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Tel Aviv University
Review of TAU Shlomo Sand's "What Is a Jew?" Jews, Zionists and ruthless intergenerational banking families are behind the New World Order
Editorial Note


Since its publications in 2009 Shlomo Sand’s book, The Invention of the Jewish People, has received enormous exposure. Sand is a virtual godsend to a whole array of anti- Semites who have spun the theory that Jews are actually decedents of Khazars converts in order to prove a host of anti-Jewish causes. Not surprisingly, some of the “Jews-as Khazar” websites now boast references to the book. Sand has also become a favorite of radical anti-Israel circles who can now “prove” that Jews have no right to Israel. Recognizing a market for his ideas, Sand, a tireless self-promoter, has given dozen of speeches, participating in numerous round-tables and granted scores of interviews to sympathetic outlets.


Shlomo Sand – Interview with George Galloway, Iranian Press TV, 11/07/2009





Even by such lax standards, Sand’s interview with Galloway is a real low. A highly controversial British politician, Galloway was expelled from the Labor Party, organized a fringe leftist Respect Party and was suspended by Parliament for egregious attacks on the Prime Minister Tony Blair. Outside Parliament, Galloway was known for his friendship with Saddam Hussein whom he once praised: “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.” Galloway who represented Hussein in England was implicated in the Oil for Food scandal whereby a number of officials helped Iraq sell its oil in contravention of the United Nations embargo. After the dictator’s demise in 2003, Galloway relocated his activities to Iran where he helps the regime in its PR work. At one point he implied that the administration was less than transparent about 9/11 but stopped short of supporting the so-called “truthers,” that is conspiracy theorists who accuse the CIA and/or the Mossad of launching the attacks. Still, he noted that President Bush was “ruthless” enough to have authorized such an action.

All throughout his career, Galloway has been a virulent critic of Israel; he routinely refers to it as “this little settler state on the Mediterranean” and in a series of appearances on Arab television he described “Jerusalem and Baghdad” as being “raped by foreigners.” He often complained about the power of “international Jewry” and, one occasion boasted that he was re-elected to Parliament “despite all the efforts…of the Zionist movement and news media which are controlled by Zionism.” Galloway accused Israel of murdering the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and praised the presence of Syrian troops there. He also denied that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, prompting the National Union of Students of the United Kingdom to pass a resolution condemning him for the statement.

Galloway opened the interview by seeking to elaborate on the notion of the invention of the Jews. Sand responded that “Jewish people was invented [sic] in the second half of the nineteenth century by historians. In response to a question about other myths in the book, Sand discussed the “myth of the exile,” describing it as a core tenet of Jewish history. But, in his view, Jews were never exiled from their homeland, an opinion based on his failure to find any evidence of such an exile. Sand professed to be hugely surprised that there was no empirical data to support the “exile story” but gratified that he debunk the “exile myth.”

The “exile myth” gave Galloway an opening to press his main point; if there were was no exile, then should be no right to return of the Jews and no [Zionist] right to scatter the Palestinians all over the world. Sand agreed with this statement but went one step further stating: “even if it was a people, even if it was an exile… why is it giving rights after two thousand years” [sic]. Indeed, he categorically asserted that there was no justification for the “colonial” Zionist project.

Moving on to other issues, Sand expanded on the “myth of the Diaspora.” He explained that Jews are not descends of the Hebrews but rather a product of conversion throughout the ages; “most of the Jew came from conversion” and “dissidents” of converts [sic] driven by the process of proselytization from the Greek to mediaeval times. Sand noted that, personally, he is not against conversion, but because of it, Judaism should be defined as a religion and not as an ethnicity. At this point in the interview, Sand decried the fact that Jews in Israel erroneously define themselves as “ethnic, ethnos” [sic]; adding that Jews are among the last people who believe in their connection to the Hebrews. In this view, the “myth of ethnicity” put Israel is “very bad” situation.

Galloway’s next question involved the impact of what he called “a remarkable thesis” on changing public perceptions. Sand responded that though the book was a best seller he does not expect books to change the world. At the same time he felt encouraged that young Israelis are reading the book, implying that maybe the next generation is questioning the “Zionists“ myths; in contrast, he found “historians,” his definition of the guardians of the “Zionist myths,” to be were very, very angry with him.

