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Dr. Mordechai Kedar - Lecture tour to North America, Jan-Feb 2011


Dear Friends and colleagues,


These days, everyone wants to understand Arab and Muslim culture, religion and goals. Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University, Israel, who is also the chairman of the Israel Academia Monitor, will be in North America from January 13 to February 14, 2011 and is available to be booked for lectures.


His lectures are about the Middle East, Israel and the Middle Eastern environment, the struggle over Jerusalem, Antisemitism in the Islamic world, Islam and the Arab world in general, etc. Please see the list of topics below.


You might have watched his interview on al-Jazeera about the right of Jews to build in Jerusalem          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHpMhAzj-Tk


Dr. Kedar would like to offer his lectures to any organization, Jewish, Christian, academic or private. He does not need 5 star hotel, he flies in economy class and his fee is reasonable.


Please feel free to contact him directly.


Kedar's phone in Israel:  +972-544-778-908

His US Mobile:   917-868-3551

email:  mkedar@mail.biu.ac.il


Kedar's itinerary attached.



                        POSSIBLE  LECTURE  SUBJECTS


Academic freedom v. monitoring academics – contradiction or calling for responsibility?


  Understanding Arab and Muslim Culture


  1. How did Jerusalem become holy in Islam  or  What is the struggle over Jerusalem is all about?

  2. Turkey - What went wrong?

  3. Understanding the Iranians - What motivates the Ayatollas?

  4. Hezbollah - Ideology, politics and modus operandi.

  5. Hamas - Ideology, politics and modus operandi.

  6. Islam - A culture in crisis.

  7. Islam in Democratic State - The Islamic Movements in Israel.

  8. Democracy in the Middle East - Opportunity or danger?

  9. Islamic Radicalism - Causes, ideology and ways to face it.

  10. The Middle East - Quo vadis?

  11. Sunnis and Shi'is - Why do they hate each other so?

  12. Islamic Women between Tradition and Modernity.

  13. Palestinian Political Illustrations - Cartoons and messages.

  14. The Right of Return in the Palestinian National Ethos.

  15. Hizballah, Hamas, and Israel - Living with the enemy.

  16. Clash of Values: Gender and Family Issues - Sources of tension between Islam and the West.

  17. Arab Intellectuals - Where are they?

  18. Arab Mass Media.

  19. The Other Voice in the Arab World - My personal experience.

  20. Why do many Muslims hate the West?


 Lecture Subjects Concerning Military Intelligence:


        1. Flawed intelligence assessments and mistaken policies resulting from cultural differences.

        2. What motivates Arab states, societies and armies?

        3. How to understand the Arab state media?

        4. Major mistakes made by the Western coalition in Iraq since 2003.


 Lectures on Israeli domestic issues can also be considered




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