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Articles by IAM Associates


 November 3, 2008

When you say that you exclude meat from your diet, you define yourself as a vegetarian. In the beginning, you never thought that the practice carries a term and a full ideological attitude and behavior. It was an innocent act, an almost instinctive behavior. You saw the steak in your plate and you said “I can’t eat that! I don’t eat meat, it repulses me!”, but after a while, you hear yourself actually saying “I reject meat as a principled act. My world view rejects such behavior and all the actions surrounding it – Animal breeding for human consumption, animal slaughter, and their consumption by humans”. Then, inevitably, comes the next phase in the development of your attitude and the resultant behavior. Asked why you are doing it, you, the honest and sincere person that you are, find yourself compelled to define your attitude, to explain your behavior. This is the point in which, to your great surprise, you find that you are part of a big, widespread and respectable camp of like-minded people – vegetarians. You perceive that the term “meat rejection” defines your worldview, directs your actions, adds a clear and undeniable frame to your life and attests to a full blown ideology. For Terminology IS Ideology. You accept it and fully embrace and endorse it. You do so with honesty and impeccable personal integrity, character traits that are necessary because there are some sacrifices to make on the way of implementing this worldview, this ideology.


Not so with the nakba endorsers (Dr. Efrat Ben Ze'ev, Dr. Uri Davis, et al.). Or, for that matter, with all the extreme Leftists, everywhere. Those who deal so obsessively, on the expense of anything else, with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, at its core, is a conflict between the Jewish Nation claiming its ancestral land, and the occupiers of that land, the Arabs (This subject calls for an entirely separate essay, which will come shortly). To be even more specific, and to call a spade ‘a spade’, the Fascist Leftists. They will never accept the undeniable fact that they are anti-Semites, or self-haters, if they are Jews. And they will never accept the undeniable fact that they are fascists because they are racists, as witnessed by their ever-extended finger toward the Jews in any and every conceivable negative subject on Earth, no matter how contradictory, in the most Goebelsian manner, in the most Der Sturmery way, singling them time and time again, without fail, using the terminology that defines their anti-Semitic ideology. Once, to be sure, they aimed it at the Zionist Movement and the Zionist Jews, in Israel and in the Diaspora, now they aim it at the whole Jewish people. But because Zionism is an all-Jewish issue, one that cuts to the very existence of the Jewish Nation, the finger was aimed at every Jew, wherever he was, even before, so no discounts here.


This is the second collective crime against the Jewish Nation the attempt to divest it from its own land, its own country, its very own father- and motherland. As if the Holocaust wasn’t enough, they now add to it the stealing of The Land of Israel from its own people, the Jewish Nation. “they”, are the Arabs and the Fascist Left collaborators, with the Fascist Left Jews traitors in Israel and abroad among them (Neve Gordon, Ilan Pappe, et al.). To implement this satanic project, the Extreme Left delegitimizes and demonizes the Jewish Nation unabashed in every form and manner, with the deliberate use of lies, distortions, falsifications and disinformation. In the act, they turn the Jewish Nation victim into the aggressor and the Arab occupier of The Jewish Land into the oppressed and the destitute. They do all this, by donning the garb of defenders of the Arabs’ trespassed human rights in Israel and the once liberated territories, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (their fate is not certain as of today; I purposefully don’t mention ‘national rights’, for there is no Palestinian nation, and never was), misperceived as it is, choosing deliberately to overlook and to deny the fundamental human and national rights of the Jewish Nation, using social and ethnic destructionism and historic revisionism, and lunatic conspiracies, as their main tools. By employing this tactic, they aim, deceitfully, to shift the true focus of the issue from the Jewish legitimate liberation struggle for their own land, to another subject, one that carries a tune sweet to the modern ears human rights. In this case, the wrongfully labeled ‘trespassed’ Arab human rights, as represented by their equally wrongfully labeled ‘national disenfranchisement’.  


At first, they aimed at the Zionist Movement, the most progressive and emancipatory national movement of the modern times, let it be said for the record from Garibaldi to Mandela, there was none like it; a gallant salute to you, Herzl, Jabotinsky, Arlozorov, et al. But, as in every manipulatory lie web, they got entangled pretty soon, and they were forced to redirect their venomous arrows towards the Jewish Nation as a whole, by virtue of the weakness and shallowness of their arguments, as attested by the constant failure of their attempt now in its second century, may it die soon, amen to reverse the course of history, something that many tried, but an equal number failed. Yet, in doing so, they only reinforced the notion of the Zionist Movement as the legitimate representative of the Jews and the fiat that the Jewish Nation gave to it, and the stunning, unparalleled success that it met in its implementation. Success in every conceivable field, let it also be said for the record.


So what terms are used against Zionism and Jews and how can they be recognized immediately as part and parcel of the racist anti-Semitic ideology that defines so aptly the attitude and the behavior of the Fascist Left and the Arabs towards the Jewish Nation?


There are two classes of terms and means employed Historic Revisionism and Social and Ethnic Destructionism, and Conspiratorial Libels. These terms and means are employed directly by the Fascist, Extreme Left that busies itself to no end with this perennial conflict, or indirectly, in the form of lack of [firm and unambiguous] protest and rejection, which in other similar situations would have been sounded from all the roofs with endless salvos of hellfire and brimstone.


