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Anti-Israel Petitions Supported by Israeli Academics
Professors from Tel Aviv University are Signatories in a Statement of Determination to Boycott Israel: Rachel Giora, Anat Matar, Ruchama Marton
Prof. Rachel Giora, Israel / Dr Anat Matar, Tel Aviv, Israel / Dr Ruchama Marton, Tel Aviv, Israel /  Prof. Moshé Machover, London, UK / Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, London, UK /
A Statement of Determination to Boycott Israel
  The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) | | December 28, 2008

BRICUP is publishing the following Statement of Determination to Boycott Israel. Please take up this statement and promote it wherever you can -- in newspapers, professional and trade union journals, on internet sites.

Boycott is the key sanction we as citizens can apply to Israel. Palestinian organisations are appealing to us to do it. See http://www.bricup.org.uk/documents/Gaza/HighFollowUp.pdf and http://www.bricup.org.uk/documents/Gaza/BNC_Gaza.html

We have created a page on the BRICUP website to post key documentation on the Israeli attack http://www.bricup.org.uk/GazaEmergency.html We are not trying to replicate the archives being created elsewhere but will post items of special significance to BRICUP's contribution to the worldwide campaign.

Let us do it!

A Statement of Determination to Boycott Israel Sponsored by The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP)

Gaza's Guernica
Enough is enough
The Israeli government is sending waves of F16 fighter jets to bomb the Palestinian population of Gaza, many of whom are already weak and sick from two years of siege and encirclement by Israel. Children, says an Israeli spokeswoman, are legitimate targets because if they inhabit a house allegedly being used to manufacture home-made rockets to fire into Israel, they are 'terrorists' themselves. On Saturday December 27, Israel says it dropped 100 tonnes of bombs on Gaza.

We say enough is enough. As long as the state of Israel continues to defy humanity and international law, we, the citizens of the world, commit ourselves to boycotting Israel.

When Nazi planes firebombed the Basque town of Guernica in 1937, to advance General Franco's revolt against the democratically elected Republican government, Britain, France and other European powers continued to refuse military and political support to the Republic, and Franco and his Nazi allies prevailed.

Since our governments decline to take action against Israel, we, as citizens, must act.
We declare that, in solidarity with the bombed, maimed, tortured and ethnically cleansed people of Palestine, we will, individually and collectively:

refuse to buy any fruit, vegetable, flowers, cosmetics, underwear, swimwear or piece of technology manufactured or produced in Israel or the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and we will inform shops that we object to them stocking Israeli products;

we will not go on holiday to Israel;
we will research which brands of computer contain Israeli-designed and manuctured components, make the information public, and and press all computer manufacturers to end research partnerships with Israel;

we will boycott Israeli films, theatre companies, dance groups and orchestras, and make known our objections to the management of theatres and cinemas;

we will campaign actively for our governments not to allow citizens of our countries to serve in the Israeli army, navy, airforce and security services;

we will lobby in our professional organisations and trade unions for Israeli institutions to be boycotted unless they state publicly that they oppose their government's actions, will not co-operate with the state (for instance by teaching courses for the security services, which all Israeli universities do), and support the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, London
Professor Haim Bresheeth, London
Abe Hayeem, London
Mike Cushman, London
Professor Keith Hammond, Glasgow
Professor Ghada Karmi, Exeter
Jenny Morgan, London
Dr. Sue Blackwell, Birmingham
28 December 2008

