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Anti-Israel Israeli academics react to Israel Academia Monitor
Prof. Aharon Eviatar from Tel Aviv University, posted this: “Our friends are monitoring us well and ICRR has come under scrutiny. Joe McCarthy is alive and well in Israel. Arkee”
and elsewhere:  From: Aharon Eviatar
 Subject: Re: israel-academia-monitor.com - Home
Friends, I posted this as a joke.  I have lived with the Shabak on my phone and in my mail for a decade and there is nothing to worry about.  We do not have a mole and email is open to every hacker with a mouse and a modem.
Let us not be paranoid about this.  I find it amusing.  So many of us are on the S.H.I.T. list that we can be sure to be known to all the rightist loonies.  So what?
Dorothy Naor who is promoting boycotts of Israel and supports Israel’s destruction, posted:
“My gut feeling is that the right feels threatened.  It has to go to extremes to counter the good that all those on the list of this website are doing.  In any event, except for curiosity about what is being said (and i don’t plan to go to this site - Israel Academia Monitor - again), most of its readers are like-thinkers as those doing the website....  Of course, should the government start to act on the info in it, and take the position that all who oppose zionism or oppose occupation, or oppose Israeli govmt policy are
traitors, then we might have problems. ...  It might happen, though.  When it does,
we’ll have to think about what to do. Meanwhile, we go on doing whatever we
can to change the situation.
Snait Gissis, Tel Aviv University wrote: “Hello, The question is how do they have the letters sent only on icrr list?”
From: Ofer Neiman, Hebrew University 
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007
Subject: [Hacampus-lo-shotek] Witch Hunt
Just for our collective information, the highly distinguished
“Israeli Academia Monitor” 
has been following communication on this mailing list.”
Extremist anti-Israel Anat Biletzki from TelAvivUniversity (philosophy) writes that while because of the exposure of the radicals, there is growing “self-censorship” among them.  She gives an example of what she calls “undercurrents of McCarthyism”:   “I was called to the dean when two students complained about me sneaking politics into my teaching. The university constitution says we are perfectly within our rights to talk politics in class. Two weeks later the rector called me up to say he had heard I talked politics in class. He said ‘in times such as these we have to think twice about everything we say’. I said ‘in times such as these there are things that have to be said’.”
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