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Anti-Israel Petitions Supported by Israeli Academics
Hannan Hever, Yeela Raanan, Eyal Nir and Hili Razinsky signed: Do Not Approve Israel's OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law

Prof.  Hannan  Hever, Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University
Dr. Yeela Livnat Raanan, research methods , Sapir College
Dr. Anat Matar, Philosophy, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Eyal Nir, Chemistry, Ben Gurion University
Dr. Hili Razinsky, Philosophy at the Hebrew University

אנא הפיצו לרשימותיכם !

עצומה לחתימה של אזרחים ישראלים, נגד קבלתה של ישראל לארגון המדינות המפותחות, כל עוד היא מפרה זכויות אדם באופן הנוכחי.
אנא העבירו לרשימות תפוצה נוספות (אלף,מחסום ווטש ועוד)
זקוקים לחתימות רבות. ממשלת נתניהו מייחסת חשיבות רבה להצבעה, ומניעת אישור החברות של ישראל יכולה להוות נקודת מפנה במאבק נגד הכיבוש והגזענות.

גם חתימות של ארגונים יתקבלו בברכה.


 Please send your name (English letters) and title (optional) to:

Israeli Citizens Say: Do Not Approve Israel's OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law

In May 2010 the OECD ministerial committee will vote on the admission of Israel as a member of the organization.

As Israeli citizens, we are concerned by the policies of the Israeli governments, policies which violate international law, violate the basic human rights of Palestinians under occupation and serve to instigate instability, violence and suffering in the Middle East.  We are also concerned by the double standards applied by some countries in the international community, especially the developed countries, towards Israel's violations. Such double standards imbue violent and blatantly illegal Israeli policies of land theft, torture and physical abuse of civilians with an aura of legitimacy.

We believe that only when the international community makes Israel accountable for its actions, can we hope to see a change in Israeli policies.

As Israeli citizens, we wish to voice our strong support for the call issued to OECD countries by numerous Palestinian organizations, and numerous international organizations, including Palestinian solidarity campaigns around the world. Please note that the call also refers to the racist policies towards, and discrimination against, those Palestinians who are Israeli citizens.

Rewarding Israel for severe human rights violations will bring about neither peace nor justice !
Please Do Not Approve Israel's OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law !

Signed by (initial list):

    Eitan          Bronstein
    Guy      Butavia
    Uri Asher     Dori
    Kerstin     Sodergren
    Daniel     Argo
    Ofra    Ben-Artzi
    Avi    Berg
    Judy    Blanc
    Shai     Carmeli Pollak
    Sharon    Casper
    Chassia    Chomsky-Porat
    Matan    Cohen
    Natalie    Cohen
    Adi    Dagan
    Yasmeen     Daher
    Angela    Godfrey-Goldstein
    Neta    Golan
    Vardit     Goldner
    Amos      Gvirtz
    Connie    Hackbarth
    Iris     Hefets
Prof.    Hannan    Hever
     Shir    Hever
    Yael    Hever
    Hedva    Isachar
    Yehudit    Keshet
    Noam    Lekach
    Hadas    Leonov
Dr.    Yeela    Livnat Raanan
    Yuval    Lotem
Dr.    Anat    Matar
Dr.    Dorothy    Naor
    Idit    Nathan
    Ofer    Neiman
Dr.    David    Nir
    Eyal      Nir
    Zvi    Nirel
    Jonathan    Pollak
    Michal    Pundak
Dr.    Hili    Razinsky
    Yehoshua    Rosin
Adv.    Emily     Schaeffer
    Ayala    Shani
    Tali    Shapiro
    Gideon    Spiro
    Jonathan    Stanczak
    Michael    Warschawski
    Elian    Weizman
    Tom     Yuval
    Michal     Zak


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