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Readers Forum
I am happy that there is now a site to monitor the anti Israel radicalism
I am happy that there is now a site to monitor the anti Israel radicalism
which has infected Israeli universities and institutions of higher education for
decades.  I am quite pleased that you have also appended the e-mail addresses of the various institutions your site is monitoring since now people like me can now directly contact the various universities administrators to complain about the anti Israel expressions of their employees.  That you are publicizing the more outrageous and biased comments made by professors and teachers in the employ of the Israeli taxpayer will do a lot to moderate the behavior of these educators .
Indeed, the one thing these people hate the most is the being exposed
to a non student general public, a public which can freely criticize them without fear of hurting their academic standing.
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of most of the commentary you quote is just how mistaken and simply wrong most of these professors are in terms of their facts.
Personally I can understand how  opinions and viewpoints may differ among thinking people, but many if not all of the academics you cite either fabricate their facts, or simply ignore facts which fail to support their thesis.  This is purely and simply academic failure, all too common in departments like sociology, political science, and history.  If an academic in physics, biology, or chemistry tried to falsify his facts and then tried to present a theory or thesis based on this false imformation to his collegues, he would at best be laughed off the stage, and at worst relieved of his teaching responsibilities
Most of these teachers you mention have substituted emotion and their personal agenda for academic objectivity, not such an uncommon behavior among most of us most of the time, but most of us are not teachers with considerable influence and real control over the lives and futures of the student we are educating.  Again thank you for this helpful and informative web site, which I personally plan to visit quite often, and I intend to avail myself of the e-mail addresses of the universities and colleges which employ these radical anti Israel demagogues.    
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