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Tel Aviv University
Mosque Opened in Tel Aviv University
Subject: Mosque Opened in Tel Aviv University

Round-Up American Yated Neeman  November 12, 2004

Mosque Opened in Tel Aviv University
        The administration of Tel Aviv University has announced that they will do all they can to accommodate the religious needs of Muslim students on campus. They permitted opening a mosque in the student dormitories for the sake of Muslim students.
     Their consent on behalf of Muslim students caused a storm in Israeli society. It was discovered that 1,000 Muslim students are studying in Tel Aviv University and the mosque would serve as an activity center for all
1,000. The administration had tried to keep the number quiet, knowing it would cause a ferment. It defended itself that it wasn't the first university in the country to permit Muslim students to pray in a mosque.
    After the establishment of the mosque was announced, university employees appealed to Uzi Landau to prevent it. They feared that the
mosque would quickly become a magnet for radical Arabs, and a nest of terrorism and forbidden political activities. Rabid speeches inciting against Israel are
heard in mosques all over the country. The universities in the PA are constantly whipping up anti-Israel sentiment and promoting terrorism to their students, so why would the Arab cells in Israeli universities be any
    An official in the Students Association warned, "In the past we came across Arabic posters noting the Naqba day which speaking about destroying and conquering the Zionist enemy. The distance between these and incitement is very thin."
      Several years ago, dati students of the university tried to open a synagogue in the university where lectures and prayers could take place,
but the university administration adamantly refused it.
     Free speech and free worship is given liberally to the Arabs, who use it to incite against Israel and Jews, but is withheld from Jews in typical liberal fashion because it is "incitement" and "racism."
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