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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Cut All US Aid To Israel Posted on: 11/25/2000 Jewish Intellectuals

Jews Call for Suspension of Aid
Ocotber 2000

The following 218 signers have agreed to send this statement to the media:

"We Jews, citizens of the state of Israel and of other countries,are sickened that the Barak government would let the war criminal Ariel Sharon enter a Palestinian area and provoke terrible violence.

Unfortunately this just illustrates the determination of the current Israeli government to keep Palestinians permanently separate, unequal, closed up in small territories, and exiled in foreign lands.

We protest the ever escalating violence against Palestinians.
We urge the US Congress to suspend all foreign aid to Israel."

Positions listed for identification purposes only

Updated October 24, 2000

Mike Addelman. lived in Israel/Palestine 8 years. activist Hanitsots/Al Sabar.
Rutie Adler. Coordinator Hebrew Language Program. UC Berkeley.
Karen Aliyuddin. U.S. expat, residing in Malaysia, ex-Peace Corps
Suriana Aliyuddin. Malaysian, U.s. ties, corporate employee
Netta Amar. lawyer, Jerusalem
Meir Amor
Bette Anton
Yigal Arens. Information Sciences Institute,. University of Southern California
Rony Armon. Tel Aviv
Anthony Arnove. editor/publisher South End Press. editor, Iraq Under Siege
Lenore Azaroff Lowell, Massachusetts
Yoav Bar. Haifa, Israel, computer programmer
Iris Bar. Haifa, Israel, graduate student in Haifa University
Daphna Baram Jerusalem
Hillel Barak. Beit Shemesh, Israel. Israel Action Committee for a Democratic and Secular Republic
Yoram Bar-Haim
David Bartram Sociologist Colorado College
Graham Bash lawyer, London
Moshe Behar student
Phyllis Bennis. Institute for Policy Studies
Nora Bendersky. Jerusalem
Joel Beinin Professor of Middle East History Stanford University
Zoe Abigail Bermet
Yale Ben-zvi
Yitzhak Betzalel Member of the Action Committee for a Democratic and Secular State
Robert Blecher. Department of History Stanford University
Ronald Bleier. Educator, journalist
Benay Blend
Barbara Bloch. Research Consultant Australia
Steve Bloom National Committee of Solidarity (a socialist and feminist organization)
Hagit Borer. Professor of Linguistics, University of Southern California
Daniel Boyarin. Professor of Talmudic Culture UC Berkrley
Lenni Brenner. author “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators”,. “The Iron Wall,”. “Jews in America”
Haim Bresheeth Dean School of Communication Arts Sapir College, Israel
Dan Burnstein. member, Temple Sinai. Brookline, MA
Elly Cabot
Ronit Chacham. writer, Jerusalem
Bernard Chapnik France
Barry Cohen
James Cohen Department of Political Science University of Paris VIII
Ruth Cohen artist
Stanley Cohen. Professor of Sociology. London School of Economics
Blaine Coleman
Leslie Craine
Angela Dale. London
Elias Davidsson Palestinian of Jewish parents Reykjavik, Iceland
Marni Davis Graduate student Emory University, USA
Uri Davis. Chair, AL-BEIT. Association for Defence of Human Rights in Israel
Ouzi Dekel journalist Paris, France
Molly Doane Graduate Student CUNY, New York
Peter Drucker Socialist Workers Party, Netherlands. Gay activist and. writer, Netherlands
Mark Elf Local government officer, London
Cheryl Elman. U.S.
Jordan Elgrably. Co-director Open Tent Middle East Coalition
Paul Eisen. Deir Yassin Remembered(UK)
Dan Epstein. parent and concerned citizen
Robyn Epstein
Anne Evans
Sam Farber New York
Naama Farjoun. Physiotherapist, Jerusalem
David Finkel editor, Against the Current
Irene Finkelstein
