of ethnic cleansing (see poster below)
This attempt must be countered vigorously and rebuffed assertively. The truth is that the Palestinians' hydro-situation improved dramatically - indeed beyond all recognition - under Israeli administration.
For example , the overall area under cultivation increased by 160%, while agricultural output increased 12-fold in the period 1967-1989 (just prior to the Oslo process). This was facilitated by the adoption of modern water-efficient irrigation techniques such as sprinklers and drip irrigation by Palestinian farmers, instead of open channel or rain-fed irrigation that were prevalent before Israeli administration in these areas.

The Saboteur and the Accomplice
A recent two-day conference at Bar-Ilan University on “Gender and Security” caused an uproar in Zionist and religious circles.
A parade of anti-Zionist and radical leftist lecturers hinted, among other definitely political things, that IDF soldiers are comparable with Nazi soldiers. Why? Because they bond. No friends in the army. The Nazis did it, so…

Responses to David Newman's "Bashing the Academic Left"
It's so good to hear that David Newman is actually doing something and is representing Israel against the calls for boycotts. Being a critic of the government is acceptable and has nothing to do with it.
But Newman has a dark past: in 2001 he signed the petition calling students to refuse serving in the Territories, the following is taken from seruv.org.il website

Democracy Knights?
I dare say that the ‘Restless Democracy’ Conference, by
The Jerusalem Spinoza Institute and Mishkenot Shaa-nanim, to take place in Jerusalem between the 24 and the 26 of December, 2008, looks pretty good on paper. ...
Let me make it clear. I am not against the Spinoza Institute, of course not, not one bit. I am, and how, against the participation of such luminaries of mind and State as these two in the conference proceedings, after what they said and done, and of others to be detailed below. Which sayings and doings, put them in line with the Israeli and global Extreme Left. And, though I didn’t check the existence or the lack thereof of leftist credentials of the other participants, I have my suspicions about the direction that the conference may take. And I am, and how, against the mixing of lofty ideals and their advancement thereof with the propounded goal of the eradication of the State of Israel, as the Extreme Left would like to have it and see, not tomorrow, but yesterday. I ask myself, is this a politically-correct hypocritical action or a deliberate act of Extreme Left activism? And so, I have my very palpable suspicions about the direction that the conference may take.

How another atrocity is committed against the Jewish Nation in plain daylight and the world stands by and gets duped
Shifting the focus, innocently or cunningly, from a property issue that is defined clearly from a wealth of factual data as belonging to the Jewish Nation, to an issue that tries to make an unlawful gain on the Palestinian human rights misperceived as trespassed, and so to play on sensitive ears in order to gain acceptance, is a new crime in itself against the Jews and the Jewish Nation. It presents the persons in question, the Israeli extreme Leftists at the academic lecterns here and abroad, as consummate traitors, Quislings and future kapos in the next Holocaust, which is sure to come if Israel trips just once. It transforms the victim into the aggressor. It gives fodder for the stealing of land and condones it. It makes a mockery of all the national liberation movements, discriminating between them and singling out the Jewish Nation as the only one that is not giving the due recognition of its claim and situation.

Suddenly you see that those who use these terms are in the disreputable camp of the anti-Semites and Fascists. This classification cannot be avoided, as the classification of the Jews in this camp as traitors cannot be avoided, in spite of screams to high heavens about trampled Arab human rights. Their tactics are transparent. The worldview of this camp is the anti-Semitic ideology that grew out of the terms used freely, without giving a second thought to their real meaning and impact, but every thought to the ultimate goal, the disenfranchisement of the Jews in every way and manner, no matter the price. Here is where Terminology Is Ideology. Even if some of the good-willing Leftists used some of the terms innocently in the misperceived cause of the wrongly labeled transgression of the Arabs’ human rights in Israel and the liberated territories, it is high time that they cease and desist of using them, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly. In the name of human honesty and decency, I call clearly and loudly upon them to do so and to apologize to the Jewish Nation and to the State of Israel, and the sooner the better.

