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Ben-Gurion University
[Jewish Thought, Ben Gurion U] Ehud Krinis and [Dept of Statistics, U of Washington] Assaf Oron battle against Israeli army

From: אהוד קריניס
To: Ehud Krinis
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 9:55 PM
Subject: south Mt. Hebron: update about military road blockade

Continuing Yesterday's post, a team from the Israeli-Palestinian NGO Ta'ayush managed, after great difficulties, to reach the Jinba area. They report that the military has carried out in the last few days a massive earth-removal initiative, designed to effectively wipe out the network of dirt roads connecting the southern part of Massafer Yatta (the part closest to Israel) with the northern part and the rest of the West Bank.
This is the worst deterioration in the situation of the cave dweller community, since the mass expulsions of 1999. They fly in the face of the 2000 Israeli High Court verdict reaffirming the cave dwellers' right to continue their way of life. The most plausible conclusion that this is a transparent attempt to ethnically cleanse this region of its Palestinians, in order to facilitate the annexation of the Jewish settlements to its north to Israel.
Action: Please petition -
Israel's Ministry of Defense, currently under Ehud Barak.
Phone: +972 3 6975349 Fax: +972 3 6976218 /691 6940 / 696 2757 / 691 7915/
Email: sar@mod.gov.il; pniot@mod.gov.il
IDF Chief of Staff, General Gavriel Ashkenazi
Phone: +972 3 6109898 / 6080200/19 Fax: + 972 3 691 6940 / 608 0343
Email: info@mail.idf.il
IDF Chief Military Attorney, Lt. General Avichai Mandelblit
Fax: +972-3-569-43-70 (may be out of date)
Point out that the right of cave dwellers to continue living in their historical range has been reaffirmed several times over by the Court; that this requires their continued contact with their main city of Yatta to the north; that recent military moves appear to be in contempt of these decisions.
Assaf Oron and Ehud Krinis


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