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Anti-Israel Conferences
In support of Haifa conference for return of Palestinian refugees: Iris Bar, Elia Zomot, Tirtza Tauber, Ilan Pappe, Omar Barghouti, Oren Ben-Dor, Yael Korin

Iris Bar, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Haifa
Elia Zomot, Department of Biochemistry, Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem
Tirtza Tauber, Computer Services, The Unit of Medical Education, Tel Aviv University
Omar Barghouti, MA student at Tel Aviv University

To the participants in the 2nd Haifa Conference
For the return of Palestinian refugees
And for the Democratic Secular State in Historic Palestine
Haifa, Al-Midan Theater, 28-30/5/2010

Friday, May 28
We expanded the Friday program to allow the best utilization of the time of the international delegations for networking with local activists and organizations.
10:00 Special interest networking meetings, according to prior coordination: Political parties, Feminist organizations, Religious dialogue, Social science, Physicians for Human Rights, etc.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Walking tour in Haifa.
14:00 Youth meeting: The role of the Palestinian youth in support of the right of return (Arabic).
16:00 Workshops: Getting to know the participating delegations (in the big hall) + Homage to Haifa (in the small hall).
18:00 Reception: Films, Food
19:00 Opening Session: Key political speakers, Cultural program
Between the speaker: Ghada Karmi, Ilan Pappe, Muhammad Kana’ane and a speaker from the 67 occupied territories. Special greetings from guest delegations from five continents.
Saturday, May 29
09:00 – 10:00 Gathering and registration + Breakfast
10:00 – 10:30 General meeting – Welcome + Distribution to workshops
10:30 – 12:15 Three parallel Workshops
12:30 – 14:15 Three parallel Workshops
14:30 – 15:30 Lunch
15:30 – 17:15 Three parallel Workshops
17:30 – 18:30 Presentation of workshop results in plenum
18:30 Dinner
19:00 – 22:00 Cultural Event
Sunday, May 30
10:00 Trip to the Galilee: The destroyed villages and the unrecognized villages.
10:00 – 15:00 – Consultations for the establishment of an international coalition.
The Themes of the Workshops
The program contains the following workshops:
1. The return of Palestinian refugees: Refugees in their homeland, Planning for the return, Legal views on the right of return and property rights, 62 years of struggle for the return.
2. Different views about the conflict and the road toward Democratic Palestine: Democratic perspective, The Bi-National state proposal, Islamic perspective, Socialist perspective.
3. The political role of Palestinian prisoners’ movement and participation from the prisoners in formulating the conference’s positions.
4. The vision of a democratic secular Palestine.
5. The Democratic solution to the Palestinian cause and the struggle for the future of the Arab World: The Lebanese example, Social and National struggle in Egypt, Confronting imperialist hegemony, Arab Unity,
6. Criticism of Zionist Colonialism and support for the Secular Democratic alternative – Different methodologies: Human Rights, International Law, Struggle and Liberation.
There will be three special workshops for activists to participate in discussing experiences and building together the coalition and the global campaign for the return of the Palestinian refugees and for the democratic secular state:
· Building Palestinians convergence around the program in different locations. Our participation in the resumption of the Palestinian unity in struggle.
· Building an international movement to support this program.
· Building Arab-Jewish partnership in struggle.

Partial list of the workshop speakers
Details of some workshop are still under construction and discussion. Because of technical problems, we are forced to publish a partial list of speakers.
With our full apology and respect for every participant and speaker.
Lawyer Wakeem Wakeem:  Refugees in their homeland
Eytan Bronstein: Planning for the return project 
Lawyer Suhad Bishara:  The legal aspect of the return and property rights
Rajaa Zo’abi ‘Omari: The puzzle of a "single state" option, in view of Regional Settings for a deadlocked global system
Shir Haifr: The economy perspective of one state
Samah Idris: The Lebanese experience
Eli Aminov: A critical comparison between the different solutions of the conflict
Abed Anbetawi: The importance of 'the secularity' in the one state proposal
An Alexander: The working class in Egypt
Omar al Barghuthi: The Democratic vision
Raja Aghbaria: The Democratic Secular state as a political struggle project 
Hisham Nafaa': A Socialist approach concerning the conflict and its resolution
Noel Ignatiev: Zionism as an ideology of race.
Willhelm Langthaler: The struggle in the West against Imperialism
Dr. Haidar A'id: The experience of South Africa

Languages: All major discussions will be held in Arabic, Hebrew and English with simultaneous translation.
 Additional Details

www.awda1state.org - Site of the 2nd conference.
www.ror1state.org - Site of the 1st conference.



We, the undersigned, support the call of the preparatory committee of the 2nd Haifa conference for the return of the Palestinian refugees and for the establishment of a democratic secular state in historic Palestine.
• Stop ethnic cleansing. For the return of the Palestinian refugees to all the areas from which they were expelled.
• Put an end to all forms of occupation, Apartheid, racism, discrimination and oppression. The Palestinian people should re-unite and live as a free nation in their homeland.
• The returning refugees and all the residents of Palestine will live in one democratic state, without discrimination. This state will ensure human rights, equality, prosperity and full participation in building the new society for all its citizens. To ensure these rights, the prospective state will adopt a constitution that will prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, class or any other reason.
We support the call for building an international coalition to achieve these goals.

אנו, החתומים מטה, תומכים בקריאת הועידה המכינה של ועידת חיפה השניה לחזרת הפליטים הפלסטינים ולכינון מדינה חילונית דמוקרטית בפלסטין ההסטורית.
• יופסק הטיהור האתני. למען חזרת הפליטים הפלסטינים לכל האזורים מהם גורשו.
• לשים קץ לכל צורות הכיבוש, האפרטהייד, הגזענות, האפליה והדיכוי. העם הפלסטיני צריך להתאחד מחדש ולחיות כעם חופשי במולדתו.
• הפליטים השבים וכל תושבי פלסטין יחיו במדינה אחת דמוקרטית, ללא אפליה, שתבטיח את זכויות האדם, השיוויון, הרווחה והשותפות המלאה בבניית החברה החדשה לכל תושביה. להבטחת זכויות אלו תאמץ המדינה העתידית חוקה שתאסור כל אפליה על בסיס דת, גזע, זהות אתנית, מין, לאום או מעמד או כל גורם אחר.
אנו תומכים בקריאה להקמת קואליציה בינלאומית להגשמת מטרות אלו.


The Undersigned


37. Iris Bar Hallisa, Haifa Palestine Abnaa elBalad

63. Dr. Elia Zomot Jerusalem Palestine the National Democratic Assembly  






50. Oren Ben-Dor Southampton United Kingdom School of Law University of Southampton

27. Yael Korin Los Angeles USA Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, Southern California Great work. I wish I could attend

24. Tirtza Tauber





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