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Hebrew University
The late ISRAEL SHAHAK (chemistry) hated Zionism

Israel Shahak vs. Zionism

Asim Hamdan, Senior columnist, Al Madina and Arab News, ARAB NEWS

A number of Arab quasi-intellectuals such as Adonis, Mohamoud Darwish, Samih Al-Qasim, Al-Afif Al-Akhdar and Mohammed Al-Harbi have avoided exposing the evils of racist Zionism. A number of western intellectuals who freed themselves from anti-Semitism and double loyalty are dedicated to stripping bare Zionism and its crimes. Among those is Raja Jaroudi who took the lead in exposing Zionism at the time Israel was murdering Palestinians including infants and the elderly.

These quasi-intellectuals who have adopted, untruthfully, in the past decades 'nationalism' and have criticized Arab establishments for not performing their duties are revealing their real faces.

Adonis, for instance, bears a grudge against the Palestinian, Mahmoud Darwish, who played the song of 'liberated homeland', now criticizes those who denounce Zionism.

There are a number of Jewish intellectuals who never stopped criticizing Zionism and always opposed its ideology and objectives.

They began opposing Zionism at the inception of 'The Israeli League for Human Rights' at the beginning of the 1970's.

Intellectual Jews opposing Zionism include Elmer Berger, Norton Mezvinsky, Mosh Menuhin, Mick Ashley, Israel Shahak and Maxime Rodinson. Israel Shahak was the head of the league in1970 and he was the first Jew to record detailed information about the number of children, elderly and woman killed, including Arab villages demolished by Hagana and Stern terrorist movements.

Israel Shahk's records showed a total of 385 of 475 villages were demolished at the founding of Israel in 1948. He sacrificed his life when he translated research published in 1982 in Kivunim magazine. Shahak published the research after it was leaked by the International Zionism League during the period of three major terrorists: Begin, Itan and Sharon who invaded Lebanon and murdered the innocent at Sabra and Shatila.

Sharon is now preparing for the final reoccupation of Palestinian territories and may go to war with some neighboring Arab countries. Of course, he is supported by US.

The US administration can be classified as the first enemy of Arabs and Muslims and it is evident that the US administration gives no importance to its ARab-related interests in the region.

The following comes from a report entitled 'The Zionist Plan for the Middle East':

'The plans of Zionism are to foster hatred between Muslims themselves and exploit the religious sects in the Arab and Islamic Worlds.

In Egypt, create problems and disturbances between Muslims and Christians and to encourage the establishment of a Christian State similar to Lebanon.

Break the unity of Arab Berbers in Morocco and Algeria. Encourage hatred between Kurds, Persians and Arabs and exploit the conflicts between Morocco and Algeria in their disputes. Increase disputes between Sunni and Shia'a Muslims and between Arab liberals'.

Khalil Nakhlah, who wrote the Arabic preamble, said' Israel Shahak indicated the weakness of the Arab Establishment in its efforts to resist the expansion of Israeli racism. All is due to a lack of consolidation and unified stances'.

This is true to a large extent. The Arabs have failed to understand Israel's way of thinking as well as the policy of western interests.

Many Islamic and Arab groups are at odds over trivial matters. The Jews - religious and secular, despite their problems and disputes - have three common aims: Judaism is the religion, Zionism the ideology and the Arabs are enemies!

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