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Tel Aviv University
[Tel Aviv University] Prof. Rachel Giora, Dr. Anat Matar, Ronnen Ben Arie: Dissident Israelis support Marrickville BDS plan




Dissident Israelis support Marrickville BDS plan

Letter to Marrickville Council from concerned citizens of Israel urging you to stand firm in your support of BDS

We are Israeli citizens who witness first-hand the brutality of ourgovernment’s policies towards the Palestinian people. We stand firm in our support of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) initiatives against Israel until it meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination, and fully complies with the precepts of international law.

We reject the notion promoted by demagogues, that the 2005 BDS call from Palestine, and the BDS campaigns the world over which it has inspired, are rooted in anti-Jewish sentiment. On the contrary, BDS is an anti-racist movement against the daily, brutal occupation of Palestine and the virulently racist policies towards Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

We also reject the assertion that cultural and academic boycotts of Israel defy the democratic principle of free speech. Research and development in academic institutions play a central role in designing and defending Israel’s military and intelligence machinery. Prominent state-sponsored cultural institutions perpetuate the deception of Israeli democracy, and serve as propaganda tools. Moreover, the BDS campaign targets Israeli institutions, and does not bar Israeli individuals from conducting research with partners abroad or Israeli artists from performing abroad.

BDS was a key strategy in ending the white South African system ofapartheid by applying international pressure.

We warmly commend the groundbreaking stand taken by the MarrickvilleCouncil in support of the Council in support of the democratic and non-violent BDS campaign for justice and human rights and urge the council to stand firm in the face of attempted intimidation and manipulation.


Steve Amsel
Ronnen Ben-Arie (Fellow at the Minerva Humanities Center, TAU)
Matan Cohen
Adi Dagan
Prof. Rachel Giora
Rosamine Hayeem
Iris Hefets
Shir Hever
Yael Kahn
Dr. Anat Matar
Rela Mazali
Professor (emeritus) Moshé Machover
Dr. Dorothy Naor
Ofer Neiman
Amit Perelson
Itai Ryb
Herzl Schubert
Yonatan Shapira
Jonatan Stanczak
Ruth Tenne
Yana Ziferblat

On behalf of Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from within http://boycottisrael.info/

contact info

phone: 972-544-740825



20 April  

Council Withdraws from GBDS                             

Marrickville Council has voted to withdraw its support for the Global Boycott Divestments and Sanctions (GBDS) campaign involving Israel. more...   


Marrickville Council has voted to withdraw its support for the Global Boycott

Divestments and Sanctions (GBDS) campaign involving Israel



Media Release

20 April 2011

Marrickville Council

PO Box 14 Petersham 2049 Ph: 9335 2222 Fax: 9335 2029

email: council@marrickville.nsw.gov.au web: www.marrickville.nsw.gov.au


Marrickville Council has voted to withdraw its support for the Global Boycott

Divestments and Sanctions (GBDS) campaign involving Israel.

The decision was passed at last night’s council meeting where councillors met to

discuss a Council staff report outlining the implications of implementing the policy.

The Mayor of Marrickville, Councillor Fiona Byrne said that she had carefully

considered the findings of a Council staff report on the issue which was released last


“The report identifies some options, the cost of which would be impractical to the

Council and our local residents,” Clr Byrne said.

Clr Byrne added that Council would pursue other opportunities in its commitment to

see an improvement in the wellbeing of Palestinians in the occupied territories.

“The plight of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories has been and remains

a source of concern for Marrickville Councillors.”

“Council is justifiably proud of its history in fostering effective multiculturalism and is

recognised as a leading advocate of viable and results-based social justice and

environmental programs, as well as sustaining a culture of transparency and good


“How Council pursues its commitment to this issue must not adversely impact on

Council’s capacity to continue with its demonstrated commitment to serving our

community, and delivering quality and diverse services now and into the future.”


Media Contact: Nicole Trian, Media and Publications

Ph 9335 2047 or 0428 115 292

Rachael Brown, Communication Assistant

Ph 9335 2063



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