Norman Finkelstein. Political Science Department, Hunter College City University of New York
Steve Fox Connecticut
Sylvia Friedman Managing Editor Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine
Bill Friend
Meir Gall Brooklyn, NY
Pamela Galpern
Ron Ganzfried IT-Methodologist Bern, Switzerland
Galit Gelbort. student and activist Palestine/Israel
Sherna Gluck. Professor, social activist, author: American Feminist in Palestine: The Intifada Years
Sam Goldberger. Professor, Department of Social and Behaviorial Sciences. Capital Community College, Hartford, CT
Loren Goldner Bronx, New York
Sheila Goldmacher. retired librarian, attorney and teacher. Berkely, CA
Candy Gonzalez teacher, legal consultant Belize
Neve Gordon
David Goss
Deborah Gould Social Sciences Collegiate Division University of Chicago
Tally Gur Student and activist Israel/Palestine Jerusalem
Ilana Hairston Stanford,CA
Jeff Halper. Israeli Anthropologist, . Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions
Ned Hanauer. Director, Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel
Stanley Heller. Teacher . chair Middle East Crisis Committee, New Haven, CT
Neil Hertz Professor of Humanities Johns Hopkins Univeristy
Shir Hever. Student at Tel-Aviv University
Tikva Honig-Parnass. socialist, anti-Zionist activist. Jerusalem
Laura Gelles Joseph. Long Beach, CA
Harriet Karchmer. Palestine Aid Society, ADC
Irit Katriel
Mark Klein. Toronto, Canada
Shoshana Klein. Toronto, Canada
Judith Kolokoff Seattle, WA
Jack Kurzweil Professor of electrical Engineering San Jose State University
Rachel Leah Jones. filmmaker, New York
Joseph Levine Professor of Philosophy Ohio State University
Yael Lerer. Tel Aviv, Israel
Louis Kampf. Professor Emeritus Literature, MIT
Haggai Katriel. teacher, Haifa, Israel
Alisa Klein. Israeli citizen who chooses to live in Northhampton, MA
Edwin Krales HIV/AIDS Nutritionist
Bill Kransdorf. Oakland, CA
Herb Kransdorf. Oakland, CA
Karine Lacasse
Danel Lazare
Einat Leader
Jesse Lemish
Les Levidow. London
David Levin
Howard Levine Associate Director Middle East Childrens Alliance
Rene Levy Institut d'anthropologie et de sociologie Universite de Lausanne
Sylvia Levy
Howard D. Lipoff New Jersey High School Teacher
Dave Lippman Chalep Hill, North Carolina
Peter Lippman
Roger Lippman engineer Seattle, USA
Walter Lippmann Social Worker (retired). child Protective Services. Los Angeles, CA
Justin Lipson
Jennifer Loewenstein senior lecturer . University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. Middle East Human Rights activist
Yosefa Loshitzky Senior Lecturer Department of Communication and Journalism Hebrew University
Barbara Lubin Director Middle East Children's Alliance
Moshe Machover. Professor of Mathematics. London University
Al Marder President, U.S. Peace Council
Dena Marger Librarian, radical political activist Brooklyn, New York
Claude Marks Project Director Freedom Archives San Francisco, CA
Mike Marquesee. writer, London
Dorothy Marshak Washington, DC
Andrew McKenna Austin Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation Texas, USA
Fiona Meyer
Ivy Mills
Bernard Misrahi. UK
Barbara Mocking. Jewish puppeteer, Tucson, AZ, USA
Susi Mordechay. teacher, Giv'atim, Israel
Jonathan Moore legal worker for immigrant rights Seattle
Liora Moriel Comparative Literature Program Univeristy of Maryland
Rayna Moss. translator, human rights activist, Tel Aviv
Lauren Neff. Activist, author, Philadelphia
Roger Normand. Executive Director Center for Economic and Social Rights
Marlene Nuwesra. New York
Annie Ohayon computer engineer Paris, France
Adele Oltman. History Professor. College of Charleston
