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Tel Aviv University
TAU, Cohn: 12/5 - Discussion on Academic Literature on The Occupation "The Analysis of the Occupation: On the Verge of New Research Paradigm?" עברית
Please excuse rush translate from Hebrew to English
The Analysis of the Occupation: On the Verge of New Research Paradigm? 
On the 12th of May at 18:00 to 21:00, Gilman Building, hall 449, Tel Aviv University
In Hebrew
The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas will host a discussion on the academic literature on the occupation. Amongst others will be discussed the books Hollow Land by Eyal Weizman Israel's occupation by Neve Gordon, Act Of State: A Photographed History Of The Occupation by Ariella Azoulay,  This Regime Which is not One - Occupation and Democracy Between the Sea and the River (1967 - ) by Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir, The Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of Israeli Rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Edited by Adi Ophir, Michal Givoni and Sari Hanafi.
Participants: Yossi Schwartz, Ronen Shamir, Adi Ophir, Ariella Azoulay, Dalit Baum, Meron Benvenisti, Hassan Jabarin, Neve Gordon, Oren Yiftachel, Hillel Cohen, Assaf Sagiv and Merav Amir.
A series of researches published in recent years create a new knowledge body on the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, a knowledge which interprets the occupation, from fresh, as controlled institutionalized system and as a noted regime type. These researches produce an ambitious intellectual project that rejects the previous perceptions of the occupation as a temporary phenomenon, legal by character, and requests to explore the ways in which the systematic acts of various mechanism. While trying to implement analytic tools from the fields of current political theory, in parallel to contribute to it and to expand it, these researches present the occupation as another model in the gallery of oppressive regimes of the 20th century, while emphasizing it's unique characteristics. What is the added value of those researches in relation to the enormous knowledge which is distributed on the occupation by human rights organizations, humanitarian organizations and political activists?  Is  there enough to change in real the ways in which the occupation is represented, as well as the view of it? What political value would these researches have and what is their theoretical contribution to the political thinking discipline and to the understanding of politics these days.


ביום רביעי ה-12 למאי בין השעות 18:00-21:00 יקיים המכון להיסטוריה ופילוסופיה של המדעים והרעיונות באוניברסיטת ת"א ערב דיון על הספרות האקדמית על הכיבוש. בין השאר ידונו הספרים
hollow land מאת אייל ויצמן, Israel's occupation מאת ניב גורדון, מעשה מדינה: היסטוריה מצולמת של הכיבוש מאת אריאלה אזולאי, משטר זה שאינו אחד מאת אריאלה אזולאי ועדי אופיר, ו- The Power of Inclusive Exclusion בעריכת עדי אופיר, מיכל גבעוני וסרי חנפי.
באירוע ישתתפו יוסי שוורץ, רונן שמיר, עדי אופיר, אריאלה אזולאי, דלית באום, מירון בנבנישתי, חסן ג'בארין, ניב גורדון, אורן יפתחאל, הלל כהן, אסף שגיב ומרב אמיר.
פרטים מלאים בהזמנה להלן, כולכם/ן מוזמנים/ות.



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