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Exchange of emails between Rav Ascherman and IAM


Dear Rav Ascherman;


We have corresponded before, though I never seem to get a straight answer from you. You have asked where we get our information; it is plentiful based on the practices of people like yourself who rely on the ignorance of others to convey an incorrect and (dangerous) image of Israel to a hostile world.


You ask about proof that you receive money from Arab funders. While I myself have never accused you of this, if I understand your umbrage at the idea, it is because you do what you do in aiding Arab irredentist groups that encourage killing of your fellow Jews, not for money (at least that might be a logical motive) but for no damned good reason at all. That is even far worse than for simple greed, and something you should be ashamed of, as you are not an ignorant man. You must admit your actions do not bespeak the social responsibility of any rabbi to the Jewish People, and only lend support to those who would murder them.


 I’m a Kohanim Gadol in my family line, and, frankly, while I consider
myself a true Palestinian advocate, that is, wanting these people to renounce terrorism, but have good jobs and be productive citizens with their Jewish neighbors, I can see the forest for the trees when certain Arab groups try to use such themes of mutual cooperation to elicit American support to then dismantle the Jewish state. Your actions and comments repeatedly encourage this situation. Three Israeli boys died this week in Gaza defending the Jewish people from rockets
fired into the country after the Disengagement, the first deportation of Jews since the Holocaust, while you prance around for the Arabs as a Jew who condemns a Jewish state while never really doing more than making cheap lip service to opposing terrorism (and insincere lip service, since your Rabbis for Human Rights has no problem with the Palestinians’ constitution being based on sharia the same as those of Saudi Arabia and Iran).


In your case, I speak in particular to your shameful participation in a revolting film shown abroad from Israel, "Peace. Propaganda and the Promised Land" in which you are interviewed as a rubber stamp rabbi to validate the outright lies, smears and even blood libel against not only Israel, but American Jews as well. I first viewed this film on a US campus where the professor, a former anti-Israel propagandist at Durban for Saddam Hussein, now a “professor” screened to a captive audience of American students then proceeded to teach them the blood libel from the Hamas charter without explaining to them where the information came from. The film was particularly revolting, claiming boatloads of Jews came to Palestine and stole the homes of innocent Arabs, and American Jews are not really loyal Americans but Israeli subversives. I asked you in previous correspondence if you regret and renounce what was in the film and, of course, received no reply, even after my request more than once.


By the way, I don't recall hearing you denounce Palestinian terrorism in that film at all (so much for your unsubstantiated claims you do it at EVERY lecture). Your participation at Durban in 2001 was equally
disgraceful, being a cheering section at minimum for anti-Jewish blood libel.


Now, as to your claims you receive no funding from Arabs. It is my understanding you do receive funding from the EU and from anti-Israel groups in the US that may indirectly get money from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Your participation with so-called “Jewish groups” that want Israel and Jews divested from as rubber stamps for the Arabs tells me you are either doing what you do for the money, or for a psychological need to destroy Israel as a Jewish state, not to make peace.


Why are you featured on a Saudi funded website the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs alongside, American Neo-Nazis, Jewish communists against a Jewish state, Al Awda  and others who want Israel divested from and ultimately dismantled?  Al Awda says Israel must be gone “from the river to the sea” and you ally with them.


For shame.


In the concentration camps in Europe, throughout history, Jews have always had among their own the kapos who claimed they were helping their people but worked assiduously against them for their tormentors. Israel today is just another Jewish concentration camp, only today the inmates are armed for self-defense. They desperately want to make peace, a theme you try to claim you promote, when it fact you encourage war against them by such revolting means as economic starvation. 13,000 more children this year, Jewish children, are going hungry and eating in soup kitchens while you kiss the Arabs on the tuchas as best I can see of your “Rabbis for Human Rights.”


But let me give you yet another chance, Rabbi (I use the term loosely as a “teacher,” for I hear nothing of teaching as much as being a mouthpiece for Arabs using slightly less dangerous but equally devious means to kill the Jews). If in your reply to this letter you will state unequivocally “yes” to the following questions, then send your replies to Machmoud Abbas and all the other groups in the ISM such as Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. we may be able to dialog:


1.        Will you renounce the Arab Right of Return to any areas within Israel’s Green Line to overrun the Jewish population demographically? Please state when doing so that the Arab Nation already controls land in the Middle East at a ratio of 650 to 1.

