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Articles by IAM Associates
Understanding of the radical Islamic Agenda

IAM's investigative report, 05/12/07

By Lee Kaplan, Israel-academia-monitor.com


The following is a transcript of a radio show discussing the radical Islamic Agenda in education and how it is also being carried out by more than just radical Muslims. Universities worldwide are being targeted for Holy Jihad and the show emphasizes how even some Jews and Christians are behind what is happening. This has even extended into the universities inside Israel itself, something most people in the West (and even Israel)  are unaware of. Now, Israel-academia-monitor is changing that by informing its readers of academics in Israel who are working diligently to dismantle the Jewish state.


The Islamic Agenda the West is now facing is not just limited to Islamic fundamentalist and militants. What was once a Holy Jihad to spread the Muslim umma, or Islamic community, by the sword throughout the world, has now changed, even though “the sword” is still in use. “By the sword” today means by terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. But Jihad is also conducted by financial and political means, as well.


We are seeing these other types of jihad today in the massive buying sprees being conducted by the Saudis and other Gulf Sheiks, such as from the UAE. Everyone knows about the UAE trying to purchase US ports and the NASDAQ stock exchange. At the same time, Saudi princes are buying up media outlets such as the recent purchase of 5% of the Fox TV network by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who already owned 5% of CNN. Talal, the biggest financier of Hamas , and other members of the Saudi royal family are pouring money into US and UK colleges and funding Arab front groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), that members of Congress have designated a Hamas front group, or the
American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee (ADC) that funds and organizes many of the activities of the International Solidarity Movement  and supports Hamas.  Saudi sheiks have also purchased interests in Associated Press, UPI and Reuters to influence media.


But today’s Holy Jihad is not driven on the ground” just by Islamic extremists, but by non-Muslims, as well, including some Jews and
Christians. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in academia. It is, in fact, these non-Muslims who are conducting to a large degree most of the political and financial jihad and it is going on unnoticed by most of the population and leaders of the West. As mentioned earlier, our major institutions, our universities and colleges, are being targeted for this purpose. At the same time, our libraries, churches and even some trade unions are also being targeted as educational outlets from which the Holy Jihad can be proselytized.


If that’s hard for you to imagine, that Jews and Christians are playing such a major role and why, then consider first our colleges. Everyone who follows what is going on with Israel in the War on Terror knows about the unending anti-Israel conferences taking place almost daily at universities across America and in the UK, but the same is also happening at
universities even within Israel itself.


Israel-academia-monitor.com is an organization and website that was set up to monitor the activities of academics from and within Israeli
universities who consistently advocate against the Jewish state. Some of these academics openly support the dismantling of the Israel as much as the worst of Arab irredentist groups and use their positions within their universities or affiliations to do so, not only at home, but abroad as well. Meanwhile, a large part of the Israeli and world public have been previously unaware of this. Israel-academia-monitor.com reports examples of radicals within Israeli university faculties that actively call for the dismantling of the Jewish state, or subtly work toward that end.


Its not hard to understand why the colleges are a target in the Islamic Agenda. The Muslim Brotherhood, the forerunner to al Qaeda, and the Ba’ath Party, a fascist movement that is closely allied with Arab irredentists against Israel, both got their starts in the universities of the Middle East where cells of Islamic fundamentalists and fascists organized to carry out their “revolutions.”  This same practice of using universities and colleges as the nests for Islamic revolution to rule the world

under Islam is taking place again, but not only at the colleges of Egypt, Syria or in the Palestinian Authority at universities such as Bir Zeit, but in the university and college systems of the United States, Great Britain, the EU and even within Israel itself. This is the political jihad.


Why is this happening? Just as some evangelical Christians support a Jewish state for Israel, the Islamic radicals are working diligently to create alliances with all other “revolutionary movements” and
anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism is the glue that keeps them together.  People of Jewish or Christian ancestry who have abandoned the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the new god of radical Marxism and socialism are the main tools in this program.


“What motivates them?” you may ask. The jihadi who blows himself up does not do so out of a maniacal need to kill, as much as a conviction he is doing a humane act for the ummah—his people, the Islamic community—because he has been unceasingly indoctrinated through education since birth with tales of Muslims being slaughtered wholesale by the West, tales that are largely fabricated to instill the very sense of “oppression” that guides the individual to take action. It is this same idea of fighting
“oppression” that guides the communists/ anarchists and Marxist so frequently found in our universities today, whether it is real or  imaginary. The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a consortium that organizes most of the anti-Israel activities on US college campuses and in churches is in fact not run by Muslim Arabs, but by Christian Arab communists on behalf of the PLO.


Historically, this is easy to follow: The Palestinian “revolution” had the Soviet Union strongly behind it until the collapse of the Soviet Empire in the 1980’s.