I point my pen toward Zeev Sternhell and the clique that sur­rounds him and shares with him the actual act of discrimination, and, exactly as in Zola's times, of judicial wrongfulness and distortion, of premeditated and purposeful lies, all documented: The Israeli academicians that profess extreme anti-Zionist no­tions and stances - Zionists and anti-Zionists alike - such as Professor Ilan Pappe, Professor Yehuda Kupferman, Professor Adi Ophir, Dr. Aim Duelle Luski and others; the turn­coats Dr. Uri Davis of old and Uri Avnery, the old Revisionist Zi­onist, member of the Irgun once, now the patriarch of the ex­treme anti-Zionist Israeli left, Jonathan Cook from the vitriolic anti-Semitic newsletter "Counterpunch", which published arti­cles defending Holocaust-deniers, the rabbinical educated American Jew Richard Silverstein, from the liberal anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian group "Tikun Olam", and more, the Israeli and foreign Jews in this unholy alliance being a Fifth Column among us.

IAM special: Israel and the Palestinians: What is the "Refugee" Problem?
Israel and its Jewish citizens have been subjected to numerous "objective" investigations by non-Jews and Jews alike both in and outside of the country. Academics constitute a large portion of the investigators, including these from Israel's own universities. The present article examines the main issues raised by these investigations which, in no small measure, reveal profound and far reaching distortions as well as sheer
disregard for historical evidence that does not support their assertions.
These investigations would be best ignored were it not for the fact that they exert some influence on public opinion and, more pointedly, on the views and ideas acquired by students in universities, including, as noted, universities in Israel. An alternative perspective is required to balance
the record that, thus far, reflects the opinions of the vociferous, albeit minority of anti-Zionist Jews in Israel.
We must all remind ourselves that political views cannot be scientifically objective. Political Science, as a legitimate academic discipline, does not make the claim of being an objective science, whatever some of its practitioners might believe. True, it can be a challenge to distinguish the proper parameters of a given discourse. That challenge is inevitably present in every serious investigation of political affairs.

On the 6th and 7th of December, 2008, a conference will be held on the island of Cyprus
The speakers engage in gross falsification and distortion that suffuses their interpretation of reality and the citation of ordinary facts. One speaker asserts that in Israel the Arabs cannot "play, work, study, marry." What about his colleagues who work/teach at Tel-Aviv University, or the one who teaches at Haifa University, or the one who graduated from Bir Zet University in the Shomron. What about the tens of thousands of Arab children in Israel who attend school every day or teach and or study in Israel's many colleges? To what kind of "play" does the speaker refer? Playing with explosives, with weapons, daggars? Clearly, consenual reality is not what the speaker is talking about but some reality he perceives in his mind's eye! Khaled Furani, who is a post-doctoral student at Tel-Aviv University observes in his speech that the precedents followed by Israel are Nazi Germany and Guantanamo Base in Cuba run by the Americans. That author bases his remarks, in part, on the work of Edward Said who, prior to his death, was Professor of English Literature at Columbia University and a member of the executive committee of the PLO.

[Hebrew U] Students active with Israel Academia Monitor distibuted leaflets to Dr. Amiel Vardi's class to tell his students who he is
Well, today with another guy who participated in the Israel Academia Monitor's lecture, we did it. It passed quiet and without any conflict. At nearly 10.15 we came to Dr. Amiel Vardi's class. Almost no one was there, except for 2 girls. So we decided to put the leaflets on each table and asked those girls if they have any question. They hadn't and told that they don't care about it. My friend had to leave for a lesson he is taking, but I stayed.
The next moment I saw girls picking up all the leaflets. On the question why? they answered they do not want anybody distribute anything in the class and if I want, I should hand it over to the Dr., I shall do that I said, that was my intention anyhow.