2.        Since you “condemn” terrorism. Will you state that Marwan Barghouti and other terrorists in jail in Israel with blood on their hands never be released?

3.        Will you insist the Arab leadership, including your friends in Al Awda at WRMEA, release Cpl. Gilad Shalit or at minimum allow the Red Cross to visit him per the Geneva Accords?

4.        Will you acknowledge that the checkpoints and Security Fence save lives, and admonish the Arabs for killing Jews as being the real reason these facilities exist? That is, would you extend equal concern for the “human rights” of your fellow Jews?”

5.        Would you renounce the communist party platform attacking Zionism and a Jewish homeland as being not realistic or of value to the Security of World Jewry.

6.        Would you send Abbas a letter and insist that as a “Rabbi for Human Rights,” the Palestinian Authority trash its constitution based on sharia law, and adopt the same

7.        civil rights as practiced in Israel for everyone.

8.        Would you condemn the awarding of the PA’s highest heroism award to two terrorists, one who killed many Jews in the Sbarro Pizza Parlor bombing (one even an expectant mother) as contrary to “human rights”?

9.        Would you renounce your appearance in the film Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land and admit the film is not truthful, nor helpful other than to demonize Israel for a takeover, not for a peaceful

Were you to address the nine questions above with a solid “yes” and send them to the head of the PA (and your WRMEA allies in Al Aawda allied with Hamas, whose charter calls for murdering Jews,

I might be persuaded that what is said about you might be unfair.


However, I am not holding my breath.. I do believe this is because your questioning the motives of I-A-M is really because the website reveals those Jews of your ilk who fun'ction as you do to help destroy the Jewish people. It would be especially poignant this Passover as we say “Next year in Jerusalem,” not “Next year

in  Al Quds” as your close associates in Durban and in films might allow at minimum.

This link, re the Washington Report on Middle East affairs and Rabbis for Human RIghts:

I await your reply. Chag Semeach.




Lee Kaplan





I am curious as to your sources of information.  I criticize Palestinian  terrorism in every lecture that I give.  Some of them have been recorded, if
you don't believe me.  You can also find criticism in our writings.  Please name our Arab funders.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman


Quoting e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com:

> Thank you. I have posted your comment on our site at he bottom of this
> Please remember that you are somebody receiving money from Arab and
pro-Arab organisations. It would be virtually impossible for you to stay alive and criticize Palestinian terrorism so you don't.

> > I have generally given up on writing to you because, unlike the NGO
> Monitor,
> > which gives reasoned answers and even sometimes accepts criticism, I
> have
> > not found that to be the case with the Isarel Academia Monitor.
> However,
> > I
> > am making an exception here because of my first hand knowledge of the
> facts.
> > Firstly, don't believe Yigal Bronner and Neve Gordon.  Read the
> of
> > incorporation of Elad.  Secondly, I myself have been a victim of
> collusion with extremist elements in Silwan.  In general, this happens in
> > a
> > way I have never seen anywhere else in the almost 13 years that I
> havedirected Rabbis For Human Rights and seen a lot of things in the
Territories (Things which I would be a happeir person if I hadn't seen.) (Such as breaking into people's homes at 4:00 am and arresting people from
> > the same families that had submitted a court appeal just a few hours
> earlier)  The arrested people were released by the court and the High Court
> > has issued a stop work order.  I myself have seen the damages to the
> homes
> > and brought a n appraisor who can not be suspected of being a leftist
> view the damage to the homes.  It was clear to him that the damage was
> > caused by the excavations.  I could go on and do my best to give you
> concrete proof of all of this if I had any indication from you that you are
> > at all interested.
> >
> > One can theoretically argue that, given all of our enemies, it is best
> not
> > to wash our dirty laundry in public.  However, sadly there is dirty
> laundry.
> > Anybody who loves this country would wish that there isn't.  Anybody
> loves this country should be doing their utmost to clean it up "in house"
> > so
> > that there is no need to debate whether or not to wash it in public.
> >
> > Khag Sameakh V'Kasher,
> > Executive Director
> > Rabbis For Human Rights
> > Tel:  972 2 6482757
> > Fax:  972 2 6783611
> > Mobile:  972 50 5607034
> > ----- Original Message -----

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