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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Sabra - Shatila Belgium
[Sabra - Shatila]

    de aanklacht tegen Sharon in België
    Steun aan de burgerlijke partij

    International support for the complaint in Belgium against Ariel Sharon and others responsables because of their alleged “crimes against humanity” in the massacre in Sabra and Shatila.

    “I support the complaint filed in Brussels by 23 Palestinian and Lebanese complainants, all survivors of the massacre of 1982 in Sabra and Shatila, against Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, and other persons, because of their alleged “crimes against humanity”.
    Bringing Sharon to justice would serve the cause of a true and lasting peace in the Middle East, benefiting both Palestinians and Israelis.

    1. Lucas Cathérine, author, Belgium
    2. Paul Vanden Bavière, editor Uitpers, Webzine voor internationale politiek, Belgium
    3. Prof.Dr.Herman De Ley, Ghent, directeur Centrum voor Islam in Europa (RUG), Belgium
    4. Prof.Dr.Ludo Abicht, University Antwerp, Belgium
    5.  Prof.Dr.Michel Vanhoorne, Arbeidsgeneeskunde, UGent, Belgium
    6. Prof.Dr.Ruddy Doom, Fac Pol & Social Sciences, dean, Dir Middle Eastern Studies Centre Ghent, Belgium
    7. Prof.dr.Dirk Beke, Niet-Westers Recht, Ghent, Belgium
    8. Prof.Herman Talloen, Hogeschool Antwerp, Arabistiek, Belgium
    9. Norman Finkelstein, US author
    10. Prof Moshe’ Machover, London, United Kingdom
    11. Prof. Noam Chomsky, MIT, USA
    12. Michael Rosen, writer, Londen, United Kingdom
    13. Prof.Dr.Jan Blommaert, voorz. vakgroep Afrikaanse Talen en Culturen, Ghent, Belgium
    14. Dr. Bert Cornillie, assistent KULeuven, Belgium
    15. Prof.Dr.Koen Raes, vg. Grondslagen en Geschiedenis van het Recht, Ghent, Belgium :
    16. Vandepitte Marc, filosoof, Deurne, Belgium
    17. Prof. Dr. Pieter De Meyere, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
    18. Ellen Siegel RN
    19. Professor Stan Cohen, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics, London, UK
    20. Yitzhak Melamed , Bney Brak, Israel
    21. Irit Katriel, Haifa, Israel
    22. Dr Uri Davis, Hon Research Fellow Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter & Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Durham UK
    23. Eleonore Jean Wesley, peace activist, Tel Aviv, Israel
    24. Bahija Réghai Ottawa, Canada
    25. Roger Alexander, lawyer
    26. Dr. Janina Altman, Haifa, Israel
    27. Professor Colman Altman, Haifa, Israel
    28. Prof Jacob Katriel, Professor of Chemistry Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
    29. Prof  Daniel Boyarin, Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture, University of California,
    30. Prof Yerah Gover, Professor at Queens College, NY, USA
    31. Prof Edward W. Said, University Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, New York
    32. Naomi Jaffe, Executive Director, Holding Our Own Women's Foundation, Albany NY USA
    33. William Dalrymple,  writer on Middle East Affairs,
    34. Mike Marqusee, author
    35. Elias Davidsson, composer Reykjavik, Iceland
    36. Chris Doyle, Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
    37. Ibrahim Homaidan, Birmingham England
    38. Fares Hassouna, Palestinian in the UK
    39. Bilal Patel, Director Bright Computers Limited London UK
    40. Mark Cooper, London, United Kingdom
    41. Emma Garoushe, Surrey, Great Britain
    42. Dr. Daud Abdullah, The Palestinian Return Centre, London
    43. Sami D El-Falahi, Barrister, Head of International Law Chambers (London, Brussels and Dublin)
    44. Michael Gillespie, Founder and president, Iowa Organization for the Writing Arts, Former executive director, Tennessee Writers Alliance, Co-founder and vice-president emeritus, Knoxville Writers Guild
