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Articles by IAM Associates
Global Anti-Semitic Nexus: Arab Hate Groups, U.N. and Its Anti-Israel


Global Anti-Semitic Nexus: Arab Hate Groups, U.N. and Its Anti-Israel Israelis: The Case of Judith (Yehudit) Harel, Functionary for Jew-Hatred, Palestinian Liberation Organizational Psychologist (PLOP)*

*By Dr. Gary Katz; Ph.D., The Wright Institute, Berkeley, California, 1979*

*gk68@myway.com* <gk68@myway.com>*   13 January, 2008*

* *

*The Former Integrity and Excellence of Globally Acclaimed Israeli Academics

In 1984, at the invitation of one of the most widely respected and honored Professors in the Israeli and the world academic community, I was  in awe of
the high level  and standards of scholarship and integrity in this most important areas of academic knowledge, The Holocaust. Professor Emeritus Yehuda Bauer was a gracious and attentive host as he listened to my research results regarding the psychology and transmission of hatred using time distortion and manipulation to propagandize masses into unspeakable and organized genocide. Professor Bauer then arranged a meeting between me and Professor Hillel Klein to further elaborate on the role of time and the quest for an "eternal" feeling in the fabric of anti-Semitism. His astounding grasp of the subtleties of human psychology was
remarkable.This experience  was a significant turning point in my career as I was encouraged to
continue on my research path and utilize my knowledge of individual, family,
and mass psychology to provide an important tool in the dismantling of the longest running hate show in town, Jew hatred.

When I returned to Berkeley, I realized that my intensive research and travel to the Middle East and speaking to many of the best minds in the world at Hebrew University, "players" in the conflict, I was astonished at the results. With the years of study and inquiry I was told by my friends on
the Marxist left that I had lost credibility. In other words, in the mid-1970's when I was a Civil Rights champion and knew nothing about the Middle East, I was offered all kinds of lucrative "guest appearances" in the
media without any further study or research required. No strings attached; just vilify Israel and get the cash. It was easy, too easy. The more I knew the less valuable I became in the anti-Israel 'total' psychological war.

*Lowered Standards: Well-Connected Champion of Terror, Judith Harel*

Now, 24 years later, after 12 years in Israel, I have been slammed by the recognition of the base level of anti-Israel Israeli professors, whose shameless abuse of their country, their freedom, and their people
escalates with an almost euphoric abandon. What another profound disappointment awaited me as I ran across some United Nations pomposity masquerading as "facts on the ground in Gaza." Yes, once again, a professor in my own field,
Psychology, was moonlighting as an unabashed Israel basher. A rude introduction to the hateful campaign of Judith Harel of The University of Haifa. Yet another professional in psychology had betrayed the basic ethical
tenets of the health profession: above all do no harm and examine your motives if you should betray this oath to be a "helping" professional.  What a disgrace to the profession. The sad* *degradation of psychology to "compassion when convenient" to those select few deemed worthy of a decent existence or at least the most Basic and Non-Negotiable Human Right, The Right to Exist. What a depraved situation 24 years after my first exposure to the scholarly brilliance of Israeli academia.

This multi-faceted uni-dimensional Israeli academic spends oodles of her spare time vilifying Israel, its government, its army, its people, its arrogant insistence on its Right to Exist. She also does some work for the once-esteemed but now discredited United Nations with the modest Title of Judith Harel, UN OCHA
United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,
Information and Advocacy Unit, Information Analyst. Is that impressive enough for such a
bigoted little person to astound an innocent viewer of the 'facts' and pictures she provides that clearly demonstrate the depravity of Israel and the inhumane treatment of the poor Arabs of Gaza? Of course, this
"analyst" never puts the numbers and pictures into any kind of perspective or context
and is obviously 'just following orders.' She also collaborates with other even-handed U.N. bureaucracies like UNWRA, the administrators of the greatest welfare fraud in human history and complicit on numerous
occasions with aiding and abetting terrorists in the countless thousands of attacks against Israel. Somehow any mention of Palestinian terror is meticulously avoided. Naturally the U.N. will steadfastly defend their dirty work by saying something like: "Look at us. We are fair and unbiased. We even have an Israeli Jewish academic, Yehudit Harel, working for us in Gaza." The U.N. website is an expensive masterpiece.

