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Readers Forum
Victoria Buch

  AnomalousNYC    says:
I think for most people it's only sad if they think about it in the abstract, in a vague way - if they leap over it into the realm of those generic platitudes we all like to utter to ourselves about how unfortunate is man's inhumanity to man.

But if you look at it - really look head on at it - it should be absolutely disgusting, infuriating, intolerable. of course many of us have the choice to not really look at it. Great heroes of the universe like the Israeli Victoria Buch, founder of Machsom Watch talks eloquently about how hard it is for her to look - how the reality of this just slips away, out of the mind, over and over. As if its just too painful to keep in one's mind.

Zionism, as Marx might say, has moved well beyond tragedy and into the realm of the blackest kind of farce.


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