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Tel Aviv University
[TAU, Literature] Dr. Orly Lubin "Towards return of Palestinian refugees", 3.11.2011 8 PM Zochrot Gallery


Dr. Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv University
NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program
Office phone

Editorial Note,

Dr. Orly Lubin (TAU) is a radical activist who has used her academic position to delegitimize Israel in the international arena. Among her many proclamations and petitions is one presented to foreign embassies during Operation Cast Lead. Signed by "citizens of Israel" it urged the international community to stop the "criminal" conduct of Israel and called the world "not to allow the brutal occupation."

Lubin's participation in the Zochrot project, which seeks to advance the right to return of Palestinians to Israel proper, is emblematic of the mixture of academics and politics. The Zochrot symposium promises to "use the idea of language as a medium for the generation of spatial change... and the way in which these discourses are involved in the promotion of a discourse of return."

This rather convoluted phrasing is designed to demonstrate that there is support for return of the Palestinians beyond the small hard-core group of academic activists. Lubin, who puts faith in the power of language and discourse to affect political change - a staple of neo-Marxist, critical studies- needs to be reminded that language and discourse cut both ways. She should have studied the Palestinian discourse replete with language that conveys anti-Semitic imagery and genocidal threats against Israeli Jews and stopped playing into their hands.

Third Symposium at Zochrot's Exhibition

“Towards Return of

Palestinian Refugees”

The Return of Palestinian Refugees – Towards a New Language


Thursday, 3.11.2011
Zochrot Gallery

About six weeks ago, the exhibition “Towards Return of Palestinian Refugees” opened at the Zochrot Gallery. The opening night symposium, devoted to the question “Return—to what kind of state?” dealt with the significance and implications of return for the social and political space in our region. In the second symposium, Palestinians spoke about return from various perspectives: political, social, and planning.

In the third symposium we would like to discuss the idea of language as a medium for the generation of spatial change. We will examine the role of language in political discourse in general and in feminist discourse in particular, and the way in which these discourses are involved in the promotion of a discourse of return.

The speakers:
Dr. Orly Lubin // Chair of the Department of General and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University. Her work deals among other things with feminist theory and women’s studies, cultural theory, and visual culture.

Safa Abu-Rabia // Anthropologist and doctoral student at Ben Gurion University, and a social activist. Writes on Bedouin historical and gender discourse among women of the 1948 generation in the Negev.

Liat Rosenberg // Director of Zochrot

Zochrot Gallery
Ibn Gvirol 61 / Apt. 2
Entry through 13 Mane St.
Tel-Aviv Jaffa
Tel. 03-6953155

Gallery hours of operation:
Fridays 10:00 – 13:00
Tuesdays 10:00 – 18:00
The gallery may also be visited during office open hours – please call prior to arrival.

Dr. Orly Lubin in 2003
Tuesday July 1st, 2003, Time: 7:00 PM
Al-Awda Cafe:
The Road Map" 
Bush, other war criminals and selected representatives are trying to 
crush the resistance of the Palestinian People with such propaganda like "road 
map" to peace. The "road map" will not lead to any peace but in fact to more 
destruction. We refuse to allow the Zionist Entity to higher it's level of 
apartheid and genocide, while calling it "the road map".
A panel discussion with:
Rabab AbdelHadi 
Orly Lubin from Tel Aviv University-- an Israeli anti occupation and anti-Zionist feminist.
Kevorkian Basement Center (New York University)
50 Washington Square South (aka west 4th street) 
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