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General Articles
Stern Hell

26 February, 2008
Isi Leibler: Stern Hell
The flow of new initiatives from academics throughout the world seeking to delegitimize Israel continues unabated. Now the emphasis is directed towards anti-Israeli boycotts as exemplified by the recent outrage from the British Association of University Teachers. Sadly, in many
universities, academics of Jewish origin have assumed key roles
denigrating Israel often claiming to do so out of "a sense of Jewish justice."

But the most harmful academic purveyors of hatred against the Jewish state are located at our own universities. They demonize their own country and try to persuade their students that Israel was born in sin. Their negative impact abroad is devastating. University of Haifa political science professor Ilan Pappe would undoubtedly qualify for the title of doyen of the haters of Zion in Israeli academia. He constantly brackets Israelis with Nazis and urges academics throughout the world to delegitimize Israel.

Pappe gained added notoriety as the supervisor of a master's thesis which alleged that the Alexandroni Brigade had massacred hundreds of Arabs during the War of Independence. Veterans of the brigade instituted libel proceedings against the author, Teddy Katz, who conceded in court to having falsified interviews from alleged Arab witnesses. But despite the exposure of his rogue scholarship, Katz – with the endorsement of Pappe – continues to travel around the world repeating the same lies. In a call to the British Association of University Teachers just prior to their boycott resolution, Pappe appealed to them "as an Israeli Jew who for years worked for other ways to bring an end to the evil perpetuated against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, inside Israel, and in the refugee camps to be part of a historical movement to bring an end to more than a century of colonization, occupation, and dispossession of the Palestinians."

Obscenely anti-Israeli outbursts by Hebrew University historian, and head of the German Studies department, Moshe Zimmerman qualify him as a worthy competitor to Pappe. A Tel Aviv judge who rejected Zimmerman's libel suit against a critic, condemned his repeated comparisons "between Hebron youth and Hitler Youth; between the motivation and conditions of service in IDF units and that of the Waffen SS between the Bible and Mein Kampf." There are many other Israeli academics promoting similar views: ...

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