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Tel Aviv University
Writer and historian Shlomo Sand interrogates [sic] the foundations of nationhood, placing the idea of 'invention' above race, religion, and language



| 11 áôář 2011 |é

Writer and historian Shlomo Sand interrogates the foundations of nationhood, placing the idea of 'invention' above race, religion, and language



To say why I published this book, I wrote a book about the invention of the Jewish people and all the people accused me that I am too much original, so I published this book to show nothing is original. Because Renan like others, a hundred thirty years ago put forward the same position. The concept of Judaism is a very important one but the Jews were never People.

The Jews were never a people until now
Renan said the same thing.

Jewishness is a religion, Jews are not People, not a nation.
Jews have not a common origin.
Mark Bloch, important historian said Jews are product of Khazar and Mediterranean population 
You can say American, French People but you can not say Jewish People.
People consider me the enemy of the Jews.
Renan said in 1883 on Nationhood, what is started, is also to be finished.
Someday nations will disappear and federations will emerge, he said this about France.

British citizens should be afraid, not of Muslims but of American culture or globalization.

I come from a country, a state its not like the French of British, its different. I am living in a country, the national consciousness, the identity state politics, citizenship, the essence of the Israeli state, is not a civic one. Israel does not belong to the citizens. Israel belong more to Jewish people in the audience here than to to my Palestinian-Israeli students that I am teaching in Tel Aviv. Israel is not a state of the citizens but of the Jews of the world.
Bibi Netanyahu asked the citizens to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, not  an Israelian state. Then I am coming from a state, the daily policy is Ethnocentric. 25% of the Israeli citizen are not from Jewish origin so the state doesn't belong to them, they are citizens, they participate in the votes but mentally, ideologically, the state does not belong to them.
In Israel, the state belongs to people that are not living there.
A Jew can not marry a non Jew in Israel not because of religion, its because the secular people building Israel in 48 didn't know what is Jewish identity really. This is the law till now.

Today in the Middle East. This ethnocentric positions make Israel a real Ghetto in the face of the Arab world, a real ghetto. I think I am becoming pessimist. If you follow the positions of all the leadership in Israel in the face of the wave of democratization in the Middle East, they are afraid of it.  The wave of democratization of the Middle East, I don't know how it will finish, but they are against it. 
In Israel there is a position against the democratization of the Middle East, not only against Islamic democracy, also against the liberal democracy, in Egypt, in Jordan, to be very not nice in the face of Israel, at least for one reason, Israel is occupying another people, another population, for 43 years without giving any human rights, political and social rights to this people. 
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