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About Us
Memo From Israel Academia Monitor To: Members of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University


To:  Members of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University
From:  Israel Academia Monitor
Re:   Anti-Israel Sedition and Post-Zionism at Ben Gurion University

  Welcome to I


P.O.Box 920 Kfar Shmaryahu 46910

srael!   We at Israel Academia Monitor are the Israeli analogue to "Campus Watch" in the United States.  We monitor and expose the anti-Israel political extremism rampant among the faculty members at Israeli universities, including Ben Gurion University.  These activities include collaboration with anti-Semites from around the world, promotion of international boycotts of Israel and Israeli institutions, calls for Israel's annihilation, and open endorsements of terrorism against Israel.

    We call upon you to familiarize yourselves with the activities of extremist faculty members at
Ben Gurion University and to make your opinions regarding them heard and known.  We believe that supporters of and donors to Israeli universities seek to build up the Jewish state, not to finance extremists striving for its dismemberment and destruction.  We believe that members of the Board of Governors have the moral responsibility to see that the generosity of supporters of Ben Gurion University is not being misused to fund the anti-Israel activism of radical faculty members, their lawbreaking, and their collaboration with the enemies of Israel.

   Please review the attached material, and please review the materials on our web site, Thank you!
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