Bringing Zionism back to the Faculties
Ben-Gurion was wise enough to comprehend the power of the consciousness design as early as during the 40's, and from the moment the state was established he invested in education, in literature and in the media. Anyone aspiring to halt the post-Zionist trend in the Israeli academy must perform a similar maneuver. One must grab the reins and start leading...

Petition against rewarding the prestigious 'Israel Prize' to Professor Sternhell [TAU] who suggested Palestinians should kill Settlers
During the intifada from 2000 and 2001, Sternhell wrote in Haaretz that he recognized the legitimacy of Arab terror in Judea and Samaria, and suggested that the Arab terrorists focus their killings on the settlers living in Judea and Samaria. This would have the benefit of underlining the border between Israel within the green line and Judea and Samaria.

[Sapir College] Nizar Hassan wins a name for himself
I can calm Mr. Hassan. The Israeli academia is not persecuting you. On the contrary, I predict for you very good days of respect and appreciation. I have no doubt that your name is already mentioned in this forum or the next as a candidate for heading a human rights center, even the flight tickets for prominent conferences in Pisa, London, and Brussels are already being issued.

Scientific Approach to Arab-Israel Conflict
This year's Israel Prize in political science will be awarded to Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Education Minister Yuli Tamir announced on Thursday. Sternhell has called students to break the law, to refuse serving at the Palesinian's Territories during army service. Sternhall also called for use of IDF tanks against Jews living in Judea and Samaria and encouraged Arab terror attacks on the Jews living outside Israel's pre-1967 borders.

For Professors Jacob and Tamar Katriel and their children, bashing Israel is a family affair
The ferocity with which certain Israeli academics attack Israel and promote the goals of the terrorist leadership of the PLO can find no better personifications than in the husband and wife team of Professors Jacob and Tamar Katriel. One could call this couple the Julius and Ethel Rosenburg of Israel and the Katriels produced the same result in their children. Both of these Israeli academics are functioning as major mouthpieces for anti-Israel propaganda, not just on college campus in Israel and abroad, but to aid Palestinian irredentists in their worldwide smear campaign anywhere, any time, against the Jewish state. Jacob Katriel is Professor Emeritus in Chemistry at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and his wife, Tamar Katriel is a professor in the Department of Communications at Haifa University. Their children, a son, Haggai Katriel, who was a post-doctoral mathematics instructor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and their daughter, Iri Katriel, an academic researcher now based in Germany, demonstrate that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Moshe Machover and the anti-Israeli Edinburgh Festival
The 60th Naqba anniversary is gaining momentum in the British Isles and the opening shot of the new year is about to be fired in the Scottish capital. A conference devoted to the "Zionist ethnic cleansing" in 1948 will be held with the participation of a few Israeli names.

Global Anti-Semitic Nexus: Arab Hate Groups, U.N. and Its Anti-Israel
The Case of Judith (Yehudit) Harel, Functionary for Jew-Hatred, Palestinian Liberation Organizational Psychologist (PLOP)*

Dan Bar-On's Defamatory Psychobabble
Dan Bar-On is professor of psychology in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Ben-Gurion University and has twice been chair of the department. Over the years Bar-On has made statements in his writings, and signed petitions, that cannot even
by a generous interpretation be considered loyal to Israel.

The Psychopathological Acting Out of Israeli Educators and 'Celebrity Jew and Israel Bashers' - The case of Nurit Peled-Elhanan
Nurit Peled-Elhanan, lecturer in Language Education at Hebrew University blamed Israel for the death of her daughter Smadar (z’l). Smadar (14 years old) was killed by an Arab suicide bomber on September 4, 1997. Did she blame the Arab murderer? No Way! "Neither Judaism nor Islam nor any religion for that matter are the cause for murder and terror. Racist education is. American imperialism is, and Israeli ruthless regime of occupation is....The people who are destroying the world today are not Muslim. The people who are using the most sophisticated disastrous weapons to kill thousand of innocent civilians are not Muslim. They are Christian, and Jewish."
Nurit Peled-Elhanan is the sister of Yoav Peled. At the funeral for her own murdered daughter, a spokesman for the PLO was invited to speak and tell everyone how the death of Smadar was all the fault of the Israeli government. Peled-Elhanan is active in the leftist extremist anti-Israel Gush Shalom organization which helps explain some her significant clinical psychopathology.

