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Ben-Gurion University
Koby Snitz (math) fundraises in DC for anti-Israel 'anarchists' jihad against the wall


--- Kobi Snitz <snitz@cs.bgu.ac.il> wrote:

 Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 23:39:45 +0300 (IDT)
 From: Kobi Snitzsnitz@cs.bgu.ac.il
 To: simonen26@yahoo.com
 Subject: fundraiser party
Simon can you please send this to the list:
As a peace forum alumni I would like to invite you
 to a party and fundraiser on monday night
 (see details below). For the people from the early
 peace forum it might be a chance to catch up
 and for the new folk a chance to see what happens to
 activists after a few years...
 this is a soft pitch i am inviting friends and also
 people who can write checks. 
I don't want my friends to feel like the have to
 give money and I also don't want 
people I don't know to feel like the can't give...
If you can think of people to invite please do or
 suggest people for me to contact. I included
 below an introduction that can be used to invite
 people who need a little background.
peace, kobi.
As you might know, a "separation fence" is being
 built by Israel on Palestinian land. The
 reason given for the construction of the Wall is
 protection against Palestinian terror attacks
 (though the Israeli government recently admitted in
 court that "national" considerations
 are also involved).  However, the international
 court of justice ruled last summer that all Israeli
 construction on Palestinian land is illegal. Outside
 of Israel and the US it is understood that
 under the guise of "security" Israel has been
 carrying out a long-term project of
 Palestinian dispossession with American support.
What is less well known is that a new resistance
 movement has risen to oppose the Wall. It is a
 popular non-violent movement of Palestinians,
 Israelis and internationals. 
The Israeli government considers any Palestinian
 resistance, violent or not, as a crime and tries
 to violently repress it. So far, nine Palestinians
 have been killed in the struggle against the Wall
 and thousands more were injured.
This resistance is unique because it is the first
 time Israelis have actually joined Palestinians
 in struggle in a significant way. Not merely in the
 pages of Haaretz or on the streets of Tel-Aviv,
 but on the ground, in Palestine. An Israeli group called
 'Anarchists against the Wall' has a lot to do
 with this crucial resistance. This group has
 participated in demonstrations almost daily as well
 as conducted the occasional direct action.
The Israeli authorities by their repression have
 paid the anarchists the greatest compliment a
 radical group can hope for. At one demonstration,
 the army shot at the anarchists and nearly killed
 one of them.  The Israeli general security service
 has "invited" many of them to friendly
 chats. They have been beaten and injured and
 arrested hundreds of times. At last count, there are
 over 30 indictments stemming from the
One of the anarchists, Dr. Kobi Snitz, will be in DC
 on September 19 to speak about the struggle
 against the wall and to raise money for legal costs.
 If you would like to hear more or contribute
 to the cause please join us at the home of Pierre
2112 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Apt 1006. the
 intercom code is 159. For directions you can reach
 Pierre at 202-460-8384.
For more background see the story in haaretz:

And in the words of the anarchists: 
webmaster for http://tenac.org

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