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First Name : Joelle
First Name : Joelle
Phone : 816-765-6308
E-mail : joelle.rutledge@yahoo.com
content : It seems to me that there is a total lack of integrity, not forgetting the lack of fear of G-d. I call this ignorance as well. If you go back and read Jewish History, people will find out that G-d smote those that were against Israel .... One can be displeased with the Government but where is the loyalty to his/her own Country? This lack integrity and character. Can one so double minded be trusted? A professor is supposed to teach FACTS and not OPINIONS - an opinion is something each person has - to express a negative one in an University should not be permitted to teach! A student does not attend an University to learn of someone\'s opinion but learn reality - facts - It takes a great person to be able to teach withholding a personal opinion - one of tremendous honor - Such person is to be commented and admired. Israel is the "Apple of G-d\'s eye" watch out what happens to those who come against her people and land!
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