Guilty By Reason Of Innocence: New Insanity From Israel's Academic Extreme-Leftists
It began as just another exercise in political academic wackiness at Hebrew University. A graduate student there claimed that the absence of any history of rapes of Arab women by Israeli soldiers proves that Jews are racists and oppressors, people who do not even regard Arab women as sexually desirable. The student at the Mount Scopus campus and her “research” were then awarded a university honor for these impressive “discoveries.”
...Not a single feminist organization anywhere has spoken up about this notion that it is racist when Jews do not rape Arabs. But the most outrageous aspect of the entire scandal is the behavior of the heads of Hebrew University, defending and endorsing this “research” and proving that their institution, despite one of its retired professors having won a Nobel Prize, has jettisoned academic standards and lost interest in seeking academic excellence.

The bias in which the "Bedouin problem" is represented is about to be demonstrated at Tel Aviv University, on Thursday, 10 January. The Arts Department and the "Co-existence Forum for civil equality in the Negev", will dedicate half a day to the subject curiously titled "The Bedouin – unrecognized citizen". The line up include rectors, deans and lecturers (including the relentless Oren Yiftachel of BGU, Avner Ben-Amos from TAU and Toby Fenster also from TAU), and of course many Bedouin leaders. The minister for science, Rhaleb Magadllah, will top the list.
But who would not be represented in the event? Those who might offer a different view of the issue, like Government officials, experts who do not belong to the Extreme-Left side of the divide, even not a member of the committee recently established to regulate the status of the nomadic tribes in the South. In short, the ''other side'' has been deprived of the right to response. The speakers will preach to the converts and everyone on the harmonious platform will be happy.

Prestigious Israeli Prize Goes to Israel-Bashing Prof
Among the 2007 winners of Israel's prestigious Emet Prize for Science, Art and Culture was Prof. Avishai Margalit in the field of philosophy. Margalit taught philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem until retiring in 2006. Also in that year he was appointed George F. Kennan Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is a strange but, alas, all too typically masochistic choice for the prize, since he has been defaming Israel in publications for years.

Extremist-Leftist Lies and Lethal Legacies (Lenin's "Useful Idiots") (Special Analysis of extremist Micah Leshem, psychology, University of Haifa)
With all due respect, Leshem's 'Israel's right to be racist' was an abject hate-filled diatribe of poorly written and researched slogans, a pure symptom of the lack of accountability, upholding of academic standards, and pathology that permeates Israeli academia. Not only was any semblance of objectivity or decency not present, but also it betrayed much more about the pathology of the Israeli extreme-left than it did about anything having to do with our daily reality in Israel. When it comes to Israel-bashing it is a worldwide free ride with no risk, accountability or need to back up the filth spewed; all with the falsification that the haters are taking great risks and exhibiting unparalleled courage by joining the world-wide "hate Israel" sideshow.

Hebrew University Awards Prize for "Research" Claiming that Jewish Soldiers Do Not Rape Arab Women because Israelis are Racists
the latest anti-Israel outrage coming out of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem is its awarding a prize to a graduate student for an essay in which the student claims that Israel is abusing and oppressing Palestinians by not raping their women.

Refuser to Serve Gets Tel Aviv University Post
For those and other reasons the recent appointment of Dr. Gary Sussman as vice-president for external relations of Tel Aviv University looks like a strange choice. Sussman, formerly director of research and program development at TAU’s Hartog School of Government and Policy, is a native South African who in his writings frequently makes connections between Israel and apartheid South Africa and stands well outside the mainstream Israeli perception of being under attack by people who reject Israel in principle and are not seeking peace.
Gary Sussman is also a member of the tiny “Courage to Refuse” group of soldiers who openly refuse to engage in lifesaving security work against terrorist organizations anywhere beyond the armistice borders of 1949—that is, precisely where the terror organizations are concentrated and the work has to be done if the Israeli population is to be protected from murderous attacks.

