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Boycott Calls Against Israel
[Duke University] Rann Bar-On: I call for boycott against the State of Israel in order to harm Israel by means of boycott

Mathematics Department
Duke University, Durham, NC

Rann Bar-On, Lecturer

Contact Info:
Office Location:   013 Physics
Office Phone:   (919) 660-2872
Email Address:  rann@math.duke.edu

(Written by a blogger Andrew Ford Lyons)

 Here, I share a statement that my pal Rann Bar-On made earlier today on new, still-in-its-bubble-wrap Google+ social network. He has approved the statement being put in as public view as possible. Here’s hoping that more people follow the example:


Rann: Please feel free to share this in any forum whatsoever. I have (for the first time ever) set this as open to the entire Internet, because that’s the point!

I am making this statement because the Israeli government recently made it illegal to do so. There is much discussion about whether or not people should sign statements against the anti-boycott law with their own names. People are referring to the “decline” in Israeli democracy. Many want to know the risk involved.

Palestinians have not had the luxury of deciding how “risky” an act of defiance against Israeli occupation and apartheid will be. So long as Palestinians risk imprisonment, injury, and death for the sake of freedom, I won’t cower in the face of much less risk. I think every other Israeli citizen should do the same. Worrying about having your bank accounts frozen is no excuse at all.

I will not only attach my name, but my Israeli ID number. I will publish links to this in all public forums I participate in. I call on all Israeli citizens to do the same.

So here goes:

I call for boycott against the State of Israel in order to harm the State of Israel by means of boycott. If this is not clear enough, I will clarify: I (Ran Baron, ID number: 036490597) hereby call for any person to deliberately avoid economic, cultural or academic ties with another person or another factor only because of his ties with the State of Israel, one of its institutions or an area under its control, in such a way that may cause economic, cultural or academic damage. I knowingly publish a public call for a boycott against the State of Israel, hoping that according to the content and circumstances of the publication there is reasonable probability that the call will bring about a boycott; I am aware of this possibility.

And in Hebrew, for the those lovely people at the Shabak, some of whom do not speak English.

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