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General Articles
AIC Board of Directors: Prof' Yossi Schwartz, Dr. Shimshon Bichler and Prof' Daniel Boyarin


The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization which prioritizes political advocacy, critical analysis and information sharing on the Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In doing so, the AIC promotes
responsible co-operation between Palestinians and Israelis based on the values of social and political justice, equality, solidarity, community involvement and respect for the full inalienable national rights of all Palestinian people.

The AIC believes that true social co-operation and communication between Palestinians and Israelis is possible. We have embodied this ideal for the past twenty years through our joint and collective structure. However, we acknowledge that this can only come to pass in the region if the root cause of the conflict is targeted and challenged - that being the long Occupation and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Based on these convictions, the AIC will continue to work towards the establishment of genuine and responsible grassroots bridges between the two communities.

The AIC believes that the gap between the two peoples and the intensifying cycle of violence is rooted in several factors, including but certainly not limited to: the failure of any proposed solution to acknowledge the ongoing injustice to Palestinians; the harsh closure and control policy unilaterally imposed by Israel on the Occupied Territories; Israeli aggression toward Palestinian civilians; the construction of illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank; the exploitation of vital Palestinian resources; and the escalation and ever-growing policy of segregation against the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel.

The AIC's activities and publications provide a critical discussion of the political realities that shape the current situation, with special attention given to the radical democratic and feminist struggles, critical perspectives on the colonial nature of Israel and the alarming
authoritarian features that emerge in the Palestinian Authority. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

AIC Partners

AIC activities are made possible through the generous support of numerous individuals and organisations including Alternatives, Associazione Comunita Papa Giovanni XXIII, the Austrian Development Agency, Basque government with the help of PTM-Mundubat, Broederlijk Delen, CCFD, Cimade, DanChurchAid, Diakonia, Diputacion de Guipuzkoa, ICCO, the Irish
Government through the Christian Aid/Development Cooperation Ireland Multi-Annual Partnership Scheme (MAPS), Medico International and SIDA



 Elections for 2007/8 AIC Board of Directors

Finally, the General Assembly elected a new Board of Directors for 2007/2008:

(* denotes new member)


Dr. Naim Abu Thir (Co-Chairperson): Director of the Bisan Center,

Professor Yossi Schwartz (Co-Chairperson): Professor of History, Tel Aviv University


*Hulud Badawi: Fieldworker with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Jerusalem

*Dr. Pierre Beaudet: Department of Sociology, University of Ottawa

Dr. Shimshon Bichler: Economist teaching at Israeli colleges and
universities, Tel Aviv

*Professor Daniel Boyarin: University of California – Berkeley, California USA

*Daud Darawi: Attorney with Defence of Children International, Bethlehem

*Sharf Muhanna: Director General of the Economic and Trade Department of the Palestinian Economic Ministry in the Hebron region, Hebron

Maha Nassar: Chair of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, Ramallah

Dr. Majed Nassar: Deputy Director of the Union of Health Work Committees, Ramallah

*Michele Sibony: Vice President of the French Jewish Union for Peace, Paris Marcello Weksler: Director of Educational Program for Marginalised Youth, Tel Aviv



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