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Ben-Gurion University
Arabic Aljazeera published Neve Gordon's Call for boycott of Israel



(Translated from Arabic)

Call for boycott of Israel

"Israeli author: Contrary to what it is with the Israelis, the Palestinians are living without a state and lack the most basic requirements and the needs and necessities of human rights"


 Israeli writer Neve Gordon called the world to move to boycott Israel, and said that Tel Aviv was practiced racism against the Palestinians, and there was no way to resolve the two countries to put pressure only on the tremendous global all means against the country. 

Gordon, a professor of political science at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba, the author (The Israeli occupation) said , in an article published in the Los Angeles U.S. that it had to such an invitation because it has become convinced that they only way they could save from the evils of Israel itself.

He added that as an Israeli citizen, lives in his pains to call himself an invitation to foreign governments and regional authorities and international social movements, religious movements, federations, unions and all the peoples of the earth, to suspend them any cooperation with his country.

He went on to as being a Jew and chose to educate their children in Israel and that it is an active member in the peace movement thirty years ago, adding that he became worried about the future of his country, which he described the state of racism.

The author said that Israel captured 42 years ago on the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, where six million Jews and five million Palestinian refugees, live 3.5 million Palestinians and nearly half a million Jews from the total areas occupied by Israel in 1967.

Human Rights
Gordon also said that, contrary to what it is if the Israelis, the Palestinians are living without a state and that they lack the most basic requirements and the needs and necessities of human rights.

The Delegation that is Israel's racial discrimination against Palestinians is a cause of concern and awoken from his sleep and that he hoped to raise his children and the children of Palestinian neighbors and condemned the atmosphere of racism.

Gordon proposes solutions to eliminate racism in this country, either to give Tel Aviv nationality and citizenship to the Palestinians so as to establish a binational state in areas controlled by Israel, which leads to eliminate the idea of a "Jewish state".

The second proposal is to author the two-state solution, which he said would require Israel's withdrawal to pre-1967 borders with the possibility of exchange of land here and there, in addition to the division of Jerusalem between the two sides recognize the right of return for four and a half million Palestinian refugees. As for the Palestinian refugees remaining, Gordon says that they could return to the new state of Palestine.

The writer ends by saying about the one-state solution bi-national state does not seem like any of the sides, and adds that it is not only a two-state solution for pressure on Israel across the province, and reiterates that there is no way to confront racism practiced by the Tel Aviv against the Palestinians only through massive international pressure against the Hebrew State .
Source: Los Angeles Times 


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