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About Us
So just what do we do here in IAM?
 The idea behind our work is that we rarely give our own opinion, and instead generally let the anti-Israel activists from Israeli universities speak for themselves.  We simply expose what they say and write.  But we allow them to expose themselves, using their own words.   Naturally, citing anti-Israel and seditious statements made by these people is often grounds for their accusing us of "McCarthyism".   It also shows their real attitude towards facts and truth.  Similar dissimulation is automatic from such people who endorse every false "peace gesture" or disingenuous "peace talking" by Israel's enemies as if they were sincere.   As such they serve as the international apologists for Israel's genocidal and intractable enemies.
Israel is in a war with the Arabs. It is a war Israel did not choose but has to fight to protect the lives of its population. From our prospective, all those anti-Israel Israeli activists are actively engaged in collaboration with the enemies of their own country, aiding and abetting them and providing them with moral support.   Most Israelis are not willing to give up the idea of a Jewish State in order to appease murderous Arab regimes and Palestinian terrorists.  Not even when they pretend to seek peace.

--Dana Barnett, Director, Israel Academia Monitor.
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