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Tel Aviv University
Palestinian Organizations Mourn Israeli Academic Tanya Reinhart's Death, Calling her "a Great Indefatigable Activist"



Palestinian organisations mourn Reinhart's death, calling her "a great indefatigable militant"

Date: 19 / 03 / 2007 Time: 20:18

Gaza - Ma'an -

A group of organisations based in the Gaza Strip has issued a press release expressing their sadness following the death of the Israeli left-wing academic, Tanya Reinhart, in New York on Saturday.

The coalition of six Palestinian organisations described Reinhart as "not only a great indefatigable activist against the policy of the Zionist government of Apartheid Israel towards us, Palestinians, but also a fighter for human rights denouncing injustices committed everywhere, whether in Palestine or Iraq. She took part in all the battles against the colonization and the occupation of Palestine, and was one of the most lucid analysts of the criminal policy of her government."

The organizations praised Reinhart for her "contact with us in Gaza when Israel intensified its genocidal war after June.25.2006," her constance support and her writing.

Regarding her analytical books on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the coalition says: "Her books Palestine/Israel and Roadmap to Nowhere are a masterly description of all the stratagems always used by the Israeli rulers to avoid engagement in a genuine peace process, and to make believe that this was the sole fault of the Palestinians. Tanya Reinhart
especially examined in detail the 7 years during which the "Oslo
agreement" lasted and showed the contrast between what was presented as being the "generous offer” of Ehud Barak, and its reality. This was to show how the vice was being closed around the Palestinians during the same period (between 1993 and 2000), and the totally unacceptable "proposals" put forward by the Israelis, since they allowed for no viable Palestinian state which would instead find itself in pockets, without territorial continuity, and deprived of East Jerusalem."

"Behind the smokescreen of the 'withdrawal' from Gaza can be seen the transfer of the Palestinians", Reinhart wrote more recently, "while our rulers praised the "great man of peace".

The coalition also specifically praised Reinhart for her support of a boycott of Israeli academia. "Tanya was also one of the rare Israeli opposition personalities to support the boycott of her country's
institutions, especially the Universities," the coalition writes.

"We shall stop having to worry about the boycott when we respect
international law", Reinhart is quoted as having replied not only to the Israeli establishment, but also to that timid, supposedly pacifist, Israeli "left-wing" which accepted the impunity from which the state of Israel and all its institutions benefited. Tanya Reinhart did not hesitate to give her support to Paris-6 University, when its Administrative Council, in 2003, voted to suspend its special relations with Israeli universities, the coalition recalls in its press release.

The coalition also praises Reinhart for her denouncement of the embargo imposed on the Palestinian people. "It was not an act of generosity which Europe could either carry on or not", Reinhart explained, the coalition recalls. "It was a choice which had been made to take on the obligations imposed by international law on the Israeli occupier to see to the well-being of the occupied populations. Europe chose not to oblige Israel to respect its obligations, and preferred to pay money to the
Palestinians. When it put an end to this, it breached international law".

The coalition states that Reinhart had moved from Israel to the United States because she no longer had "the strength to remain in Israel where, she let it be known, physical repression against genuine opponents had become more and more brutal."

The coalition, which comprises of the University Teachers’ Association, the One-Democratic State Association-Gaza Chapter, the Arab Cultural Forum, the Hands off Venezuela-Gaza, the Boycott Israel Association-Gaza, and the Anti-Globalization Coalition-Gaza, ended their statement by expressing their "sadness and our sympathy with her family and colleagues".



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