    45. Said Shehadeh, Secretary General The Arab Club of Britain
    46. Ernesto Cienfuegos, Editor-in-Chief La Voz de Aztlan
    47. Bernard Misrahi of the Jewish Socialists' Group and of Just Peace UK.
    48. Angela Taylor, Proprietor of ADASTRA BOOKS, in St. Neots, Cambs, England
    49. The Rev. Dr. David C. James Vicar-  St. Mark's Episcopal Church Tracy, California, USA
    50. Jane K. Koonce, DD (retired), North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago
    51. Ms Helen Ewing LLB, Al-Awda UK, London, UK
    52. Ishaq Abu-Arafeh MD, FRCPCH  Consultant Paediatrician Stirling Royal Infirmary, Livilands
    53. Ms Sejal Mandalia, Journalist, London, England
    54. Father Labib Kobti, San Francisco, USA
    55. Rosalyn Plumptre (Miss) BA hons Arabic and Islamic Studies. Tavistock, Devon, England.  Palestinian Solidaratory.
    56. Bonnie J. Gehweiler, founder of Bethlehem 2000 for Volunteers in Missio Lake Junaluska,
    57. John Dabeet AMPAL (Americans & Palestinians for Peace) President Iowa USA
    58. Ammar Al-Jundi (Journalist); UK
    59. Raed Al-Jundi, Commercial advisor, Spain
    60. Angie Zelter, Ms, "Reforest the Earth", Norfolk and Country is UK.
    61. Hesham Al-Jehani Founder & Chief Editor MiddleEast UK
    62. Sherry Al-Mufti Concord, California, USA
    63. Don Betz Chair ICCP-International Coordinating Committee for NGOs on the Question of Palestine, Oklahoma USA
    64. A.K. Daud Khaled (Ph.D) Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory School of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics The University of New South Wales SYDNEY  NSW AUSTRALIA
    65. Aslam Qadar Khan & Kiran Bhatty New Delhi, India
    66. Paula M Rainey Najda, Women Concerned About the Middle East Alameda, California  USA
    67. Dr Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine Land Society, London
    68. Ahdaf Soueif, Dr Writer London, UK
    69. Sue Plater, Associate Director Amos Trust England.
    70. Dr Kate Daniels, Centre of Islamic Studies, SOAS
    71.  David McDowall, writer on Middle East affairs, and author of several publications on the Israel-Palestine conflict
    72. Edward Fox, Author and journalist
    73.  Professor Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi, Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom
    74. Issam Ikirmawi, Journalist,
    75. John Austin MP,Labour Member of Parliament and Chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group for Euro-Arab Co-operation.
    76. Manal Helles, Germany Disk officier, Ministry of planing and international cooperation Palestine (manal hells)
    77. Yael Oren Kahn, web Consultant, UK.
    78. Sulayman Al-Bassam, Theatre Director- London UK
    79. Basheer M Nafi, Reader in Islamic History, The Muslim College, London, and adj. Prof. of Islamic studies, Birkbeck College, UN of London.
    80. Leslie McLoughlin, Mr., British writer specialising on the Arab world
    81. M H Faruqi, Editor, Impact International
    82. Fares al-Braizat, Department of Politics and International Relations, Rutherdord College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom,
    83. Alison Pargeter, Research Fellow, King’s College, University of London, Mediterranean Security Programme, Centre for Defence Studies
    84. Paul Eisen, director,  Deir Yassin Remembered, LONDON
    85.  Khaled Dawoud, Regional Editor, Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper, Cairo, Egypt
    86.  Anwar Abilmouna, Association Des Druzes De Quebec, Quebec, Canada,
    87.  The Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Glasgow, Mr Hasan Nowarah,  Glasgow Scotland,
    88. Mr Michael Bishop, Cheltenham, Glos, UK
    89. Elias Nasrallah, Journalist/Political Editor, "Ashrq Al Awsat" Daily newspaper, UK
    90. Hala F. Salha. I work with the Embassy of Bahrain in Washington DC.
    91. Ms Beatrice Mary Smith, Palestine Solidarity Campaign Wales Executive also secretary of Cor Cochion Caerdydd (Cardiff Reds Choir)
    92. Mrs Elaine Baker, Head of Media Complaints Commission (UK)
    93. Simon Edge, Journalist, London, UK
    94. Rev. Dona Smith-Powers, American Baptist minister,  Palo Alto, California
    95. Dr. Ali El-Zeiny, Faculty of Civil Engineering,California State University Fresno
    96. Alison Weir, Sausalito, California, USA; journalist
    97. Mr Disu Olabanjoi Kamoru, Bonny Island, Nigeria.
    98.  Aude SIGNOLES  Researcher (political science) Aix en Provence
    99. Ghassan Ghraizi, Author of upcoming novel "Israel, By Any Other Name", Atlanta, GA, USA
    100. Ghassan AbulGhanam, President/ C.O.O ,
    101. Marilyn Chilcote, and Bob McKenzie, pastors  of the Beacon Presbyterian Fellowship, Oakland CA
    102. Rami Heilbronn, Israel Imperial News, London
    103. Haider Anwer Rashid, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    104. Ali Abdelsalam, Alnoor Trust Ltd (Director)
    105. (Rev.) Lawrence Hansen, Cana House, 3580 S.W. Council Crest Drive, Portland, Oregon USA
    106. Dr Mortaza Sahibzada, London, UK
    107. Gloria Escalona, RN, MS, St Albert the Great Chapter of the Dominican Laity of  Oakland, CA, USA
    108. Amal Saad, Fre-Lance Conference Interpreter London, UK
    109. Andleen Razzaq, Taecher of Economics and Business Studies, City Circle, London, UK
    110. JOHN BRADLEY, The Reverend John Bradley, Bristol BS9 4UB, UK
    111. Debra Malpass, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
    112. Hugh Humphries, Glasgow, Secretary of Scottish Friends of Palestine.
    113. Claire Moon, Lecturer in International Conflict Analysis, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent, Canterbury,UK.