Posted on Dec 28, 08 | 9:59 pm

Signatories to A Statement of Determination to Boycott Israel

  1. Dr Linda Milbourne, London
  2. Rumy Hasan, Brighton
  3. Prof. Mona Baker, UK
  4. Dr Derek Wall, London, UK
  5. Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, London, UK
  6. Dr Bucker Dangor, London
  7. Dr David Kidner, Nottingham
  8. Marga Holness, London
  9. Prof. Rachel Giora, Israel
  10. Dr Bob Brecher, Brighton, UK
  11. Magid Shihade, Oakland, CA, USA
  12. Dr Tim Jacoby, Manchester, UK
  13. Carmela Ieroianni, Milan, Italy
  14. Carmen Perea, Richmond, Surrey
  15. Dr John Richardson, Nottingham, UK
  16. Camilla Cancantata, London, UK
  17. Jean-Hugues Morneau, Grenoble, France
  18. Karl Sabbagh, Warwickshire, UK
  19. Dr Laleh Khalili, London, UK
  20. Souheil Sleiman, London
  21. Izzy Grimes, UK
  22. Mrs Chantal Cameron, Ipswich, Suffolk
  23. Dr Barbara E. Harrell-Bond OBE, Oxford, UK
  24. Annette Morreau, London, UK
  25. Rod Smith, UK
  26. Ruth Tenne, London, UK
  27. Saida Ahmed, Cairo, Egypt
  28. Dr John Cowley, London. UK
  29. Dina Makram-Ebeid, Cairo, Egypt
  30. Dr Joyce Canaan, Birmingham, UK
  31. Prof. Myriam Salama-Carr, Manchester, UK
  32. Bob Askew, Manchester, UK
  33. Nitza Aminov, Jerusalem, Isael
  34. Dr Brian Robinson, Milton Keynes, UK
  35. Dr Anat Matar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  36. Cllr Romayne Phoenix, London, UK
  37. Jenny Hardacre, Cambridge, UK
  38. Ziyaad Lunat, Atlanta, USA
  39. Simone da Silva Ribeiro Gomes, Rio de Janeiro
  40. Prof. Tariq Modood, Bristol, UK
  41. Prof. Moshé Machover, London, UK
  42. Prof. Dennis Leech, Warwick, UK
  43. Dr Chris Burns-Cox, Bristol, UK
  44. Prof. Richard Seaford, Exeter, UK
  45. Prof. Emeritus Sherna Berger Gluck, USA
  46. Dr Ruchama Marton, Tel Aviv, Israel
  47. Prof. Sondra Hale, Los Angeles, USA
  48. Dennis Kortheuer, California, USA
  49. Ana Cleja, France
  50. Mikael Grut, London
  51. Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone
  52. Prof. Caren Kaplan, Davis, California
  53. Prof. Eric Smoodin, Davis, California
  54. Anne Rodford, Yarmouth
  55. Ferial Mansour, Cambridge, UK
  56. Prof. Jo Beall, London
  57. Doug Holton, Belfast
  58. Mohini Verma, Cambridge
  59. Ausaf Farooqui, Cambridge
  60. John Yandell, London
  61. Shiraz Durrani, London
  62. Bridget Samuels, London
  63. Lindsey Collen, Mauritius
  64. Sheila Allen, Bradford
  65. A. Magda Vieira, Lisbon
  66. Alex Nunns, Bishop's Stortford
  67. Hon. Professor Paulette Pierson-Mathy, Brussels
  68. Dr Daniel Nina, Puerto Rico & Spain
  69. Wilma Walker, South Wales
  70. Sheila Allen, Bradford
  71. David Wield, London
  72. Ernest Rodker, London
  73. Alex Lockwood, Sunderland
  74. Susan Brannon, Florence
  75. Emmanuelle Daviaud, Cape Town
  76. Richard Pithouse, Grahamstown, South Africa
  77. John Neelsen, Tuebingen, Germany
  78. Jacques Depelchin , Bahia, Brazil
  79. Patrick Montague, Lancaster
  80. Paul Hamel, Toronto
  81. Yusuf Abdallah, Mombasa
  82. Sylvat Aziz, Kingsyon, Ontario
  83. Marta Stiegman, Motreal
  84. Miranda Pennell, London
  85. Omnia Al Shakry, Oakland, USA
  86. Ülkü Güney, Hamburg

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