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Tel Aviv University
Swiss Institute dismisses Johan Galtung, TAU Daniel Bar-Tal's greatest peace researcher


The panelists at the TAU event
on December 5, 2006 were, from
left: Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, Dr. Walid
Salem, keynote speaker Dr. Johan
Galtung and Dr. Amal Jamal.

Editorial Note:

Some months ago, IAM reported on anti-Semitic expressions of Professor Johan Galtung, a leading scholar in peace research.  At the time, IAM called on TAU Professor Daniel Bar-Tal, a disciple of Galtung to denounce him.  Among others, Bar-Tal asked Galtung to keynote a conference in Tel Aviv; where the latter made invidious comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.  While at least one radical Israeli scholar expressed dismay  at Galtung's anti-Semitism, Bar-Tal kept silent, perhaps because he did not want to upset the "international peace community," a source of many of his accolades.

It is noted that Bar-Tal often cited Galtung and declared him to be THE greatest peace researcher.
Now, after the Swiss-based World Peace Academy suspended Galtung, Bar-Tal should find enough moral courage to speak up. 
Jerusalem Post

Swiss group suspends 'anti-Semitic' Norway scholar

08/09/2012 20:55

Researcher Johan Galtung suspended form Swiss World Peace Academy after he remarks that Jews control the American media. 

BERLIN – The Swiss World Peace Academy suspended on Wednesday Norway’s peace researcher Johan Galtung because of his allegedly anti-Semitic comments.

According to articles in the Swiss papers Mittelland Zeitung and Basler Zeitung, Galtung was booted from the Swiss Academy because of “reckless and offensive statements to questions that are specifically sensitive for Jews.” The University of Basel is a partner organization of the Swiss World Peace Academy.

In an email to The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, a leading Israeli expert on Norwegian anti-Semitism, said, “Orwell wrote in 1942 that pacifism was objectively pro-fascist, because of its hampering the war efforts of the allies. The ‘peace scholar’ Galtung uses a different method to help Israel’s totalitarian and murderous enemies.

“Without any proof, he associates the Mossad with the Norwegian mass murderer Breivik, he falsely suggests that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is genuine and so on. His attitude fits that of significant parts of the Norwegian cultural elite. Galtung has merited his place in textbooks of 21st century anti-Semitism.”

The Humanist magazine printed Galtung’s remarks. Galtung wrote in one of the exchanges that Jews control the American media.

“Six Jewish companies control 96% of the media,” he wrote, including the names of journalists, publishers, TV networks and movie studios that he claims are controlled by Jews.

He also wrote that “70% of the professors at the 20 most-important American universities are Jewish.”

Galtung recommended that people read the anti-Semitic screed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and said, “It is impossible to do so today without thinking of Goldman Sachs,” the international investment bank.

Gil Shefler contributed to this report.


Translated from German by Google


After anti-Semitism, peace researcher suspended

The Norwegian peace researcher Johan Galtung has been excluded from the Swiss World Peace Academy. The report, the "Mittelland Zeitung" and the "Basler Zeitung" (Wednesday). As the basic academy, as indicated, among other things called "careless and hurtful remarks to matters that are specifically sensitive to the Jews." Galtung was repeatedly advised in the past because of anti-Semitic statements in the criticism. He had said about that the Jews have promoted anti-Semitism after the First World War itself. In a lecture at the University of Oslo, he is said to have recommended the anti-Semitic diatribe "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", referring to an American-Jewish banking house for the reading, the "Basler Zeitung". He had pointed out that Jews in the media and universities are disproportionately represented. The World Peace Academy claims to be an educational institution that seeks to promote their programs and projects for a global culture of peace. Its partner organizations include, inter alia, the University of Basel.



Translated from German by Google


Wednesday, 08/08/2012

Basel Institute dismisses peace researcher Johan Galtung

The Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung is considered the founding father of peace and conflict studies. Until recently, the 81-year-old at the Basel World Peace Academy, served as a visiting lecturer. But now came the break between Galtung and the Institute.

Regional correspondent Gaudenz Wacker

Allegedly anti-Semitic remarks on paint scratch the renowned peace researcher Johan Galtung. So shall the carrier has made ​​the alternative Nobel Prize almost a year ago publicly a connection between the Norwegian bombers Anders Breivik, and the Israeli secret service. On another occasion he is said to have extravagant to claim that the vast majority of the media is globally controlled by Jewish companies. Such statements have been circulated by media again and again. no longer a guest lecturer in Basle Now they have at the World Peace Academy in Basel brought the camel's back: The Peace Research Institute wants nothing more to do with Galtung. The separate World Peace Academy, the Norwegian Star peace researcher and invites him not as a guest lecturer. The leadership of the Academy have the Trenung Galtung not made ​​lightly, Basler says former National Remo Gysin, a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Peace Institute . Compared to Swiss Radio DRS drowns at Gysin, you've really worked well with Galtung. But the decisive factor is the acceptance of the Academy. It could therefore happen that you have to get rid of someone, "the acceptance of the institution in question shall be." University of Basel separation is "reasonable and rational" The Final Diploma of the World Peace Academy is certified by the University of Basel. In this respect, the Peace Research Institute loosely connected with the University of Basel. Otherwise, however, was the World Peace Academy, regardless of the university, said university spokesman Matthias Geering. Although not mix the University of Basel in programs such as that of the Academy are designed. The discussions about the controversial statements of the peace researcher showed, however, that it "very sensible and reasonable" is that it is now separate from Galtung, so Geering on. peace researcher Jahn Galtung would be to task, too, he could understand the separation of Galtung says The German peace researchers Egbert Jahn. However, he emphasizes the statement that he himself advancing in such cases differently: he would take the accused to the chest, make him so compelling to task. content, it can not take position on Galtung's comments, the decision to defer to him in the original Norwegian he not could translate exactly, says Jahn. Galtung practicing "cultural violence" from Galtung had let in recent years repeatedly to "provocative reductions of property issues lead" - "in protest against power and power politics," says Jahn. This Galtung himself but do exactly what he really refuse - "to exercise cultural violence" that is. Galtung confirm prejudices so often said Jahn. . "I think this is harmful - in the matter, as well as in peace research" Johan was Galtung himself for Radio DRS can not be achieved kurzfistig: The 81-year-old peace researcher was staying in Geneva for a meeting with UN representatives, it was called when Galtung Institute in Germany Grenzach near Basel. (Pet)


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