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Articles by IAM Associates
The Saboteur and the Accomplice

The Saboteur and the Accomplice Israel bashing academicians should be barred immediately from teaching in our high education institutes and ostracized, or, how Bar-Ilan University’s “honest but dumb” double-speak and Hagar Kotef et al’s fratricidal back-stabbing serve as an example of the academia institutional politically correct collaborative attitude regarding the anti-Zionist Global New-Left Branch in Israel led by some in this very academia



A recent two-day conference at Bar-Ilan University on “Gender and Security”

caused an uproar in Zionist and religious circles (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/131700).


A parade of anti-Zionist and radical leftist lecturers hinted, among other definitely political things, that IDF soldiers are comparable with Nazi soldiers. Why? Because they bond. No friends in the army. The Nazis did it, so…


The Zionist circles’ critics charge that none of the lectures balanced the anti-Israeli slant or offered a pro-IDF angle, in what is supposed to be a non-political academic conference.


Two good examples of the personages in question and their rhetoric presented in the conference would be, from a varied menu of anti-Zionist/Israel very political papers and collection of individuals, Tel-Aviv University academician Hagar Kotef with a lecture on the activity of the anti-IDF group “Machsom Watch”, and Bar-Ilan University’s very own Orna Sasson-Levy with a lecture on “The Military as an Over-Gendered Institution”.


In one typical ultra-liberal/leftist shot, Sasson-Levy killed two birds: She redefined the army into what it should be according to her ultra-liberal credo, brought to its extremely stupid extreme, disconnected from any a priori military paradigms, just to make the extreme feminist point of view, and, in the same breath, showed her true colors regarding the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict – extreme anti-Zionism and extreme anti-Israel, anti-Jewish stance: At the time, Sasson-Levy signed a petition calling for the release of Tali Fahima, who was convicted and jailed for aiding terrorists.


Kotef focused her inspirational gender-minded utterances on “Machsom Watch” (see above). In an obvious fratricidal back-stabbing act, Kotef apparently thinks that it’s better that my son and your son die or are maimed in the preservation of the (misperceived) rights of Arab Palestinian terrorist women who throw acid in their eyes or stab them, or in the preservation of the (misperceived) rights of Arab Palestinian terrorist men who, so characteristically cowardly, disguise themselves as women and open fire on them point blank. True to boot gender-use in the ultra-feminist, anti-Zionist New-Left vein. First, soldier, thinks Kotef, ask her (is this a woman in front of him, or a cowardly man?) if she loves you, you’re her cousin after all; then ask her permission to gently search her and her belongings; then, if she tries to stab, shoot, maim you, tell her “Tsk, tsk, tsk, not nice, girl, not nice, I’ll have to call a lawyer, who will confer with my commander what to do now; wait; have a coke in the meantime”.


This is the way and the stuff that these two women, and the other 2 to 3 hundreds of academia Israeli intellectuals who hold them company in their anti-Zionist/Israel stand, propagate their hatred and bias toward the indisputably legitimate Jewish claim for self-determination in its own ancestral land of yore to our daughters and sons. Land occupied partially by the Arab imperialists, as per their own definition in their sacred book – “Convert or Die, Wherever You Are! Jihad!” Land that some of our brothers never left. Land to which millions of Jews returned because they were convinced that it is theirs, as it always was, and always will be.


Non-political conference? The “… Security” in the title and in the Israeli context can even begin to make for an apolitical forum? Can anyone even think of such a disconnection? Apparently yes. The manipulative academic Leftist mind can perform any kind of Machiavellian brain gymnastics if it serves the goal. Of bashing and incriminating Israel.   


In a letter to Bar Ilan University and to Education Minister Gideon Saar, the National Union MK Aryeh Eldad blasted the conference contending that it undermines Israel. I agree. Fully.

The MK pointed that “The Council for Higher Education funds Bar Ilan University and not Bir Zeit because it believes that the university’s syllabus is in accordance with the aims of the State of Israel. [But; DB] From the look of this conference’s program, it seems that it seeks to undermine [emphasis mine; DB] the State of Israel. This is an out-and-out anti-Israeli conference and if a similar one were held in a university outside Israel, the Foreign Ministry would protest and organize counter-demonstrations”. Excellent points.


Bar Ilan University denied MK Eldad’s charges. Its spokesman said that the conference is “a typical academic gathering in which the contents and lecturers were selected by an academic steering committee and approved by the Unit Head.

“As long as the program is okayed by the authorized academic elements, the University management, which believes in academic freedom, does not get involved”, the spokesman explained. “In accordance with common practice, the conference’s organizers put out a call in advance asking for researchers to present their proposals for the gathering. The research was chosen based solely on its scientific value and without regard to its political meaning, if such meaning exists”.


In a typical “honest but dumb” double-speak, the university's website says that it "regards the sacred principles of Judaism as the manifestation of the Jewish people's uniqueness, in accordance with the principles defined upon its establishment. The university's basic roles include supporting the safeguarding of these principles out of love and with the purpose of training and producing scholars, researchers and men of science knowledgeable in the Torah and imbued with the original Jewish spirit and love of one's brethren."


You got it? Because I didn’t. What I see in Bar Ilan University’s actions and clarifications, both on the subject matter and on its website, is a politically correct collaborative attitude toward the anti-Zionist Global NewLeft Branch in Israel led by some in the academia, just so they will hold the stick by its two ends while eating the cake and leave it whole in the same time. Bar Ilan University is a willing, self-excused accomplice to the radical Left and its treasonous actions. And I’m sure it is not proud of it, but it’s doing it nevertheless.


The academicians in question, Kotef, Sasson-Levi, et al.—whose words speak volumes in the most self-explanatory manner—in all our academic institutions, should be fired instantly, without a second thought, on account of back-stabbing, treason, and collaboration with the enemy in time of war. Their actions are grave in the extreme. They should be ostracized and delegitimized by their colleagues and the broad population in Israel. Their families should be ashamed of them and sit “shiva”, after declaring on them “karet”. Their actions should be made known far and wide in Israel and in the Jewish Diaspora, so they will not have a place to visit, to study, and to teach.


The high education institutions should stop playing dumb and hiding behind the worn excuse of academic free speech right. Bar Ilan University including. Their spokesmen should stop speaking from both corners of the mouth. Their actions should reflect truly the credo displayed on their websites.


An end to the extreme Left in Israel and their intellectual leaders, the bleeding academic hearts, who are most willing to forfeit MY rights for the rights of MY enemies.


An end to the vilification of the male gender on false accounts. An end to the glorification of the female gender on false premises.


An end to the politically correct appeasement of any and all kinds of mind aberrations in the name of the right of free speech, academic and lay.









* A full time writer, poet publicist, and lecturer, Dan Barkye writes fiction and non-fiction, short stories and poetry. His book on spirituality and meditation, was published in June, 2008. His poems appeared in the online poetry site "The Critical Poet", where he was nominated twice for "The Best Poem of the Month", and in the Israeli English literary magazine, "Cyclamens and Swords".


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