The interview ended with Galloway’s promise to help Sand to popularize the book in England and an invitation to a proper “sit down“ interview.

The Daily Bell, the latest to carry a review of Sand, is an extreme libertarian outlet that promotes conspiracy theories, among others. It espouses the view that Jews, Zionists and "ruthless intergenerational banking families that may use "Jewishness" and anti-Semitism as a shield behind which to hide" are behind the New World Order.

News & Analysis

Israeli Historian Shlomo Sand: 'What Is a Jew?'

Thursday, October 13, 2011 – by Staff Report

Zionists have concealed the historical conversions to Judaism, adopted the Old Testament as the "storehouse of national memory" and created a "metanarrative" of contemporary Jews as stemming from the Jews of the Bible. Sand refers to this ethnic identity as "wholly fictitious [but] discriminatory" and portrays Jews as "a heterogeneous mosaic of human populations" emanating from "a great variety of cultural-linguistic groups, each with a distinctive origin" and no more a race than Christians are. – Veterans Today

Dominant Social Theme: Why, Jews are ... they are ... they did ... they had ... they could ... well, it's OBVIOUS. We just can't explain it right now.

Free-Market Analysis: Veterans Today, no friend of the Israeli establishment, has reviewed a book by Shlomo Sand entitled The Invention of the Jewish People (Verso Books, London and New York). Shlomo Sand is a historian at Israel's University of Tel Aviv.

This is an interesting book because it apparently proposes serious revisions to the history of the Jewish people. It is also an important book because as the new world order grows in magnitude and begins to become more real, people inevitably blame Jews and Zionists, and yet some of this blame may well be misplaced.

DB is a libertarian paper analyzing dominant social themes of the power elite; and the "Jewish meme" is a fundamental one. The power elite has evidently and obviously cultivated anti-Semitism in order to ensure a certain level of immunity. History, in a sense, may have been falsified. That's Dr. Sand talking, not us.

Question the rush to world government – or at least its strategic components – and one is apt to be labeled an anti-Semite. From our point of view this is no accident. Yet, increasingly there seem to be difficulties ... First, it is not at all clear what a Jew is from a historical standpoint or even a religious standpoint, given that there are so many Jewish schisms and historical narratives.

Second, and more important, it is certainly not true that those behind the expanding one-world order are Jewish in any recognizable sense. In 2005, in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy, Ellen Levy-Coffman published a study entitled, "A Mosaic of People: The Jewish Story and a Reassessment of the DNA Evidence." Her introduction states the following:

The new analysis shows that Jewish ancestry reflects a mosaic of genetic sources. While earlier studies focused on the Middle Eastern component of Jewish DNA, new research has revealed that both Europeans and Central Asians also made significant genetic contributions to Jewish ancestry. Moreover, while the DNA studies have confirmed the close genetic interrelatedness of many Jewish communities, they have also confirmed what many suspected all along: Jews do not constitute a single group distinct from all others. Rather, modern Jews exhibit a diversity of genetic profiles, some reflective of their Semitic/Mediterranean ancestry, but others suggesting an origin in European and Central Asian groups. The blending of European, Semitic, Central Asian and Mediterranean heritage over the centuries has led to today's Jewish populations.

She also makes an interesting point about Khazarist genetic influence on "Jewish" people:

Many of the DNA studies on Ashkenazim fail to adequately address the complexity of the genetic evidence, in particular, the significant genetic contribution of European and Central Asian peoples in the makeup of the contemporary Ashkenazi population. One important contribution to Ashkenazi DNA appears to have originated with the Khazars, an ancient people of probable Central Asian stock that lived in southern Russia during the 8th-12th centuries CE.

Sand apparently deals with this Khazarist influence and accuses the Rabbinical establishment of downplaying in the 20th century the antecedents of Judaism, which were well known previously. In fact, the review labels him part of a "post-Zionist" movement contesting the "imagined universe" of Jewish history, with its "mythological kingdom of David." He accuses Rabbinical Judaism of avoiding its own history and challenges "the nationalization of the Bible and its transformation into a reliable history book and its basis for the sacred trinity of Bible-Nation-Land of Israel."

This makes a good deal of sense to us, and fits in with arguments we've been making, generally, about Jewish and Zionist responsibility for the new world order. We've even proposed that what seems to be a "Jewish" motivated effort to introduce global government – a new world order – is actually the work of ruthless intergenerational banking families that may use "Jewishness" and anti-Semitism as a shield behind which to hide.

