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Readers Forum
The Ashkenazi universities that you support are racist against Arabs and Mizrahi Jews.
content : The Ashkenazi universities that you support are racist against Arabs and Mizrahi Jews. of course you dont mind the Arabs, 0.5% of professors, but what do you have to say about Mizrahi Jews, 5% of professors. 99% of tenure professors in the Israeli-Ashkenazi Academia are Askenazim and patriotic Zionosts like you. Look at your stupid list - you can't count more then 10 so-called "anti-Israelis".
Therefore your website is not only a racist operation by itself, but it's also
stupid and pathetic. You are the true anti-Jewish, anti-Semites and anti-Israelis.
Democracy is the only value that could save Israel, not a witch-hunt by fanatics like you, exactly like those who killed Rabin in order to stop the "leftist danger".

The question is where are you going to stop, can you ever stop? All the people that you have already listed here are pure lovers of Israel and the people of Israel.
I wish I had a position in one of those racist Ashkenazi universities, so that you could include me in your list, which I find to be a list of noble men and women. But maybe you could make a small special consideration for an Arab-Jew like me? Please.
Ill appreciate it very much.
Below youll find links to some of my writings and books that unlike your twisted minds, are all devoted to a better Israel: Israel that is free of fanaticism, free of occupation and slavery, free of Ashkenazi-Zionist cultural racism and free of Ashkenazi social oppression.
Please monitor my writings and spread my words to Jews everywhere, and in exchange I promise to monitor your shit-list and your shit in general.

Dr. Sami Shalom Chetrit
Free teacher and writer


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