*Harel's Other Associates in Anti-Israel Sedition and Terror Promotion*

When I started to explore some of her more well-known pronouncements I was overwhelmed with the ferocity of the hateful rhetoric and incitement that I saw. Nothing could prepare me to bear witness to a colleague in my own field of Psychology (to whom I always suspend judgment and give the benefit of the
doubt until proven otherwise) to descend to the most vile life-negating depths of groups that use her 'work.' Groups like The Muslim Brotherhood (cited on their website), the PLO and its varied and sundry death squads. Yes, her work is highly-regarded by the mass murderers and their
apologists and extraordinarily well-funded and well-oiled international propaganda machine. She is so proud of her dastardly achievements that she even chides Meretz for not being anti-Israeli enough. (See references in IAM or Google).
There are hundreds upon hundreds of pro-Palestinian organizations around the

Her bone-chilling rhetoric and mind-numbing  inhumane public display of pure
unadulterated, unmoderated hatred of her own is absolutely stupefying.

*Petitions, Calls for Anti-Israel Boycotts by "Organizational
Psychologist' Harel*

As her friend Erekat, Harel parroted his call for stopping the impending genocide of the Palestinian people as America was distracted by the War in Iraq. Harel was undeterred in her call for "global" action against Israel:

*Especially so, if the extremist Sharon government, which strongly supports
this war, will use this opportunity to undertake its dreadful design against
the Palestinian people living under the Israeli occupation.*

*Here's more:*

*Break the Conspiracy of Silence, Act Before it is too Late*

*March 2002 29 :Urgent Call to World Civil Society*

*Late We, the undersigned, believe that a full-scale Israeli offensive throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is imminent and that such an unprecedented attack demandsfrom global civil society an
unprecedented response. For this reason, we urge global civil society – including human rights organisations, solidarity groups, and individuals – to take immediate direct action to stop Israel's all-out war against the Palestinian people and its 35-year belligerent military occupation of the Gaza strip and West Bank, including east .JerusalemStatement Condemning Israel for its brutal "War Crimes and Aggresison, signed by Israeli Academics [sic]*

*http://www.diak.org/A%20Call%20for%20Peace.htm*<http://www.diak.org/A%20Call%20for%20Peace.htm> **

*Here's even more:*

*31.3.2003We condemn the brutal policy of the Israeli government aimed at destroying the Palestinian society, the Palestinian economy and the elected
Palestinian leadership Headed By President Yasser Arafat. The erection of the 'apartheid wall' is a further device to help the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.*

Of course, none of the above hysteria ever came to pass but it was just part
of the incessant, bullying propaganda campaign as it continues even more virulently today. If ever there was a *conspiracy of silence*, it is about Palestinian corruption, unrelenting terror and weapons' stockpiling, ethnic
cleansing of Jews, lack of caring of their own precious people by the corrupt leadership and purposeful keeping some of their Palestinian people as refugees for display to the world for 60 years. The main fact to be culled from all this focus on Israel and Jewish actions is to distract the 'global' community from the fact that *the Arab leadership doesn't give a damn about their own people!*

*More Wisdom from the Hater*

My brother-in-law, while in the reserves, had a secret mission to drive a truck full of medicine and supplies into Gaza under cover of darkness because the PLO wouldn't allow supplies in from the Zionists! Dozens of similar Zionist crimes; risking their own lives to help the true pawns in the PLO scam.

