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Readers Forum
To the Editor,
  I was profoundly appalled by the article  of George Soros,
the known billionaire, in the Boston Globe (September 30,  2006). Not only are there factual errors, misconceptions and overt  lies, but there are
specifically damaging remarks advocating indirectly the  destruction of the Jewish State.
His article could have been written by  Nasrallah of Hizbullah since the
demands on Israel that Soros suggest are almost  identical: Israel, commit
suicide! Soros is not alone. There is a  group of Jewish millionaires such as the Bronfman brothers who wave their money  and act like Hugo Chavez on Venezuela.
Money talks. It is not the moral  foundation that is discussed but the
legitimacy of the State of Israel. And who  is more qualified to talk about it than the Jews themselves? To be accepted by  American intellectuals of the Radical Left ( professors of our children in  American universities) is to accept the rigid dogma. USA is the big "Satan" and  in order to damage this unacceptable (which is for them unfortunately  democratic) regime you hit the easier target, the "little Satan" Israel.  Does it sound familiar? To be accepted to the club you have to denounce Israel  and give legitimacy to your action by proclaiming "Jewishness."  Chavez  used Noam Chomsky to bash America while bashing Israel
as well. Do Chomsky,  Soros or the Bronfmans have anything to do with
Judaism? Probably not, yet it is  better to proclaim your Jewish origin than to have somebody find out about it.  Ask Madeleine Albright or Senator George Allen.
Ironically, reading the Radical  Left literature the patriarch role of Noam
Chomsky was challenged because, you  guessed it, he is considered to be "Jewish."
Apart from the general aim to  undermine the USA, Soros and friends started
multiple groups to implement their  doctrine. With their tax free money they
created MoveOn.org, Israel Policy  Forum, Brit Zedek v'Shalom etc. all with
appealing names to mask their true  intentions: to de legitimize the State of
Israel and sabotage the work of AIPAC  (American Israel Public Affair Committee which is lobbing for Israel for years).  Using their tones of money they try to influence American politics and harm the  special relations that Israel and USA shared. Beyond the interest that these  individuals have the question remains WHY? Many believe that Israel is a  constant reminder to them of their self image as Jews. It is easier to live with  a utopia than with reality. Reality is, however, the main issue. Israel cannot  be expected to take a high moral ground if the others that surround the country  do not do the same. Israel is a country like every other country not a utopian  creation. It is the life of it's citizens that Israel has to deal with, her mere  survival. If the theory of Chomsky, Soros, Bronfman fails they do not have a  responsibility or accountability to answer failures. Those who are in  office have both as was evident after the Hizbullah-Israel war. People who live  in their ivory towers safe and secure do not have the right to tell Israel what  to do. Well, they can pack and move and live permanently in Israel, some did  just that, and than their vote will count. Isaac Barr, MD,  MI.

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