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General Articles
In cooperation with the Ariel Center, we are pleased to announce the publication of the ACPR's latest policy paper (No. 171)

Our Inner Scourge:
The Catastrophe of
Israel Academics

Shlomo Sharan

ACPR Policy Paper No, 171, 2007
in cooperation with the
Israel Academia Monitor


“If the Nazi programme for the final solution of the Jewish problem had been complete, for sure there would be peace today in Palestine.”

Baruch Kimmerling,
Guardian Unlimited (Internet) October 5, 2002


Why Write about the Anti-Zionist Academics?

The many claims made in print or through other media of communication by anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic academics in Israel’s universities need to be examined and rebutted, to set the historical record straight. Citizens of Israel, who still respect the status of professors in our universities, should understand what is being said by this group and why it is at once very upsetting and very distorted, in many cases turned inside out. There are at least three important reasons why such a rebuttal is vital.

These people are among those who teach our youth in the universities and who exert enormous influence on their ideas, attitudes, values and strivings. University professors do not know exactly how they influence their students. Occasionally the reactions of students can be the exact opposite of what was intended. Nevertheless, the role of the anti-Zionist academics in molding Israel’s youth cannot be discounted. It is crucial that their opinions meet with serious counter-efforts on behalf of all Jews who value the existence and significance of Israel as a Jewish nation.



The opinions and claims of Israel academics against Jews, Zionism and Israel are discussed and analyzed in this study. It is estimated that some 20 to 25% of people who teach the Humanities and Social Sciences in Israel's universities and colleges have expressed extreme anti-Zionist positions, largely, though not exclusively, relating to Israel's policies and actions in regard to the Arab Palestinians. In addition to their expression of anti-Zionist, and often outright anti-Semitic attitudes, they have engaged in public demonstrations, prepared and signed petitions addressed to soldiers in the IDF to disobey their commanders' orders and not serve in Judea and Samaria, and have been active in encouraging academic organizations abroad (particularly in England) to boycott Israel Universities and academics. These academic personnel travel abroad and consistently denounce Israel for a series of crimes against Arabs that are as fictitious as are the claims made by the Arabs themselves. In fact, the anti-Zionist academics have adopted the Arab view of Israel's history and of Arab accusations against Israel without regard for their relation to reality. In particular is the distressing use of the analogy between Israel policy and practices of the Nazi regime in WWII. A distinct percentage of the far-Left anti-Zionist outcries espoused the extreme position that Israel should be either a bi-national state or should be replaced in its entirety by an Arab-Palestinian nation, precisely in the terms advocated by Hamas and the PLO. In short, Jewish academic personnel who teach Israeli students in our institutions of higher learning advocate that Israel be dismantled as Israel as a Jewish State, the ingathering of the exiles should be discontinued, and Israel should cease persecuting the Palestinians by killing homicide bombers who infiltrate Israel or retaliate against the firing of rockets at towns like Sderot. In short, we should surrender to the Arabs for the sake of peace. Is this phenomenon sanctioned under the guise of academic freedom, or is it actually sanctioned by the incumbent powers that be who want peace now at all costs, including the destruction of the third commonwealth?
            Not a few of the anti-Zionist academics were life time communists and adhere to a Marxist ideology that opposes separate nationalism beyond the international brotherhood of the proletariat. To dismantle Israel is a first step in this direction, despite the fact that other nations oddly enough refuse to follow suit.



If you wish to purchase this policy paper, send a check for $10 for postage to the U.S or NIS 30 for postage in Israel and include your address, to:

Israel Academia Monitor, P.O.Box 920 Kfar Shmaryahu 46910, Israel

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