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Anti-Israel Petitions Supported by Israeli Academics
Noisy Petition demands: Help undermine 'Israeli silent transfer'

From: Micah Leshem <micah.leshem@psy.haifa.ac.il>
Reply To: micahl@psy.haifa.ac.il
To: <segel-plus@list.haifa.ac.il>
Subject: [Segel-plus] FW: Help stop Israeli silent transfer (fwd)
Sent: 06 December 2006 07:54:58
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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 01:51:55 +0200
From: rachel giora <rachel.giora@gmail.com>

Subject: Help undermine Israeli silent transfer


Israeli Committee for Right of Residency

Tel: 972-9-958-4804

In March 2006, the Israeli government initiated a policy of visa denial to
individuals of Palestinian descent having foreign passports, many of whom
have been  arbitrarily denied residency rights in the occupied Palestinian
territory (oP). Many of these persons have lived here for years without
succeeding in obtaining residency rights even though they made Palestine
their primary residence and place of employment/business, married local
Palestinians, and had children who were born in Palestine.

These people have managed to stay in the occupied Palestinian territory by
acquiring tourist visas issued by the Israeli government.  Such visas are
valid for three months.  Their holders are obliged to go abroad to renew
them. Those who cannot afford to travel abroad become illegal sojourners and
live in perpetual fear of being deported, which confines them to their
homes.  Those who go abroad have no assurance that they will be allowed to
return, and in recent years the number of people denied reentry has
increased significantly. Indeed, at this time, most persons of Palestinian
origin attempting to transit via Israel in order to return to their families
and occupations in the occupied Palestinian territory have been denied
entry. As a result, families are torn apart, schooling for the children is
disrupted, and economic disasters follow.

Among the entry-denied individuals are professionals from foreign countries.
This group includes physicians, teachers, professors, students, social
workers, and professionals in a variety of fields filling critically
important positions in hospitals, schools, universities, and social
institutions. Those being forced to leave by being denied entry or re-entry
leave a vacuum in institutions unable to find replacements. This is
devastating for all concerned, and has life-threatening implications
particularly in the field of medical care. On the one hand, the ability of
hospitals in the occupied Palestinian territory to treat Palestinians is
constantly diminishing while on the other hand Israel¿s General Security
Services ("Shabak") often denies access to Israeli hospitals for treat

We, members of the Israel Committee for the Right of Residency (ICRR), have
been calling upon the Israeli public to join us in demanding that our
government desist from denying residency rights in the occupied Palestinian
territory to Palestinians or persons of Palestinian descent with foreign
passports as well as to foreign professionals contributing to the welfare of
the Palestinian population. We have been meeting with staffs of foreign
embassies in Israel and have called upon them to use their good offices to
intercede with the Israeli authorities to change the imposed restrictions.
However, embassies do not make policy.  They carry out the policies of their

We therefore call upon you, people of conscience living abroad, to organize
campaigns to inform your officials about Israel's policy of "entry-denied"
We ask   you to write letters requesting them to demand that Israel change
its policy.
  We also ask Israelis and citizens of other countries to write letters of
protest to the Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.

As academics and members of ICRR, we are particularly concerned about the
damage this policy is inflicting on the education system of Palestinians in
the oPt.
  We are therefore writing to ask you to also write letters to the Israeli
Minister of Education, Prof. Yuli Tamir, in order to protest the effects
this policy has on quenching academic life and education for Palestinians in




Prof. Daniel Amit, The Hebrew University

Prof. Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Snait Gissis, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Emeritus Aharon Eviatar, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, The Hebrew University

Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University



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    1.  Prof. Amit, Giora, Gissis, Evitar, Ezrahi, Matar,
     From Prof. I. Barr, Michigan,, Sent in 07-12-2006
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