    114. Natasha Schmidt, Index on Censorship, London, UK
    115. Camillia Fawzi El-Solh, Ph.D., Socio-Economist/Independent Development Consultant, Oxford UK
    116. Jocelyne Talbot, expert in development  programmes in the Middle East
    117. Deniz Kandiyoti, School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh St., London  U.K.
    118. Majed Al-Zeer, Chairman of The Palestinian Return Centre- London-UK
    119. Mr. Daniel A Lowe, Palestine Solidarity Campaign Cambridge, England
    120. Ms.Sue Spilling, Lecturer at Middlesex University, NATFE (National Association of Teachers in Further & Higher Education), London UK
    121. Ali Syed, Secretary, Scottish Committee for Solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine
    122. Hasna Reda Mekdashi, Nour Foundation for Arab Women's Studies, Cairo,Egypt.
    123. Yunus Mohamed, Department of Labour, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa.
    124. Fuaad Bhayat, Product Manager, Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd, Johannnesburg, South Africa
    125. Bill Speirs, General Secretary Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), Glasgow, Scotland
    126. Dina Hashem, Executive Assistant The Media Centre, London
    127. Yasser  Hussain, International Sales Manger, Computer Company, Amman, Jordan
    128. Alison Allison, Project Executive, 3X Limited, East Dunbartonshire Council, Partnership and Planning Department, The Triangle, Glasgow, Scotland, UK,
    129. Mr Raef Ahmed, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
    130. Lina Sawan, TV Presenter & Producer - MBC, London, UK.
    131. Jane Welford, Berkeley, CA ,U.S.A. Women in Black Berkeley
    132. Robin Van Tassell / Officer, Marin County, CA  USA
    133. Tim Brown, Cambridge, UK, Board Member of the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection
    134. Miss Leila Sansour, TV producer, London
    135. Lamia P. Barakat, Philadelphia Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Pennsylvania, USA
    136.  Dana Hamid, Journalist, Ramallah,West Bank, Palestine
    137.  Martin McIvor, Political Editor, Red Pepper Magazine (UK)
    138. Wijdan Maher, Architect, Design & Construction Trading Ltd, London, W2 3TL UK
    139.  Faris Sayegh, Project Manager/Consultant, Redlands, CA, USA
    140.  Nadim Shehadi, Centre for Lebanese Studies, Oxford
    141. Christopher David Reeves Palmer, c/o Riverside Community, R D 2  Upper Moutere,   Nelson, New Zealand.
    142. Rev Garth Hewitt, Director, Amos Trust, London, UK
    143. Mrs. Janet Cameron, Member of Scottish Friends of Palestine.
    144. Dr Emma Murphy, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, South End House, University of Durham, Durham
    145. Board Members American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco Chapter, California,
    Lillian Boctor, President of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, ADC-SF
    146. Tareq Beidas, Computer Engineer, Kuwait University, Health Sciences Computer Center
    147. Dr Anis Al-Qasem, Secretary General EAFORD
    148. Fadhil Assultani, Arts editor in Al Sharqalawsat newspaper, General Secretary of the Iraqi Union of Writers and Journalists in the U.K
    149. Asma Moalla (Ms), interpreter, Tunis, Tunisia.
    150. Youssef H. Al-Manialawy , Writer & General Manager of Dawliya Media Services Co., Heliopolis - Airport Rd.,Cairo - Eygpt,
    151. (Ms) Roshan Pedder, (Mr) Sam Pedder, West Molesey, Surrey  KT81SY, United  Kingdom,  Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
    152. Lubna Bashir Barghouti, Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, West Bank
    153. John Rose, Chair Campaign for Palestinian Rights UK
    154. Khuluod Abu Gharbieh, Executive Secretary, European Palestinian International Services Co. Palestine Ramallah-Betonia
    155. Maureen Jalili, Stamford PE9 2ST UK Managing Director
    156. Dr. Randa Farah Research Associate Refugee Studies Center Queen Elizabeth House University of Oxford, UK
    157. Dr. Ted Swedenburg Department of Anthropology University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701
    158. Prof.dr. Annelies Moors, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    159. Samia Tabari Beirut - Lebanon Assoc. Najdeh
    160. Dr. Rania Masri Raleigh, NC  USA
    161. Jenny Morgan Journalist London, England
    162. Adrian McDonnell, manager, Fass Tech, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    163. Douglass Drozdow-St.Christian, Professor of Anthropology University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada
