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Readers Forum
I went to a meeting yesterday,about why Israel has no right to exist,
I went to a meeting yesterday,about why Israel has no right to exist, sponsored by Dr. Jeff Halper, Mahmood Ibraham, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Cal State Pomona, and two more Pro Palestinians, anti zionists to hear what they had to say.  I sat for nearly two hours of anti zionist, anti Israel, , fabricated lies, given by people who are clearly intelligent, and misinformed. However, they are informed with propaganda, lies, and hatred, and three of the four speakers were Jews, one who currently resides in Israel. Their claim, is that the Balfour Declaration meant nothing, and the British Mandate of '48 was not a good partition, as the Palestinians had this land for a long time, even during the Ottoman Empire. So, the Jews who lived there, and have made their homes their,including the Jews who were already residing, have no rights to a Jewish Homeland. That  the true essence of a Jewish homeland, should be incorporated with all the many Arab cultures, and live in a country that is multi Arab, and they should only be a small part of this greater entity. It sounds good on stage, but it is another way to rid the middle east of the only democracy, where currently many multi ethnic peoples live as Israeli citizens, and have the same rights as the Jews. Now, when we went up to ask them questions, and question their idealogy, we were told to "shut up"and "this is our meeting" . When I was outside trying to pass out infomation about human rights abuses in the Arabic countries, and abuses against gays, lesbians, non muslims, a woman stood by my side, and when I handed out papers, told the people not to take them. I told her, this was my freedom of speech, and since I was on Loyola Law school's campus, this was the place, where these rights should be respected. This was to no avail. You see, these people, who think they are the do gooders, are the ones, who will ultimately destroy our freedoms under the guise of doing things for the "poor Palestinians" and the underdogs, such as the Iraquis. Yes, there are terrible conditions brought upon these people, however, they should also look at their leadership, and see that a lot of the responsibility lies with Arafat and Saddam, who are funded by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and more.  I was more appalled, not by the vitriolic lies that were said at this forum, but their condemnation of our right to ask questions, to speak, and pass out information. This, under their idea of utopia, is what the future will hold.
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