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One-sided new book by Efrat Ben-Ze’ev, Menachem Klein, Tamir Sorek, Mahmoud Yazbak "Zoom in" on Palestinian refugees of 1948


Sami Adwan, Efrat Ben-Ze’ev, Menachem Klein, Ihab Saloul, Tamir Sorek, Mahmoud Yazbak
Zoom in. Palestinian Refugees of 1948, Remembrances[English-Hebrew] (Hb)


Sami Adwan, Efrat Ben- Ze’ev, Menachem Klein, Ihab Saloul, Tamir Sorek, Mahmoud Yazbak<br><i>Zoom in. Palestinian Refugees of 1948, Remembrances</i>[English-Hebrew] (Hb)

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Published: 2011 - download a flyer for this book 

hardbound ISBN 9789089790705; EUR 75; USD 95 (2011) 280 pp.

Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation Series, 2 (History of International Relations Library, 20)

About this book

In Zoom In, Israeli and Palestinian authors collectively explore the contrasting perspectives on memory and remembrance through an innovative approach. Palestinian and Israeli university students are presented with a catalogue of period photographs from 1948 and then asked to provide their personal impressions. These individual reactions are then analyzed by the scholars, providing a multi-perspective commentary and analysis that underscores the urgent need for building greater understanding for the common history of this region.

A particularly insightful case study is presented by Menachem Klein and Mahmoud Yazbak who jointly investigate how the 1948 expulsion and deportation of Palestinian refugees from the villages of Aylut and Malul are remembered today, both at the individual and collective levels, underscoring the enduring dynamics that exist between the past and the present.

'This is a masterful 'eye-opener' to a human tragedy. The project described and commented on in this book reveals the utter confusion of identity that exists among Israel's youth between 'self-image' and 'self-knowledge', where bare nakba Palestinian pictures evoke different types of self-denials, including, significantly, the identification of some of those images as ones of Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazis. Anyone wishing to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must learn the paradoxical lessons contained in this volume."
Sari Nusseibeh, Professor of Philosophy, President, al-Quds University

"It is a major achievement to have brought together these conflicting and conflicted voices within the pages of a single book. Photographs of Palestinian refugees in 1948 elicit responses on the part of a new generation of Israelis and Palestinians that testify to the difficulties of coming to terms imaginatively and morally with an historical injustice that is still ongoing. For all who need to know that memory both informs and blinds, and that without recognition of the sufferings of others there is no forgetting, this book is a must.”
Professor Ann Rigney, Utrecht University

Table of Contents

Introduction - Catherine Cissé-van den Muijsenbergh

Chapter 1 – Photographs on 1948’s Palestinian Refugees with comments from students

Chapter 2 – ‘Aylut and Ma‘lul: A Tale of Two Palestinian Villages Before and After the 1948 Nakba and the Birth of Israel - Mahmoud Yazbak and Menachem Klein

Chapter 3 – Analysis on the comments
1 A Choreography of Memories - Menachem Klein
2 The Nakba and the Palestinian Silence - Mahmoud Yazbak
3 Social Silence: Transference, De-Sensitization and De-Focusing Among the Israeli Students - Efrat Ben-Ze’ev
4 The Afterlives of 1948: Photographic Remembrances in a Time of Catastrophe - Ihab Saloul

5 The Victimhood Trap - Tamir Sorek
6 Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe Continues - Sami Adwan

Memories of Students on 1948 and the Palestinian Refugees and Students’ Opinions on Historical Truth and Historical Justice

About the Author(s)/Editor(s)

Sami Adwan, Ph.D. (1987) in Education Administration, University of San Francisco, a Professor of Education and a teacher trainer at the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University. Prof. Adwan’s research focuses on Palestinian eduction and school books in building peace.

Efrat Ben-Ze’ev, D.Phil. in Social Anthropology, University of Oxford (2001) and teaches at the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the Ruppin Academic Center. Her research deals with Palestinian and Israeli memories of 1948, mental maps and geographical perceptions.

Menachem Klein, Ph.D. in Middle East and Islamic Studies Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. His latest book is The Shift: Israel – Palestine from Border Conflict to Ethnic Struggle (2010).

Ihab Saloul, Ph.D. (2009) Cultural Analysis and Comparatice Literature, University of Amsterdam, a Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Media at Maastricht University, and Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam. Among his areas of interests are the study of cultural memory and identity politics.

Tamir Sorek, Ph.D. (2002) Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Israel Studies at the University of Florida. He taught previously at Cornell University and the University of Maryland. His scholarly interests center on the processes by which ethnic and national identities are produced.

Mahmoud Yazbak, Ph.D. (1996) in Middle Eastern Studies form The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Professor of Palestinian History, teaching at the Department of Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa. Professor Yazbak is the author of Haifa in the Late Ottoman Period, 1864-1914: A Muslim Town in Transition (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1998).

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