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howard hersh page
I came across your details through an article in Arutz sheva--you are doing great work-i have begone diseminating some of the material to other south african jews--kasrils and freidman and other self loathing jews are well known and out there in south africa-- its great to know of your facility --often the content of articles just jars--and without being an expert it is difficult to respond--as i see from the list of academics--being really academically smart doent mean they are right--there was a recent spate of letters and signitures in a local jewish newspaper signed by jews --many students and some notable intellectuals decrying Israels disproportionate response in gaza--i dontb know if this type of article is of interest--but it seems that there is a well orchestrated international effort --which will go to any lengths to cause harm to israel--thank you for a job well done--south african jew
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