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General Articles
[Tel Aviv U] Yishai Rosen-Tzvi, Adi Ophir and Yehuda Shenhav / Opportunity to watch the begining of this current wave of treason of Israeli academics and intellectuals



It Is No Dream (2002 - 53min.) from Joseph Rochlitz on Vimeo.


[Tel Aviv University, Cohn Institute] Adi Ophir http://www.tau.ac.il/~cohn/staff/adi-ophir.htm http://www.dur.ac.uk/ias/fellows/0809fellows/ophir/

[Tel Aviv University, Department of Hebrew Culture] Yishai Rosen-Tzvi http://www.tau.ac.il/humanities/talmud/faculty-rosenZvi.heb.html

 Yehuda Shenhav


It Is No Dream (2002 - 53min.) from Joseph Rochlitz on Vimeo.


It Is No Dream

"If you will it, it is no dream," wrote the founder of political Zionism Theodor Herzl in 1902, prophesizing the creation of a utopian Jewish state.

One hundred years later, some of the harshest critics of Israel's occupation policies are Israelis themselves – a small minority of intellectuals, political activists and artists whose voices are rarely heard outside Israel.

Shortly after the outbreak of the second Intifada in 2001, filmmakers Benny Brunner and Joseph Rochlitz travelled through the country and spoke to a number of them:
Meir Shalev – one of Israel's best-known writers.
Gideon Levy – columnist for Haaretz newspaper.
Jessica Montell – Director of B'Tselem (Israeli Human Rights Center).
Yehudit Katzir – writer.
Yizhar Be'er – Director of the Israeli Center for the Protection of Democracy.
Adi Ophir – Professor of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University.
Noa Levy – leader of the High School students "refusal-to-serve" movement."
Yitzhak La'or – writer and poet.

The filmmakers also attended a major peace rally in Tel Aviv, and recorded the fiery words of Yishai Rosen-Tzvi, one of the first to sign the Letter of Refusal to serve in the Occupied Territories: "Fighting against terrorism? What a joke! Government and army policies create a hothouse for terrorism (...) It is forbidden to treat men, women and children like dirt. The more people understand it, the sooner there will be an end to this cursed occupation."

The film is enhanced by the powerful work of artist David Reeb, who frequently uses images of the occupation in his drawings and paintings.

Documentary - 53 minutes
Produced & Directed by Benny Brunner and Joseph Rochlitz
Original languages: English & Hebrew with English subtitles

© 2002 B.Brunner & J. Rochlitz All Rights Reserved

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