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Tel Aviv University
TAU's Linguistics Rachel Giora Recommends jailed terrorist accomplice Tali Fahima for the "Alternative Nobel Peace Prize"
----- Original Message -----
From: "Rachel Giora" <giorar@post.tau.ac.il>
To: "Rachel Giora" <giorar@post.tau.ac.il>
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 9:11 AM
Subject: Fw: Recommending Ms. Tali Fahima for the Alternative Nobel Peace

Dear Signatories of the Appeal to Release Ms. Tali Fahima from solitaryconfinement and other caring people who would like to join in,The initiative detailed below, to nominate Ms. Tali Fahima for the Right Livelihood Award, presented annually in the Swedish Parliament, and known also as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize, is coming at a low point in Tali's struggle. A Tel-Aviv District Court judge, Dvora Berliner (known to be a
right-wing sympathizer) ruled against Tali's recent appeal to be released from prison until a verdict in her case is reached (which may take a very long time,
in view of the extremely slow pace that the court dealing with her case choses to follow). This judge went as far as to declare in her verdict that the Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation is a "day-to-day existential threat to Israel". The total absurdity of this (paranoid?)
statement [several hundred, perhaps a couple of thousands, poorly trained people with guns, against a regular army with well over a hundred thousand troops, capable of summoning within 48 hours another quarter of a million
or so ("reserve") soldiers, equipped with thousands of top of the line tanks, probably close to a thousand combat aircraft, allegedly an arsenal of WMD; a military might most likely surpassing that of any other country
except the US, Russia and China] has escaped the media reporting this malicious verdict.

I am hereby joining the initiative, and I would like to encourage you to do so as well. Since the initiators did not provide an email address for signatures I am willingly accepting to forward any signatures emailed to

Sincerely yours,
Jacob Katriel

Dear friends,
I strongly support the following appeal recommending Tali Fahima for the
Alternative Nobel Price for Peace. Please consider supporting the following
appeal and be so kind as to forward it to your friends,
Yehudith Harel


To the Committee of the Alternative Nobel Price

We, a group of peace activists, struggling against the occupation of
Palestinian lands, would like to submit the name of Tali Fahima as a
candidate for the Alternative Nobel Price for Peace.

Tali Fahima, born 1976, an Israeli peace activist, did a great work
for peace and better understanding between Palestinians and the

About a year and half ago Tali, then a right wing sympathizer,
working as a clerk in a law office, decided to see for herself the
situation in the Palestinian territories. She went alone to Jenin, a
Palestinian town having a frightening name in Israel, in order to
meet the head of the local notorious so-called terrorist group. To
her astonishment she found friendly people who explained to her their
point of view. Profoundly impressed Tali spoke on television trying
to explain to the Israelis the real meaning of the occupation. She
went again to Jenin trying to help: she volunteered to be a "living
shield" for one of the local leaders targeted by the Israeli army;
she tried to renew the acting school for children once established by
the late Arna Mer, a peace activist who received about ten years ago the
Alternative Nobel Price and used the money to found a theater in

All this was too much for the Israeli authorities. Tali was arrested,
first as "administrative detainee" (a procedure allowing the Security
to detain anybody, practically indefinitely, without pressing charges),
and then accused of some fabricated misdeeds against the "security of the
state". Tali's persecution and trial is still going on and she is kept in
prison, indefinitely.
Her family suffers too as a result of an orchestrated witch-hunt: her mother
and sister had to change their dwelling place, and her mother was
dismissed from her job. The Israeli mass-media (with notable exceptions,
though) treats Tali as a traitor.

Tali did her best and paid a heavy price for trying to encourage the
understanding and solidarity between Israelis and Palestinians. We
believe that Tali truly deserves the Alternative Nobel Price.

Shmuel Yerushalmi, Poet

Hava Keller, WOFPP (Woman Organization For Political Prisoners

Talila Stan, Fighting Court-ruption

Gideon Spiro, Council for Vanunu

Yoav Hess - Activist for "Yesh Gvul"

Contact the initiators of the recommendation -

Hava Keller 00-972-3-522-71-24

Shmuel Yerushalmi 00-972-77-525-00-45

Talila Stan 00-972-3-523-35-51


Right Livelihood Award

Categories: Prizes

The Right Livelihood Award, established in 1980 by Jakob von Uexkull, is
presented annually in the Swedish Parliament, on December 9, to honour those
"working on practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges
facing the world today". An international jury decides the award in such
as environmental protection, human rights, sustainable development, health,
education, peace, etc. The prize money is shared among the winners, usually
four, and is equivalent to US$230,000.

It also sometimes known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, even though it has
nothing at all to do with the Nobel Prize. RLA makes little effort to clear
this misconception, indeed they have chosen to have their ceremony the day
before the Nobel Prize. On their web page, they make numerous comparisons
the Nobel Prize, and they also provide a number of diagrams detailing how
more fair the RLA prize is than Nobel. [1]

Recipients include: Plenty International, Bill Mollison, Wes Jackson, George
Trevelyan, Petra Kelly, Wangari Maathai, Robert Jungk, Chipko movement,
Survival International, Edward Goldsmith, Vandana Shiva, Astrid Lindgren,
Leonardo Boff, Johan Galtung, Asghar Ali Engineer, Frances Moore-LappUetc.
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