In other words, globalism is not, perhaps, a Jewish movement any more than the Italian mafia's attempts to create an international crime syndicate is an "Italian" movement. The Italian mafia is composed mostly of Italians because it is set firmly within the cultural context of Italy. The one-world conspiracy is feasibly led by "Jewish" families that employ Jews the way the Italian mafia employs Italians. Here's some more from the review of Sand's book:

He is firm in challenging "the nationalization of the Bible and its transformation into a reliable history book" and its basis for "the sacred trinity of Bible-Nation-Land of Israel."

Nowhere within Rome's detailed records is there documentation of an expulsion from Judea that could be a basis for an "Exile" and a "Diaspora." Rather, Judaism's history has been one of converting non-Semitic peoples.Judaism was historically evangelistic, and within officially polytheistic Rome, itself struggling with hedonism and corruption, the monotheistic religion offered moral grounding for converts. From there Judaism spread throughout the Empire, only to slow in the fourth century when a repressive Christianity, having become differentiated from its Judaic root, became official state religion.

Proselytizing and conversion to Judaism was widespread in the Mediterranean and north into the Caucasus. In particular, the now vanished empire of Khazaria, which extended from the Black and Caspian seas well into Russia, underwent massive conversion to Judaism in the eight century, thereafter to become the primary source of Jewry in Eastern Europe.

This was an accepted history among scholars until the 1970s, when it became condemned as anti-Semitic by what Sand refers to disparagingly as "Israel's establishment historians " occupied in inventing the eternal history of the "people of Israel'." Sand writes that the "Exile", in fact a creation of early Christians, was ultimately accepted by Jews and evolved into "truth engraved in history".

Zionists have concealed the historical conversions to Judaism, adopted the Old Testament as the "storehouse of national memory" and created a "metanarrative" of contemporary Jews as stemming from the Jews of the Bible. Sand refers to this ethnic identity as "wholly fictitious [but] discriminatory" and portrays Jews as "a heterogeneous mosaic of human populations" emanating from "a great variety of cultural-linguistic groups, each with a distinctive origin" and no more a race than Christians are.

Sand points out that "Zionism" in the Jewish community – a movement commonly defined as one that seeks the creation and maintenance of a Jewish state" – is primarily popular with Jews over 60. There is not, in his view, a broad Zionist constituency among Jews, and in fact, it is waning.

How then, is the Internet alive with denunciations of Zionism and of "Jews" in general. We would propose that this may be one of the most successful of elite dominant social themes.

There is no doubt that great central banking families of the world are in some sense "Jewish" – but as we've pointed out many times previously, the parallels between those who are the putative leaders of the Jewish community and ordinary "Jews" themselves seem fairly sketchy. The globalist conspiracy far more resembles a mafia than a religious movement.

What is a Jew? Sand himself apparently debunks much Jewish modern history. And DNA evidence cited above seems to show that Jewish populations include a Khazarian element and are in any case heterogeneous. The Jewish "religion" itself seems hard to pin down, as we've discussed in the past.

Thus, blaming Jews, or even Zionists, for what is now taking place in the world strikes us as somewhat simplistic. It incites hatred for certain people and the religion they profess but we are not sure it adds much to an understanding of what is taking place today.

There is evidently and obviously a group of powerful central banking families that, along with religious, military and political enablers, want to create world government. The seat of this world government may even be Jerusalem. Certain aspects of Jewish theology are surely utilized to provide a degree of cohesion for this secretive effort.

And yet ... the idea that Jews (and Zionists) are behind the establishment of the new world order can also be seen as a kind of dominant social theme. Those who adopt this argument are certainly subject to marginalization by the powers-that-be via charges of "anti-Semitism."

This meme, and we think it is a deliberate one, works well. The alternative 'Net media itself is in full cry about Jews and Zionists these days and thus possibly subject to increasing marginalization as a result.

Conclusion: Is the new world order a "Jewish" movement, or even a Zionist one? To ask that question and answer in the affirmative is to play right into the trap that has been set by those who hide behind a Jewish identity and use charges of anti-Semitism to distract critics from the real issues and problems of the continuing globalist conspiracy.



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