    164. Dr. Elise G. Young, History Dept., Westfield State College, Westfield, MA., U.S.A.
    165. Dr. Eugene Makhlouf Djursholm Sweden
    166. Nahla Abdo Department of Sociology and Anthropology Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    167. Yael Ben-zvi student, Israeli citizen Stanford University's Coalition for Justice in Israel/Palestine Mountain View, California
    168. Yael Ronen student, Israeli citizen Mountain View, California
    169. Philomena McKenna, Anaesthesiologist, Australia
    170. Petra Kuppinger PhD Assistant Professor Department of Sociology/Anthropology Monmouth College Monmouth IL 61462 USA
    171. Lamia Afifi, MD Stanford medical center California, USA
    172. May Seikaly, D.Phil, Oxon, Ann Arbor,  MI 48103
    173.  Ghena Ismail  senior researcher for the Zen TV suing Sharon for his war crimes  Beirut, Lebanon
    174. Dr. Anja Peleikis Centre for Modern Oriental StudiesBerlin, Germany
    175. Prof. dr. Ruud Peters, Leerstoelgroep Arabisch Universiteit van Amsterdam  NL
    176. Suzanne Stiles Human Resources Supervisor Raytheon Co. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    177. Héléna Papadopoulos, Researcher, Center for Comparative Study of Law and Society,  Lebanon
    178. Dr. Jillian Schwedler Assistant Professor Department of Government and Politics University of Maryland
    179. Belinda Allan UK, Liaison Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Oxford
    180. Martin Stokes Assoc. Prof. University of Chicago Chicago, USA
    181. Samar Kanafani, reporter at The Daily Star, Beirut-Lebanon.
    182. Philip Farah, Economist Vienna, Virginia, United States
    183. Massoud Younes, enter for Comparative Studies : Law and Society Country: Lebanon
    184. Diana Tatham, Freelance TV Producer, London, UK
    185. Hisham Bizri, Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts Country: U.S.A
    186. Liz Sayigh, Academic Development , Rhodes University, Republic of South Africa
    187. Dr. Lynn Welchman  London, UK
    188. Dr Nicholas Blincoe. Novelist. UK.
    189. Peter Leuenberger President of the Association Switzerland-Palestine, Bern, SWITZERLAND
    190. Dr Nadje Al-Ali Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, Old Library  Prince of Wales Road   Exeter EX4 4JZ
    191. Nader Rizq   Senior Staff Engineer Motorola Inc.    Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
    192. Mrs S. Niazi English literature Professor London
    193. Dr M. Wahab, Computer Science, Cardiff University, Cardiff  UK
    194. Mr. D. Azzawi, Artist-Painter, Palmers Green, London
    195. Dr. S.S.Damluji, Architect-Royal College of Arts, London
    196. Mrs Noreen Kelly, Hotel Manager Four Season Hotel, May Fair London
    197. Dr. J. Makhzoomi, Architect- Professor  American University of Beirut, London
    198. Mr. Bill Morris, Town Planer Stone House, Mersea Island  UK
    199. Dr. A. Murad  Gynaecologist   London
    200. Mrs. N. Samaraie, Designer, Swiss Cottage  London
    201. Mr. G. Mahir, Electrical Engineer, Crescent  Kenton  London
    202. Mr. Derek Western, IT Lecturer,  South Harrow  London
    203. Noora Gaylani, Museum Curator, Wesley's Chapel  London
    204.  Professor Antun F. Harik, President Matn University, Beirut, Lebanon
    205. Joel Beinin, Professor of Middle East History, Department of History,   Stanford University   Stanford, CA
    206. Evelyn Shakir, Associate Professor of English,  Bentley College   Waltham, MA  (USA)
    207. Maya Abi Chahine, project assistant in a UN project, Beirut - Lebanon.
    208. Saidah Mohsen-byadsi, Advocate, Israel
    209. Nada Elia, Africana Studies Department, Brown University,  Providence RI    USA
    210. Nicole Aragi,  Agent, New York NY, USA
    211. Claude Marks, Freedom Archives, San Francisco, CA
    212. Karim Al Sharif (programmer)
    213. "Palestine 33 Committe" France
    214. Peter Sluglett, Professor of Middle Eastern History, University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT 84112, USA
    215. Alia Malek, Esq. Civil Rights Attorney, Washington, DC 20009
    216. Nazha Merabi, Page Designer in a newspaper The Daily Star    Beirut, Lebanon
    217. Hajjar M-Herbert, Arab Women Solidarity Association    Chicago, IL USA
    218. Denise Alvarado, Comité '98 por un Puerto Rico Libre    Juntos- A SF Bay Area Coalition Against Expanding Militarism    Oakland, California
    219. Professor Michael C. Hudson, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA  - Professor of International Relations
    220. Seif Ghobash, Professor of Arab Studies, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
    221. Edmund A., Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington,
    222. Dr. May Abboud, Associate Professor of Math & Computer Science, Lebanese American University, USA
    New York,
    223. Tom Hazuka, College Professor, New Britain, CT, USA
    224. David A. McMurray, assistant professor of anthropology at Oregon State   University, USA
    225. Meredith Tax, President Women's World Organization for Rights, Literature and Development
    226. Michael Levin, Ph.D. Chicago, USA
    227. Alex Kantorowicz, Member Green Party USA, Area Representative, Evanston Township High School, National Education Association, Chicago USA
    228. Dave Dash, Founder Civic Action at University of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignUnited States of America
    229. Wolodymyr Smishkewych, Bloomington, Indiana    USA
    230. Ms. Grace Elaine Suh, Freelance Writer, New York, NY  10013   USA
    231. Changren Yong   Senior Technical Consultant
    232. Hala Murshed,  University of Western Ontario London, Canada
    233. Dr. Mohammad Succariyah, Forest Hills, NY 11375      USA
    234. Jeanie Shaterian, Coordinator Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Hawthorne Terrace, Berkeley, CA 94708    USA
