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Tel Aviv University
[The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University] From Roy Wagner


[againstwall] This Friday in Azun-Atme
Roy Wagner <rwagner@mta.ac.il>
AddSaturday, 20 June, 2009 14:13:18To:Rebecca Vilkomerson <rvilkomerson@gmail.com>
Cc:Kim Yuval <kimyuval@gmail.com>; againstwall againstwall <againstwall@lists.riseup.net>

From Roy Wagner

Three cars left Tel Aviv to join a demonstration against the wall that
surrounds Azun-Atme. We first met with members of the Qalqilia branch of
the Palestinian communist party (PPP). We joined several internationals
and were briefed by the locals. Azun-Atme is entirely surrounded by the
separation wall. Entry is permitted only to registered residents of the
village. This restriction prevents any economic activity, and severs
work and family ties with Qalqilia and the surrounding villages. The
fence is a means to "dry out" the village and encourage a population
transfer that would allow Israel to take over its land. The party
members explained that this was a "pilot" demonstration and was
therefore to be small in scale, without shabab, without local villagers
and avoiding friction with the army. The stated purpose of the
organizers was to turn the demo into a weekly protest with the
participation of local villagers. After being offered coffee, party
shirts and hats we left for the demonstration. About 11 Israelis, 8
internationals and 20 Palestinians gathered at the Azun-Atme gate. The
army was suspiciously peaceful, the liaison office smiled throughout, no
police or border patrol were called and the checkpoint operated smoothly
throughout the demonstration. For over half an hour slogans were chanted
and speeches made against the separation wall and in favour of
Palestinian freedom. After absorbing a dangerous overdose of Palestinian
sun the demonstration dispersed without conflicts.

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