In the first class, we count the denial of the historical connection between the Jewish Nation and its ancestral land, Israel, in the most surprising forms. This group of terms supports the attempt to deny the Jews the right for a country of their own in their historically recognized cradle and to perpetuate the Arab occupation of it. To this end, the Fascist Left employs the denial of almost any and every essential factor in defining a nation, from common territory to common culture and history, through self-determination, and to hell with the UN Charter and Raymond Aron as far as Jews and Israel are concerned. Criminal as it is, they simply couldn’t care less. Equally, they do not protest against scandalous distortions and utter falsehoods and fabrications that attack outright, and directly and indirectly belittle and diminish Judaism and Jews, coming from every direction, Left, Right and Islam. You may find in this infamous compendium the denial of the existence of the Jewish Nation, a la Shlomo Sand (Israeli historian; writer of “How and when was the Jewish people invented” – free translation of title), the denial of the existence of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, denial of early Jewish cultural achievements, denial of Jesus’ Jewishness (WorldNetDaily Exclusive 'Jesus was a Palestinian,' claims U.S. history text Study: American public school books have 'same inaccuracies' as Arab texts. October 03, 2008), and more.


In the second class, the iniquitous and hallucinatory collection comprises, beside the infamously well-known blood libel, which is still maintained in every Muslim country, new, recent and less recent ones, such as “The Arab nations never attacked Israel. Arab-Israeli wars “just broke out,” or Israel started them; Arab nations want peace, but Israel does not; Israel expelled all Palestinian refugees (Yes, Israel expelled Arabs but only partially, it was done during a war, and it had its Arab counterpart actions on Jewish settlements in Israel and all over the world in every war before and since; also, the fact that Israel tried in some instances to stop the flight of the Arabs, as in Haifa, begging them not to do so, which is well documented, has to be taken into account and strongly so; and, lastly, the fact cannot be denied that the Arab leadership headed by the Mufti, the well-known Hitler loyalist and supporter, told the Arabs to flee and to wait a few days until the assured Arab victory over the Jews enables their return; DB); Israel put the Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab lands, not Arab governments; Palestinian Arab terrorism is nonexistent or minimal; Israel is not a victim of terrorism, or terrorism against Israel is justified (as if killing and terrorizing in the name of a perceived noble cause is permitted under the “struggle for self-determination”, a point gaining tract among the academia and the Extreme Left; and, anyway, if the Arabs can do it, why can’t the Jews, one may ask, and for the same reason, self-determination, which in this case is for a real nation; DB); U.S. support of Israel causes terrorism, including 9/11 (as if Radical Islam terrorism didn’t exist before that date, and as if the Israeli-Arab conflict’s final resolve will bring lasting peace on Earth; DB); The intifadas were children’s revolts not involving adults or terrorism (now this puts the cherry on top of the Fascist Left and Arab propagandistic cake; DB).” (WorldNetDaily, ibid). Add to this the most recent conspiratorial rumors running wild in the Arab world and the Palestinian Authority (as if there is any) about Israel and Zionism evilness that spreads AIDS among the Arabs and breeds supernatural rats to chase them in Jerusalem (this is not a joke, this is a rumor running presently in the Arab quarters of Jerusalem; DB). The most recent libel is the covert transfer of 400 billion dollars from the US to Israel banks in the wake of the financial collapse there. We can go on and on with such fairy stories in the face of which the Extreme Left doesn’t wince one bit, doesn’t utter one squeak. On the contrary, in some instances, it adds to the fire and fans it gladly and willingly, all for the cause.


Looking with an uncorrupted eye at this fantastic collection of terms and means used specifically against Jews and Israel, one understands that where once some of them were used against the notion of Zionism, a la “I don’t hate Jews, I just reject Zionism, is all”, now, Jews are attacked directly, openly and shamelessly with the most poisonous arguments and devices of distorted logic and worldview. This modern anti-Jewish propagandistic storm has its parallels in the Nazi “The Jew is to blame for all evil” and the Communist “cosmopolitan Jew” to be blamed for all evil because he doesn’t any loyalty to take an oath for.


The distance between these terms, their use, and the lack of protest against them from the academic luminaries of the mind, especially those in Israel, and the Wannsee Villa of the Final Nazi Solution to the "Jewish Question" – the extermination of the Jews of Europe, is long in time, but short in implementation.


Suddenly you see that those who use these terms are in the disreputable camp of the anti-Semites and Fascists. This classification cannot be avoided, as the classification of the Jews in this camp as traitors cannot be avoided, in spite of screams to high heavens about trampled Arab human rights. Their tactics are transparent. The worldview of this camp is the anti-Semitic ideology that grew out of the terms used freely, without giving a second thought to their real meaning and impact, but every thought to the ultimate goal, the disenfranchisement of the Jews in every way and manner, no matter the price. Here is where Terminology Is Ideology. Even if some of the good-willing Leftists used some of the terms innocently in the misperceived cause of the wrongly labeled transgression of the Arabs’ human rights in Israel and the liberated territories, it is high time that they cease and desist of using them, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly. In the name of human honesty and decency, I call clearly and loudly upon them to do so and to apologize to the Jewish Nation and to the State of Israel, and the sooner the better.



*Dan Barkye, writer ("Spirituality and Meditation – The Quest for the Divine in Us"), poet (nominated twice for the "Best Poem of the Month" on "The Critical Poet" poetry online board) and partici­pant (occasional) in the right-wing Zionist website Israpundit.

Copyrights - Dan Barkye

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