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General Articles
Film ôTargeted Citizenö [Technion] Yousef Jabareen and Khaled Abu Asbeh: Inequality in land and housing, employment, education and civil and political rights


You can watch it here:

Targeted Citizen - English

Targeted Citizen - English


About this video:
"The film “Targeted Citizen” (15 minutes), produced by filmmaker Rachel Leah Jones for Adalah, surveys discrimination against the Palestinian citizens of Israel. With the participation of experts Dr. Yousef Jabareen of the Technion and Dr. Khaled Abu Asbeh of the Van Leer Institute, as well as Adalah attorneys Sawsan Zaher, Abeer Baker and Hassan Jabareen, inequality in land and housing, employment, education and civil and political rights are eloquently addressed. These interviews are reinforced by the contrasting informality of on-the-street conversations conducted by Palestinian comic duo Shammas-Nahas and punctuated by the hard-hitting rhymes of Palestinian rap trio DAM. The film's theme song “Targeted Citizen,” written and recorded by DAM especially for Adalah, tells it like it is without missing a beat."

Haifa, Israel
Adalah (“Justice” in Arabic) is an independent human rights organization and legal center. Established in November 1996, it works to promote and defend the rights of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, numbering 1.2 million people or close to 20% of the population, and Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

Adalah seeks to achieve equal individual and collective rights for the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel in the following major fields: land and planning rights; civil and political rights; economic, social and cultural rights; and prisoners’ rights. It also defends the human rights of Palestinians living under occupation based on international law. In order to achieve these goals, Adalah:

Brings impact litigation cases and legal interventions before the Israeli courts and state authorities;
Provides legal consultation to individuals, NGOs, and institutions;
Appeals to international institutions and fora;
Organizes seminars and conferences and publishes reports on topical legal issues;
Conducts extensive media outreach locally and internationally;
Trains legal apprentices and new lawyers in the field of human rights.

Adalah Board of Directors


Dr. Mahmoud Yazbak | Chairperson
Received a B.A. in General and Middle East History in 1978, an M.A. in Middle East History in 1992 from Haifa University, and a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from Hebrew University in 1998. Completed post-doctorate research at Oxford University (England) in 1999. Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities, Middle East History, Haifa University, specializing in the social and political history of 19th and 20th century Palestine; historiography of Israel/Palestine; and Palestinian women (since 1993). Former spokesperson of the Committee for the Bereaved Families (October 2000). Joined Adalah’s Board in 2004.

Suhad Aga, Advocate
Received an L.L.B. in Law from the Faculty of Law, Haifa University in 1996. Criminal defense lawyer, Public Defender’s Office in Haifa. Prior posts include work with Mossawa: The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel during 1997-1998, and the Center for Economic and Social Rights in Jerusalem during 1998-2000. Co-founder and current member of Assiwar - The Arab Feminist Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Assaults. Joined Adalah’s Board in 2004.

Prof. Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia
Received a B.S.W. in 1980 and an M.S.W. in 1985, in social work from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. in 1991 in social work from the University of Minnesota (USA). Associate Professor at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University. Published extensively on family violence, with a special emphasis on battered women and abused children, community violence, and political violence and their effects on children and their families. Formerly taught at Bethlehem University. Contributed extensively to training professional and volunteer teams working with women and children victims of violence and abuse. Volunteers in and serves as a board member in several nonprofit organizations. Joined Adalah’s Board in 2005.

Dr. Hala Khoury-Bisharat, Advocate
Received an L.L.B. in Law in 1993 and an L.L.M. in Law (cum laude) in 1998 from the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford (England). Worked as a staff attorney with HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual for three years, as an attorney in a private law firm specialized in medical malpractice for three years, and as an editor of Adalah’s Review in 2005. Adjunct lecturer in international criminal law in the Faculties of Law, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, and the College of Management, School of Law from 2005. Joined Adalah’s Board in 2007.

Fuad Sultany, Advocate
Received an L.L.M. from the Faculty of Law, University of Lodz (Poland). Runs a private law office in al-Tira since 1987, specializing in defending political prisoners and in land cases, with a focus on the OPT. Prominently contributed to defending land owners in the Triangle region whose lands were confiscated to build the Trans-Israel highway. Worked as an attorney with Ansar al-Sajeen (Prisoners Friends’ Association) for ten years. Active in various local and regional political, cultural, and educational activities. Served on Adalah’s Board during 2001 to 2004, and rejoined the Board in 2007.

Dr. Khaled Abu Asbeh
Director of the Masar Institute for Educational Research, Planning and Counseling. received BA and MA degrees in education and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Anthropology. Lecturer in the Politics and Public Administration Program at the Hebrew University; Education lecturer at the Beit Berl College, and associate researcher at the Van Leer Institute. Has published numerous books and studies on the subject of education. Served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Sikkuy for eight years and is an active member on the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education for the past 15 years. Joined Adalah’s board in 2009.

Dr. Mas’ud Hamdan
Received B.A in Sociology and Comparative Literature in 1986, and an M.A (1996) and Ph.D. (1999) in Comparative Literature and Drama from Haifa University. Writer, theatre critic, and lecturer in the Arabic Language and Literature Department at Haifa University. Was a lecturer in the Arabic Literature Department of the Hebrew University, the Gordon College, and the Open University. Published many articles and research papers on theater and comparative literature, as well as a book entitled, “The Bitter Cup and the Holy Rain: Politics, Poetics and Protest in the Arab Theatre”. Currently the manager of Al-Niqab Theater in Isifiya, where he has produced many plays, including “The Hole of the Spout”, “Horus and Ahriman” and “The Command”. Joined Adalah’s Board in 2009.

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