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Articles by IAM Associates
On the 6th and 7th of December, 2008, a conference will be held on the island of Cyprus
That is, ostensibly, of an academic nature, but in fact is a political-ideological attack on Israel, the Jews and Zionism.
Over 30 lecturers will speak at that conference, half of whom are Jews and/or Jewish Israelis, most who now reside in countries other than Israel, but a few of whom live in Israel and work/teach at Israel Universities.
In the eyes of the speakers, what emenates from the Arab world is all sunshine while Israel exudes darkness, cruelty and the abrogation of human rights.
The speakers engage in gross falsification and distortion that suffuses their interpretation of reality and the citation of ordinary facts. One speaker asserts that in Israel the Arabs cannot  "play, work, study, marry." What about his colleagues who work/teach at Tel-Aviv University, or the one who teaches at Haifa University, or the one who graduated from Bir Zet University in the Shomron. What about the tens of thousands of Arab children in Israel who attend school every day or teach and or study in Israel's many colleges? To what kind of "play" does the speaker refer? Playing with explosives, with weapons, daggars? Clearly, consenual reality is not what the speaker is talking about but some reality he perceives in his mind's eye! Khaled Furani, who is a post-doctoral student at Tel-Aviv University observes in his speech that the precedents followed by Israel are Nazi Germany and Guantanamo Base in Cuba run by the Americans. That author bases his remarks, in part, on the work of Edward Said who, prior to his death, was Professor of English Literature at Columbia University and a member of the executive committee of the PLO. Anyone who wishes to do so can easily locate a long article by the dean of Orientalists, Prof. Bernard Lewis that demolishes Edward Said's claims and assertions. Said and co. unabashedly imitated the basic principle of propaganda enunciated by Joseph Goebbels, that the greater the lie the more people will believe it. 
As for our Jewish brothers who joined the choir of the Arab propagandists denouncing Israel, the phenomenon of Jewish self-hatred has been well known for decades, although its voice has been raised more strongly in Israel in the past few years. A number of people in that group left Israel to live elsewhere where they continue to disseminate their poisonous antisemitic message. Perhaps in the future they will encounter the Jewish community abroad, and especially the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. That group seems to be the appropriate medium for dealing with the likes of those who will speak at the Larnaca conference because in fact, defamation is precisely what they are doing.
The above statement was written by
Shlomo Sharan, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus
Educational Psychology
Tel-Aviv University
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