    235. Ellen Fleischmann, Assistant Professor (history), University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio
    236. Faris Glubb,Voluntary worker with International Islamic Committee  for Human Rights.
    237. Ibrahim Husain Shaheen,  Media buying Unit Supervisor TMI-JWT  KSA, Jeddah
    238. Brigid Keenan, writer and journalist, London
    239. Prof. Dr. Fanny-Michaela Reisin, International League of Human Rights Berlin, Germen Section of FIDH
    240. Fritz Teppich, surviver of the Holocoast
    241. Harry Cohen MP , member of the UK parliament
    242. Eun-Ah Lee filmmaker from Korea living in NY.
    243. Emilie Wilson, works for Citizens Advice Scotland, member of Palestine Solidarity   Campaign - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
    244. Kholoud Amr, journalist in "Asharq Alawsat" newspaper, London,
    245. Ali Khalifa Al-Kuwari , Counsltant P.O Box. 113 Doha Qatar,
    246. Gaida Héla, Teacher, Tunisia
    247. Anies Al –Hroub, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
    248. Nawaf altamimi, journalist , London
    249. Hatem Nabih., PhD. Dep. of Architecture, Mataria School of Engineering Helwan University,
    250. Rabee' Sahyoun, Co-Cordinator, International Al-Awda Events Committee, Beirut, Lebanon
    251. Dr. Hilmi Samara, Petroleum Consultant, Purley, Surrey, UK;
    252. Tony Howard, Diana Taylor, Partners n.o.m.a.d.s. Yorkshire, ENGLAND
    253. Safaa Malaeb Hamdan Wally Hamdan, Sydney, Australia
    254. Dr. M. Alfaham, Consultant Paediatrician, Cardiff
    255. Tuqan Dubai UAE ;  Adman International AB, Stockholm, Sweden
    256. Sierra Zweig., Seattle, Washington, member of Not In My Name.
    257. Suad Joseph,  Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of California, Davis, CA, USA
    258. Evin Wood, Marlborough Peace Group, P O Box 62 , Blenheim, Aotearoa/New Zealand
    259. Dr. Mohamed Jabeur, Tunisia
    260. Nicholas Henderson, Mr, Edinburgh, Scotland
    261. Dr Shameem Bhatia  England  United Kingdom
    262. Sarah Rankin MA University of Luton, UK
    263.  Muhsin Kilby London England
    264.  Manfred Ropschitz,  Devon, England
    265.  Mrs L Spittles  Leek  Staffordshire  United Kingdom  "Lesley Spittles"
    266.  Abla Aranki 974-2701
    267.  Ms. Rana Halaby London, United Kingdom
    268.  Brian Norris British Christian, and friend of Jews and Muslims alike.
    269.  Krista Lucenti  Student London, England
    270.  Anouche Sherman, Londres, Anglettere
    271.  Lillie Haikal  Marketing  Dubai, UAE
    272.  Christine Jones  London UK
    273.  Sarah Cave, London.
    274.  Glen Rangwala (Mr.) Cambridge, UK.
    275.  Nadia el Maaroufi 57 rue Vandenbroeck  B-1050 Brussels Belgium
    276.  Ray Tormey
    277.  Ghassan C. Haddad Brighton, MA 02135 USA
    278.  Jeffrey J. Saah  Falls Church, Virginia United States of America
    279.  Ms Carol-Ann Duggan In-volve London UK
    280.  fromelem private citizen. USA
    281.  Faith Libbe, S.F.O. Orlando, Florida U.S.A.
    282.  Liz Rolfs London, Friends of Palestine UK
    283.  Seymour Alexander Staines, Middlesex, UK
    284.  Mona El-Zayyat Housewife Egypt
    285.  Shenaz Kermalli Toronto, Canada
    286.  Andrea Diva, software developer,  San Mateo California (USA)
    287.  Wissam Khalek Washington, DC
    288.  Sawsan El-Zayyat
    289.  Shelby Tucker Author, Oxford United Kingdom
    290.  Khalid Reda Software Solutions Engineer Cairo, Egypt
    291.  Basil Yehia from Toronto Canada.
    292.   Marijke Bakhuizen van den Brink - Al-Jarrah, MA London United Kingdom
    293.  Georgina Mortimer  London  N3 2JB
    294.  Ms Rasjidah St John, London SE13  7PN, UK.
    295.  Hassan London, NW8 9ER
    296.  Marianne Viklund
    297.  Mark Chahine-Warrington. London UK
    298.  Mazen Masri ,Edgo Project developments Ltd. 186 Sloane St London SW1X 9QR
    299.  Denise Atkinson London, UK
    300. Isra' Muzaffar (Palestinian)  Undergraduate Student College: Macalester College, MN
    301. Julia Helou London