The KGB helped train and finance the PLO that also provided terrorism training to other Marxist oriented “revolutionary” groups such as the Basque Separatists, the ETA. The second largest faction of the PLO is the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a communist wing of the PLO set up by Christian Communist Arabs. The PFLP is probably best known for the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship and the murder of wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer, a Jewish tourist on board. The PFLP was founded by George Habash, a Christian Arab and avowed Marxist. Many Arab students who attended colleges in the West were also well grounded in Marxist theory by their professors in the ivory towers of academia, particularly in Europe.


It is this Christian-communist wing of the PLO that is leading the political jihad against the West and Israel through our universities and churches in particular.

They do this through a communist-inspired organization called the
International Solidarity Movement, an octopus of organizations modeled after the PLO, with so many loose knit arms to an umbrella, so that if one is closed down by any government, the others will just keep right on operating.  In 2003, the ISM determined that support of American Jewry was key to Israel’s survival and began a program of using Jewish Marxists who could claim Jewish ancestry for credibility to work against Jewish support for the Jewish state.


 The very name of the ISM contains the word “solidarity” because it was
modeled after the Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa in Poland as an example of a successful revolutionary movement. But the ISM takes its training and activities from all manner of communist and anarchist movements and adheres to the old communist revolutionary philosophy that “the end justifies the means.” Malcolm X’s call for revolution “by any means necessary” makes lying and deception a normal tactic in promoting their revolution.  Similarly, Islamic radicals practice “taquiyya,” similar deception against non-Muslims as advised in the Koran.  Islamic fundamentalists believe Jews are the enemies of Islam to be scourged; Marxists believe that Jews are the rich, greedy capitalists who promote “oppression,” hence, they toe the line in a perfect marriage in defining the enemy of the “revolution”: Jews and American capitalists.


The important thing to remember is that these groups are more “process driven” than “results driven” in their actions. Islamic radicalism is a big business even among supporters of terrorist groups in the US like CAIR who might never wield a gun or bomb, but will fundraise for those who do.


 Marxist radicals are also process driven, as one can see very few moving
to Cuba or North Korea to live, enjoying the benefits of the decadent capitalist society they claim to abhor as “oppressive.” Those people now have more power and money than ever before thanks to Arab oil money that drives the Islamic Agenda.


One of the main problems in fighting the Islamic Agenda against the West and Israel is a failure to clearly define the enemy. For the United States, al Qaeda is the enemy, yet Fatah and the main bodies of the PLO are not. To the US, Hamas is also an enemy, but then again not an enemy; organizations set up as “charities” in the US freely send money to NGO’s that have loose Hamas affiliations. Even the Palestinian UNRWA camps that receive  US tax dollars are run by Hamas.

Hamas is allied with al Qaeda and Iran against the US, yet Hamas is getting aid from the US through these backdoor non-governmental
organizations.  For the EU, our “allies,” Hamas is not an enemy and efforts are even now afoot to not consider Hizballah an enemy. Meanwhile, Hizballah is definitely an enemy to the US, yet even some politicians are urging support for what is in fact one of the worse terrorist
organizations in the world.


It is in this haze and confusion, a genuine failure to define the enemy exactly, precisely, that there is also the mistake of not defining the allies of the West, even within the West’s own boundaries. Israel is indeed an ally of the US in the War on Terror, but it is kept at arm’s length and asked to absorb rockets. Jordan and Egypt are allies of the West, yet the West looks the other way when Egypt allows weapons smuggling by Hamas to oppose another western ally, Israel. Marxists in US and UK universities readily invite and promote the goals of academic Marxists even from inside Israel to propagandize against a Jewish state. And Syria  and the Gulf States like the UAE who fund terrorist groups against the West are declared allies by the US, UK and the EU. At best, the War on Terror is being conducted by the West  in a schizophrenic manner that can only make it unending.


The War on Terror began after 9/11 with the purpose of ending state sponsored terrorism and putting an end to Al Qaeda. Yet we are declaring the Gulf Sheiks who are still funding terrorism as our allies. Too many financial conflicts of interest and political correctness have bogged the war down. The states that do support terrorism against Israel and the West know that time is on their side. By proselytizing our next generations in our universities as they have done back in their own countries they can eventually turn the West’s youth inward and against Western interests, thus achieving their revolution. All that needs to be done is
indoctrinating American, British and even Israeli youth to hearing the Islamic Agenda just as it is espoused in the universities of the Middle East, and to add to Appearances of credibility by having the message broadcast by “Jews and Christians.” The same educational system that makes a child grow up to be suicide bomber can be replicated in the West as part of the revolution. It will take time, but it can happen.


This is why it is imperative that people follow the information on websites like Israel-academia-monitor.com to learn just how pervasive this is becoming inside Israel and how it spreads to the West.  Future
generations are Israel’s and the West’s hope against creeping Muslim fascists and their communist/Marxist inspired allies, and everyone inside and outside Israel needs to be aware of this to prevent it.





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