Israeli academics who help the worldwide jihad
Oren Yiftachel , Orli Fridman and Norma Musih are three Israeli academics who serve as examples of how Israel’s universities can produce the most deceptive of anti-Israel academics who would seek the dismantling of the Jewish state. These three are part of “the team” that helps make up the Institute for Comparative Conflict Studies (IFCCS).

Israeli Academics: Israel Has to Go
A recent Haaretz op-ed referred to the Monitor as "Israeli McCarthyites." The Monitor, of course, has never circulated a blacklist of Israeli academics to university administrations. It just tries to inform people about things that are important. One such important phenomenon, for example, is that of Israeli academics who call for Israel's dissolution.

Hannnuka and the Struggle Against National Suicide
In Israel, the country's politics - particularly its cultural/educational elite and its chattering classes - are now almost entirely dominated by those motivated by the desire to commit national suicide. These are people who are ashamed of their country and of their own people. They scorn themselves the same way that the Hellenized Jews did at the time of the Maccabees. Like the Hellenized Jews, they are convinced that traditionalist Jews are reactionary and primitive, and that the greatest priority is renunciation of Jewish peculiarity and the striving to assimilate amongst the cosmopolitan progressive Greeks of the world. They insist that a Seleucid "narrative" should replace their own reactionary provincial national one.
Israel's universities are by and large the Occupied Territories of these Jewish Hellenists. The Israeli media is to almost the same extent. Jewish Hellenists dominate the Israeli military and intelligence services. Hellenists are rewriting the school curriculum to teach Israeli Jewish children to despise themselves. Their message is that Jews must feel ashamed because they are evil and immoral people, while the truly superior
sensitive people are the barbarian anti-Semites. The aim of these Hellenists is to convince the Jews that the only way they may become accepted in the world is to conform to paganism, to turn the Temple Mount over to the barbarians, to stop seeking to exist as an archaic separate national entity, to commit national suicide.

Understanding of the radical Islamic Agenda
The following is a transcript of a radio show discussing the radical Islamic Agenda in education and how it is also being carried out by more than just radical Muslims. Universities worldwide are being targeted for Holy Jihad and the show emphasizes how even some Jews and Christians are behind what is happening. This has even extended into the universities inside Israel itself, something most people in the West (and even Israel) are unaware of. Now, Israel-academia-monitor is changing that by informing its readers of academics in Israel who are working diligently to dismantle the Jewish state.

A Disloyal Opposition? Israel's Seditious academics
The degree to which Israeli far-Left academics continue to sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza is material for the psychologist’s office. Clearly, Palestinian Arabs who have not committed crimes have the same rights as all other people. But polls show majorities of them supporting terrorism against Israel and denying Israel’s right to exist. It is strange, then, that these academics sustain their tender, unrequited feelings toward Palestinians even in the face of years of the most severe hostility on their part.
Even at the height of the terror war, when massacres of Israeli civilians were a regular occurrence, Israeli academics continued to vilify Israel and endorse Palestinian claims.

Libeling Israeli Democracy
Since Israel is indeed a democracy meeting the highest or near-highest standards of rights and freedoms, why do such academics bash it as a crafty, diabolical actor seeking to crush the aspirations of others? Democracies are known to be the most peaceful of the world’s countries, avoiding war with each other and seeking to avoid it with nondemocratic countries and forces. Why do the likes of Matar, Ezrahi, and
Ophir—while enjoying the full fruits of Israeli democracy including the prerogative to exploit their prestige as taxpayer-supported academics to vilify their country relentlessly—not give Israel credit for the benignity of its rule in the territories until 1993 and its efforts since then—however misguided—to grant the Palestinians the independence for which they supposedly yearn?

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