    302. Neil Lowrie Loughborough Leics., LE11 1LG
    303. Dr Christine Vassiliadis United Kingdom Member of the "Palestine Solidarity Campaign"
    304. Dina Kasrawi London, UK
    305. Afif Abu-Rish, Herts WD3 5AZ, United Kingdom
    306. Marjoleine Buker London, UK
    307. Briar Campbell-Maaroufi, Nelson, New Zealand
    308. Saifedean Ammous, American University of Beirut
    309. Natalya Adams, London, England
    310. Patrick H. Palmer,
    311. Mr Ismail Jamil.  MSc., Mrs Lily Jamil, West Midlands, United Kindgdom,
    312. Issa K. Tahhan, Essex, UK
    313.  Morwan Amro
    314.  Ms Julia Wickham, London, UK.
    315.  Genny Masterman, Documentary Producer, London, UK
    316.  Mr Fazal Khan, Slough, UK
    317. Theodora OIKONOMIDES, Early learning specialist, Ramallah, Palestine
    318.  Issam Abdul-Latif,student, American University Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
    319.  Annika Hampson, London
    320.  Mohammed M Al-Jarrah, Dagenham, Essex, RM10  9XS UK
    321.  Amer Matar, London ,United Kingdom,
    322.  Ms Leila Anne Bargawi
    323.  Graham Towler, Woking, England
    324.  Nibal Shalabi, Woodside Park, London
    325.  Miss Sonia Desborough, Norwich, UK
    326.  Laleh Khalili, Graduate Student in Politics, Columbia University, New York, NY   US
    327.  Mrs R Hammouri England
    328.  Katherine Longmuir, Glasgow, Scotland, Scottish Friends of Palestine
    329. May Abouadal,
    330.  Fida Hamze, Graphic Designer, New York City, U.S.A
    331.  Aleksandra Amani Jastrzebska,Warsaw , Poland
    332.  Mehreen Ahmed, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia
    333.  Yago Zayed, Hitchin, Great Britiain.
    334.  Aleksandar Stankovski, Graduate Student European School of Economics, Rome, Italy,
    335.  Martin Webster
    336. Muhammad Jardali, Fresno CA 93727
    337. Joan Beazleigh,, Member of CAABU, and Campaign for Palestinians Rights. East Dulwich, London, S.E.22. OAX.
    338. Karin van der Tak, London, United Kingdom
    339. Michael Kearney, Codsall, Staffordshire, England
    340. E Jenkinson [Mr], London, UK
    341. Sufia Makkan, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
    342. Basema Jamal, IPYL , Palastinian Youth legue
    343. Jaleil Raja, student London, UK
    344. Lynn Jervis , London
    345. Ms. Hanan Samara, TouchFinder, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
    346. Dr. Hilmi Samara, Petroleum Consultant, Purley, Surrey, UK
    347.  Ian White, Doncaster, UK
    348.  Tony Howard, Diana Taylor, Partners n.o.m.a.d.s. Yorkshire, ENGLAND
    349.  Thea Khamis and Ben Byrne, Durham, UK
    350.  Mr Karim El-Akabi, Dorchester Estates, London, England
    351.  Roane Carey, Copy Chief, The Nation magazine, New York, NY
    352.  Annie C Higgins, PhD, Chicago, IL
    353.  Serge Haitayan, Clovis California. US
    354.  Narges Esbaty, Iran
    355.  Mr Imran Akram, student, High Wycombe, England
    356.  Omar Himmo
    357.  Bassem Abdallah, London, UK
    358.  Ms Fiona Tierney, Oxford, U.K.
    359. H.P.Southwell, Glenavon Park, BRISTOL BS9 1RL
    360. Ramy Mounir kamal Aly,
    361. Jaulin Thibaut, student, Paris, France
    362. Enrico Sacchetti
    364. Hana Archbold, California, Country: USA
    365.  Suad Abu-Amara
    366. Mr Alistair Cairns, Edinburgh, Students Nukewatch
    367. Samia Mazid (Miss), Essex, England
    368.  dareen jurdi, lebanon
    369.  Sana Dabbagh, Glasgow, UK
    370.  Len Aldis. Secretary Britain-Vietnam Friendship Soc (personal capacity)., London  England.
    371.  Siham Karmi
    372.  Eddie Docherty, Glasgow, UK
    373.  Brian Purdie, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
    374.  Mrs Susan King, London UK
    375.  Hasna Beidas, Spain
    376.  Mr Mark Layton, Warwickshire, England
    377.  David Toorawa
    378.  Mr. Maher Bardawil, London, U.K
    379.  Wael Homaidan (programmer/analyst) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    380.  Donald and Sheila Miller,  ringmer BN8 5JW UK, Friends of Sabeel UK, CAABU, Palestine soldatrity Campaign and LivingStones