Here is another of Harel's hallucinations: the regular and indiscriminate killing of Palestinian children by our children in the "IOF, Israeli Occupation Forces." Just like the genocide after the world turned its attention to Iraq, Harel prophesizes that our "predatory soldiers" will  seek
out and kill more children since the world public opinion is so positive for
the end of the Gaza "Occupation." Just look at the hell that the
Palestinians have orchestrated in those short 2.5 years. At the risk of our
own children's lives, we have decreased the number of human shield or other
collateral damage losses to 1:30. The IDF is the most compassionate and heroic armies at war in the history of warfare. Our little "People's Army" have lost many comrades so as to minimize losses of Palestinians, despite the known fact that the cowardly Palestinian mercenaries cynically  routinely
hide behind children (fire from schools and at schools), have suicide bombers dress as pregnant women, the fetus being the explosives* *(explosives
stored in schools and hospitals a la Lebanon), and *still* restraint. Just last week a Palestinian couple walking arm-in-arm like Harel's innocent kids out for a stroll actually were suicide bombers. The PLO et al create scenarios which will resound at the U.N. and world media when "useful idiots" (Lenin's term) of the extremist-left offer prefabricated lamentations and condemnations for the slaughter of the not so innocents. Never a peep from the feeble successor to The League of Nations, The United Nations and its countless well-paid propagandists and anti-Israel staff.

*Harel's distorted twisting of no more Gaza "Occupation.":*

"Sharon and Mofaz, Haim Ramon and Prof. Yuli Tamir and all those who sing the praises of the "disengagement", while their eyes go out and their  hands are stretched greedily to grab more Palestinian lands in the west of the West Bank, west of the monstrous Separation Wall they have erected and the rest of it that they still plan to complete. Some more and some less. They make cynical use of the international and local "disengagement festival" in order to score points of favor in international and local public opinion. They are preparing the day when the "no partner" will be declared again, and when the opportunity will present itself to initiate more unilateral steps to clinch the Israeli grip over large chunks of the occupied Palestinian lands, thus dispossessing more Palestinians and pushing more of them off their land. But in the meantime they can use the smoke screen created by the 'disengagement' hustle to inflict more blows on the Palestinian society, to
kill and destroy, to uproot and demolish thousands of residential houses businesses and other infrastructure, to destroy the livelihood of masses of people, to harm the nature and destroy the agriculture".

This anti-Israeli Israeli is affiliated with multiple groups who murder our citizens. Yet nothing is done. Even her psychology research is a shoddy remake of one of my mentor's early work, Erik Erikson. Her world-saving results that children feel more comfortable when playing with parent-as-playmate rather than parent-as-teacher has taken the scientific community by storm, in a sub-standard sort of way. I know for a fact that Professor Erikson was repulsed by the actions of self-hating Jews like Harel. [Erikson, Sanford, Katz, 1990]. And he's screaming from the grave for me to write this, albeit far less eloquently than he would have. And he would have.


The gas rationing to Gaza was rescinded on Jan. 11. See Harel Jan. 8 UN report.

This 'Statement' came nearly 2.5 years into the Arafat Terror War of 2000:

*Statement Condemning Israel for its brutal "War Crimes and Aggresison, signed*

*by Israeli Academics     http://www.diak.org/A%20Call%20for%20Peace.htm*

*31.3.2003* *We condemn the brutal policy of the Israeli government aimed at
destroying thePalestinian society, the Palestinian economy and the elected Palestinian leadershipHeaded By President Yasser Arafat. The erection of the
'apartheid wall' is a further device to help the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.*


Judith Harel

Parent-Focused Child Therapy : Attachment, Identification, and Reflective Functions

 Wachs, Carol and Linda Jacobs (Eds)

*Developing Refelctive Functions*
o Reflective Functioning As A Change Promoting Factor
Judith Harel Ph.D. Hayuta Kaplan & Raya Patt


Since January 1st, Palestinians fired approximately 215 rockets and mortar

shells into Israel.



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