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Readers Forum
For years Israel-Academia-Monitor.com warned about the breakdown of direction of Israel radical academia.

 The group of zealots put the interests of the Palestinians
in front of the interest of Israel survival. While Israel made mistakes, the
occupation of the West Bank and the fence were imposed on her by homicide
Palestinian bombings. Late Reinhart, a radical TA professor, did not mention
Homicide bombing  by Palestinians in her book  while making a long laundry list of
Israel atrocities. There is no regard of Palestinian role in Israel behavior. No
notice of terrorist activity against Israel, Hamas Covenant, Ahmadinejad
declarations and Hizballah attack. They say that everything is due to Israel Nazi
attitude to the Palestinians. Israel is racist, ethnic cleansing, Apartheid etc.And
if Israeli know that it is not true, than go to the world's anti Semites and
complain. There is no equivalency that is comparing Israel "crimes" to Darfur, Iran
and Iraq. There is no mention of the plight of Palestinian Christians. Criticism is
a necessary part of a democratic process. Free speech has to be accurate, fair,
balanced and, by itself open to criticism. Lastly, Israel radical academics have no
plan for resolving the conflict. They have no plan for peace. Without providing a
solution to the crisis their criticism is worth nothing. As an Israeli parent I
would not send any of my children to an Israeli university. As an American donor I
would not give a penny to those who plan the destruction of the state of Israel. As
Israeli government I would look into the finances of the professors and the radical
institutions. Does Israel pay salaries to those who do their atmost to destroy the
democratically elected Israeli government? Israel government should appoint a
minister to "advance Israel Identity". Israel took Israeli for granted for a too
long .

Prof. I. Barr

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