    381.  Nisreen Barakat, Jerusalem/Palestine
    382.  Sahar Saleh, Dubai, UAE
    383.  Safaa Malaeb Hamdan
    384.  Kate Fennessy, Student, Australian National University, Shatila Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon
    385.  Dr Runa Mackay, Edinburgh EH3 5LY Scotland
    386.  Sajid khan, IT Support, OMT,  UK
    387.  Evelyn Bazalgette, social demographer,
    388.  Asmaa Al-Shabibi (Mrs),  Singapore
    389.  David Greig;Playwright, North Queensferry, Scotland
    390.  Brenda Hayward - London England
    391.  Suleiman Skafi   Amman-Jordan
    392.  Janet E. Ganguli, Bourn, Cambridge, UK
    393.  Eman El-Bahnassawy ,Glasgow, UK.
    394.  Um Ahmad , Gaza, Palesine.
    395.  Ahmad El-Bahanassawy
    396.  Jumana Mahmoud, Muscat , Oman
    397.  Bill Hayton, UK
    398.  Ibrahim Saif , London W6 8ND, UK
    399.  Dunia El-Jawhari, Toronto, Canada
    400.  Dr Adel Sabboubeh, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England uk
    401.  G. Patricia Dajani, Amman, Jordan.
    402.  Rob Raeburn, Brighton, UK
    403.  Vicky Russell, Cambridge, England CB3 9RB
    404.  Lesley Alzaka, British/Jordanian.,Jordan
    405.  Dr Ewen Denney, Edinburgh, Scotland
    406.  Miss Heather Begg, Student Cambridge University,  Jersey, Channel Islands, Britain
    407.  Dr. M. Alfaham, Consultant Paediatrician, Cardiff
    409.  Samir Abu-Aitah,
    410.  Cecile Mouly, University of Cambridge
    411.  Eleanor Aitken,  Bouirn, Cambridge CB3 7TJ
    412.  Riad Dimechkie, Principal, The Hale Group, Boston, MA , USA
    413.  Charles & Brigitte Tawa Boulder, CO,USA
    414.  Tariq Dajani (Mr), Stockholm, Sweden
    415.  Mika Minio-Paluello, CUSU Green Officer, Cambridge University Student's Union, Cambridge, UK
    416.  Mr Martin Jerrett, UK
    417.  Adel & Hilda Barakat.
    418.   Noora Lynch
    419.  Nadim Dimechkie, Dubai, UAE
    420.  Ramez Dimechkie, Beirut, Lebanon
    421.  Saman Khoury
    422.  Miss Amna Jrrar, Cambridge, UK
    423.  Essma Ben Hamida & Michael Cracknell, co-directors, enda inter-arabe, Ettadhamen, 2041 Tunisie
    424.  Janina Kosnikowska, Cambridge, England
    425.   Ms Friederike Hachmeier BA Oxon, Hughes Hall, Cambridge CB 1 2 EW, United Kingdom.
    426.  Suleiman Skafi   Amman-Jordan
    427.  Richard Coleman, England
    428.  Mr Austin Kilroy, University of Cambridge, CB2 1ST, UK
    429.  Taalib Shamsuddin, Preston, Lancashire, England
    430.  Brigitte Leduc, Gender Specialist, Rabat/Morroco - but Canadian
    431.  Aya Moustafa
    432.  Mr Giles Pinnock, & Mrs Mary Pinnock, Oxford England
    433.  Mr Richard Holmwood, Chester, UK
    434.  Stephanie Schaaf, Mountain View, CA, USA
    435.  Brigitte  and Charles Tawa, housewife and physician, Boulder CO, USA
    436.  Zeena Natour
    437.  Frankie Green, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London, England
    438.  Mohammed Alzaharnah
    439.  Shgufta Anwar, Motherwell Scotland
    440.  Allan Hamdan Newtown NSW 2042 Australia
    441.  Ann P Hemsley  UK
    442.  Stuart J Hemsley
    443.  Mohammad Abdul Rahman Clyde Leamaster Retired Resident in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia US National
    444.  Kathleen Nimr Martinez, Ça. USA
    445.   Shireen Khan MBA/MIA Candidate Columbia University New York, NY USA
    446.  Barry D'Cunha  San Jose, California USA
    447.  Andrea Flores Khalil Brooklyn, New York
    448.  ms. bharati chaturvedi 238 sidhartha enclave new delhi. 110014 india
    449.  william taggart univerist or arkansas
    450.  Elizabeth Barlow. Ann Arbor, MI USA. Retired from the Univesity of Michigan.
    451.  Martin Spafford, London, UK.
    452.  linuxlover@hushmail.com
    453.  Sandra Khalil, Beirut, Lebanon
    454.  John Schaefer Graduate Student University of Texas at Austin Texas USA
    455.  ZIAD MORALY
    456.  Miss Abeer Farsoun studying MA in Social and Political Thought at the University of Sussex at Brighton, East Sussex, in the UK.
