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Tel Aviv University
Communist Party using Tel Aviv University campus for indoctrination

  It is conservatively estimated that communism directly caused about
100 million deaths in the twentieth century.  These of course include the
millions starved to death by communist forced collectivization of
agriculture, by the intentional famines in the Ukraine and in China, and
by the massive shortages and upheavals and repressions, not to mention the
Gulags and mass murders.  In China, massive cannibalism was produced by
communist food shortages, where families swapped children so parents would
not be forced to eat their own children. 

A disproportionate number of those killed by communism were Jews.  Jews
were always subjected to special venom and animosity by communists, and
the fact that some of the communist leaders and "thinkers" were Jews or
ex-Jews does not change anything, in fact it probably explains the
anti-Semitism that has always characterized both communism and some forms
of anti-communism.

Communists today lead the movement for a Second Holocaust of Jews.  They
seek the annihilation of Israel and its population.  The communist
countries have always been allied with Arab fascism and aggression and
today support Islamist terror.

All of which might have been regarded by most people as more than a
sufficient reason why a College of Communist Indoctrination should not
operate within the auspices of Tel Aviv University.  

But they would be wrong.

A few months ago we saw the inauguration ceremony of the opening of the
College of  Communist Indoctrination at Tel Aviv University.  Really.  The
official  name of the "college" is the "Socioeconomic College", and it
operates on
the Tel Aviv University campus, although evidently not with direct funding
by the Israeli taxpayer, at least not yet.  The comrades will, however, be
using the university facilities paid for by Israeli taxpayers. 

The initiator of the College of Communist Indoctrination is Madame Gulag,
Tamar Gozansky, who was until recently the Stalinist Rent-a-Jew sitting in
the Knesset as representative for the Hadash Stalinist Party in the
Israeli parliament.  Hadash is an Old-Left anti-Israel Arab-national
communist party, one that never quite got around to renouncing Stalinism. 
Mademe Gulag has been unemployed, as are most people under communism, ever
since her own party got tired of her hogging one of its parliament seats. 
So she and her fellow commissar, a lawyer named Aviv Wasserman, came up
with the idea.  They decided they were sick and tired of the "capitalist
hegemony in Israeli academia" (in their words - see Haaretz July 23, 04),
and you can see right away how someone who had spent the last few decades
in some other galaxy might not be aware of the Far-Leftist hegemony that
actually operates in Israeli academia.

Students in this new Re-education Gulag Center to open at Tel Aviv
University will be indoctrinated in the "theories" of Marxism that were
totally debunked more than 160 years ago.  They will learn the communist
party's principles and its correct thinking about class struggle and other
"social issues".   The "college" will be administered by a newspaper
journalist named Efraim Davidi.  Its "degree" will not be recognized at
first as a bona fide academic degree, although it might be enough to get
you a job in a Cuban torture facility.

The "faculty" at the "college" will consist of the usual Israeli
Far-Leftist tenured radicals, including a Marxist economist from
Ben-Gurion University, the extremist "Post Zionist" Moshe Zuckerman from
Tel Aviv University, the Stalinist Dov Hanin (who was supposed to replace
Madame Gulag as the Hadash Party Rent-a-Jew but the party decided to do
without further Jewish rep)s, some Arab non-academics whose academic
credentials are that they are anti-Israel, and others.   They do not get
paid, I guess as their way of showing what happens to employees under
communist regimes. 

When challenged about their opening Felix Dzerzinsky College at Tel Aviv
University (Felix Dzerzinsky founded the KGB under Lenin), the campus
commissars will no doubt spout the usual "academic freedom" cliches,
although nothing in academic freedom means free unpaid use of taxpayer
financed campus facilities is an automatic entitlement for anyone off the

    But there is a more important point I should have mentioned.

    A few years back we posted a story about a senior lecturer at the
business school at Tel Aviv University, associated with the
Chabad-Lubavitch movement, who petitioned the university
authorities on behalf of a group of religious women students to be allowed
to us empty classrooms in off-hours to study Talmud and the weekly Torah
portions.   The university turned them down flat.  THAT would have been
inappropriate use of campus facilities, unlike setting up a Stalinist
Indoctrination College on campus, run by the communist party apparatchiks.

   Also, you may recall that when Tel Aviv University decided to accept a
large donation from a Swiss industrialist to build a synagogue building on
campus, some leftist faculty and students held angry protests aginst the
decision, maintaining that a synagogue would pollute the largely
secularist campus.  I guess Judaism pollutes Tel Aviv University, but not

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