Anat Ovadiya . Israel
Allegra Pacheco. Israeli/American lawyer Action Committee for a Democratic Secular State
Laura Pearl. Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology. University of Michigan
Paula Panzarella. writer
Mitchell Plitnick
Edith Pollach
Marsha Pripstein Posusney Associate Professor of Political Science Bryant College, Smithfield, RI
Charlie Post
Jackson Potter graduate student University of Chicago
Roland Rance Secretary, Waltham Forest Trades Council London
Lori Randolph
Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin. History Department. Ben-Gurion University. Be’er Sheva, Israel
Tanya Reinhart. Tel Aviv, Israel
Suzanne Rich
Wayne Ritz
Dr. and Mrs. James Rogers. Stone Mountain, Georgia
Joan Robins member Nahalat Shalom Arab-Jewish Dialogue New Mexico
Shira Robinson Department of History Stanford University
Stewart M. Robinson Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Cleveland State University
Cleveland, Ohio
Jessi Roemer Writer and teacher New York
Marta Romer. Australia. born in Hungary
James Ron Assistant Professor of Sociology Johns Hopkins University
Yael Ronen An Israeli citizen
Carl Rosenberg editor Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine
Penny Rosenwasser Events Coordinator Middle East Childrens Alliance
Mark Rosenzweig Council At Large American Library Association
Catherine Rottenberg
Janell Rothenberg
David Rovics singer/songwriter USA
Cheryl Rubenberg. Professor of Political Science. Florida International University
Rayna Rusenko. U.S.
Natalie Rothman. graduate student. Department of History. University of Michigan
Jeffrey Alan Sacks New York, NY
Sergeiy Sandler. Beer-Sheva, Israel
Cary Sanders Berkely, CA
Jay Schaffner New York
Samuel Schaeffer Senior Reed College, Portland, OR
David Schwartzman. Professor, Howard University
Evalyn Segal. Professor Emerita of Psychology. Philadelphia, PA
Aharon Shabtai
Uriel Shani. Mishmar Ayalon 46
Simona Sharoni Executive Director Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development
Oz Shelach
Hagit Shlonsky. sociologist, artist, Jerusalem, Israel
Professor Ella Shohat Coordinator Cinema Studies Program College of Staten Island, NY
Ur Shlonsky. Une Terre Deux Peuples, Geneva Switzeland
Ruth Shpeiner. East Bay
Earl Silbar
Ellen Siegel nurse
Irene Siegel Comparative Literature Department UC, Berkeley
Andrew Silver. Hillsborough, NC
Maureen Silverman
Mark Solomon. Professor Emeritus Simmons College
Alan Stoleroff Professor of Sociology ISCTE Lisbon, Portugal
Shmulik Szeintuch. social worker, Jerusalem
Inbar Tamari teacher, London
Yuval Tamari. Palestinian Jew, Los Angeles
Hillel Ticktin. Professor of Marxist Studies. University of Glasgow
Tirtza Tauber. Tel Aviv
Osnat Trabelsy. Tel Aviv, Israel
Scott Weinstein Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation
Susan Weisman Department of Politics St. Mary’s College of California
Laura Whitehorn New York City, NY
Charlie Van Gelderen
Donna Wallach San Jose, CA
Michael Warschawsky. journalist, Israel
Stephanie Weiner
Barry Weisleder,. editor, Socialist Action newspaper, Toronto, Canada. President, Toronto Substitute Teachers,. Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
Max Weiss Department of History Stanford University
Abraham Weizfeld
Elana Wesley Translator, Jaffa, Israel
Sara Wolf
Sergio Yahni Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem
Lesley Yalen New Jersey
Selma Yampolsky Writer, editor, New York Middle East activist
Lesley Yalen
Elise G. Young
Alan Zaslavsky Professor, Harvard Medical School
Barbara Zeluck

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