    457.   Bendik Sørvig, student, Beirut
    458.  Mr Jodie Humphreys Cambridge CB4 3LE
    459.  Mr Lamin Sesay BA(hons) London, England
    460.  Reem Attieh Graduate Student Sociology Department The University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada
    461.   Joe Pepper
    462.  Tuqan Tuqan Dubai Dubai, UAE ; Adman International AB, Artillerigatan, Stockholm, Sweden
    464.  Maxim Sansour Palestinian,  New York America
    465.  Randa Serag
    466.  Dr Yezid Sayigh, University of Cambridge, UK
    467.  Myriam Sfeir Murad   Lebanon
    468.  dalal el_bizri
    469.  Erfan Arab
    470.  Andrew Stafford       London
    471.  Erica Lang
    472.  Marcel AL-Achkar
    473.  Joumana Sayegh   Strovolos 2059   Nicosia   CYPRUS.
    474.  Nick Khoury  New York, NY
    475.  Michelle Woodward   Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Student  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    476.   Evronia Azer    Miss./Student, Alexandria, Egypt
    477.  Marc Northern
    478.  Khalil Murad   Beirut, Lebanon
    479.  Omar Iskandarani. San Francisco, California, USA
    480.  Abdellatif A. Filali
    481.  James Grippo University of California, Santa Barbara   Graduate Student in Ethnomusicology Santa Barbara, CA USA
    482.  Amal Mockbil       Sharjah, The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
    483.  Aboudi Moujally lebanese living in saudi arabia.
    484.  Eve Benyous London, England
    485.  Darmes Benyous London, England
    486. Nihaya Dugan Brooklyn, NY   11210
    487. Miss Rebecca Roberts, PhD student, Department of Politics, University of  york, UK
    488.  Ghada Khouri, Vienna, Virginia
    489.  Max Elbaum, Oakland, California USA
    490.  mr t.yaqoob   England
    491.  Veronica Pugh-Ramadan, Forest Hills, NY 11375
    492.  Sandra Campbell    Los Angeles, USA     (University of California, Los Angeles)
    493.  John Iskander    Santa Barbara, USA     (University of California, Santa Barbara)
    494.  Nabeel Rantisi
    495.  Douglas Valentine   Longmeadow MA 01106
    496.  Joyeeta Sharma   New Delhi   India
    497.  Mr Roger Daniels, Brithdir, Wales
    498.  Mrs Barbara Daniels, Brithdir, Wales
    499.  Miss Ann Foley, Brithdir, Wales
    500.  Mr Christopher West, Brithdir, Wales
    501.  Mrs Diz West, Brithdir, Wales
    502.  Ronit Yarosky   Canada
    503.  Vivien Audi     Lebanon
    504.  Jan Feld
    505.  Sara Zainab Bokhari, Illinois USA
    506.  ziad majed - france
    507.  nadia aissaoui - france
    508.  veronique rioufol - france
    509.  david beytelmann - france
    510. Miriam M. Reik New York, NY 10025    USA
    511.  Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.     Washington, D.C.     U.S.A.
    512.  Sierra Zweig.  US citizen    Seattle, Washington, member of Not In My Name.
    513.  Hugh Canavan
    514.  Luke Canavan
    515.  Deirdre Canavan
    516.  Mustafa Hakky
    517.  Donald C Bindon (a Campeace supporter, resident in England)
    518.  Ali Benhallam
    519.  Veronica Pugh and Hussein M. Ramadan, Forest Hills, NY 11375   USA
    520.  Saffiya Shillo, American Citizen, Chicago, IL, USA
    521.  Theresa Truax, M.A.,  M. Ph. Seattle WA, 98103    USA
    522. Ruth Glasl, D-53113 Bonn
    523.   radwa medhat  student-single egypt
    524.  Erik Eliav Freas. Ph.D. student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Scotland / United Kingdom,
    525.  Juliana Johann   London  UK
    526.  Miss Gemma Abbs, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5PQ, student, School of Oriental and African Studies, Uni of London.
    527.  Mohammad Al-Ashqar, EGYPT
    528.  Iain Mallinson (Mr.), Cyprus,
    529.  Ms. C. Francesca Burke, Edinburgh, UK
    530.  Claudia Waddams of London, England,
    531.  Baha Shanableh, Morocco – Casablanca.  Kirsty Wright, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK
    532.  Lydia Atef, Egyptian, student, Canada
    533.  Asala Bader, Berlin – Germany
    534.  Miss Michelle Plunkett MA , Preston , Lancashire ENGLAND
    535.   Tony Kyprianou,   Cyprus
    536.   Nadia Al-Abry" Ph.D. student in Petroleum Geology Edinburgh University  Edinburgh-Scotland
    537.  Nadia Hamad, Palestinian in America
    538. Donald and Sheila Miller,  ringmer BN8 5JW UK, We belong to Friends of Sabeel UK (opm its committee), CAABU, Palestine soldatrity Campaign and LivingStones
    539. Natasha Schmidt
    540. Dr. Hanan Ashrawi

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