Break the Conspiracy of Silence, Act Before it is too Late
29 March 2002

Urgent Call to World Civil Society:

Break the Conspiracy of Silence, Act Before it is too Late


We, the undersigned, believe that a full-scale Israeli offensive throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is imminent and that such an unprecedented attack demands from global civil society an unprecedented response.  For this reason, we urge global civil society – including human rights organisations, solidarity groups, and individuals – to take immediate direct action to stop Israel’s all-out war against the Palestinian people and its 35-year belligerent military occupation of the Gaza strip and West Bank, including east Jerusalem.


Today, Israeli occupying forces invaded the compound of PNA President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah as part of a systematic and longstanding campaign to undermine, humiliate, and destroy the Palestinian political leadership.  Israeli troops have also seized complete control of Ramallah and imposed a total curfew.  At the same time, Israeli officials have begun a massive military build-up, including the mobilization of 20,000 army reservists, in preparation for an openly declared war throughout the OPT that promises to be widespread, prolonged, and bloody.


Earlier this month, escalating Israeli attacks – including willful killings, indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombardment, complete economic and social suffocation, and mass destruction of housing and agriculture – culminated in full-scale invasions of Palestinian refugee camps and villages that killed hundreds of civilians.  Statements by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today referring to Arafat as the “enemy” and speaking of the need to “extirpate Palestinian terrorism everywhere it exists” indicate that such attacks are set to resume, with greater ferocity and scope, leading to disastrous consequences.


Palestinian civil society groups have warned for years that Israel’s freedom to act as a state above the law would severely undermine chances for a just and lasting peace.  After decades of occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing and 18 months of all-out war against a civilian population, we call for the international community not to wait for massacres on the scale of those in Sabra and Shatila in 1982; the time for action is now.


The support for the Palestinian people shown by international solidarity groups, manifested in numerous statements, visits, and actions, has proved invaluable throughout this crisis.  Now is the time for global civil society to use the momentum it has generated and the ethical integrity it has demonstrated to forcefully demand immediate action from governments to end the occupation, which is the root cause of the conflict.


Governments, including those currently meeting at the UN Commission on Human Rights, must face direct and unambiguous pressure from their own people to immediately secure Israel’s respect for the Fourth Geneva Convention and its complete withdrawal from the OPT as necessary steps towards achieving a just and lasting peace.


To this end, we call upon all those who oppose occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes, who are committed to justice and peace, who are willing to speak truth to power, to:


  1. Raise your voices to break the conspiracy of silence among governments that allows Israel, which enjoys the unlimited and unconditional support of the US, to commit war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law with impunity.

  2. Clearly, vigorously, and publicly demonstrate before governments and international organisations to demand immediate and effective protection for Palestinian civilians in the OPT, through protests, marches, media campaigns, and other peaceful means.

  3. Demand that governments end military assistance to Israel, suspend economic ties, and support the prosecution of war criminals, and urge other states to do so.

  4. Continue and intensify your activities as part of a sustained and systematic campaign to end the occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes in the OPT and to support the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people.


Now is the time for immediate and direct action, as the pattern of escalating oppression and brutality that we have experienced over the past 18 months moves inexorably towards a disaster whose consequences we can only begin to imagine.  In this dark hour of suffering and determined resistance, we are sure that the worst is yet to come, but we are equally sure that, with the support of global civil society at this crucial time, peace and justice will prevail.




  1. Dr. Heydar Abdel-Shafi

  2. Dr. Hanan Ashrawi

  3. Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

  4. Dr. Azmi Bishara

  5. Rana Nashashibi

  6. Dr. Eyad Sarraj

  7. Khader Shkirat

  8. Raji Sourani


With the support of:

  1. Dr. Yossi Amitay, Kibbutz Gvulot

  2. Michael Ben Yair, Jurist, Tel Aviv

  3. Prof. Avraham Oz, Tel Aviv

  4. Dr. Ilan Pappe

  5. Dr. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkim

  6. Prof. Aharon Eviatar, Hoffit, Tel Aviv University

  7. Prof. Baruch Kimmerling, Jerusalem

  8. Dr. Daphna Levit, Tel Aviv

  9. Dr. Danial Amit, Rome

  10. Yehudith Harel, Ramat Hasharon

  11. Haim Hanegbi, Jounalist, Tel Aviv

  12. Prof.Jacob Katriel, Haifa

  13. Dr. Lev Grinberg, Jerusalem

  14. Pnina Feiler, Kibbutz Yad Hanna

  15. Dr. Ruchama Marton, Tel Aviv

  16. Adv. Tamar Pelleg-Sryk, Tel Aviv

  17. Dr. Tikva Honig Parnass, Jerusalem

  18. Uri Avnery, Journalist, Tel Aviv

  19. Dr. Gadi Algazy, Tel Aviv

  20. Dr. Micah Leshem, Haifa U.

  21. Monica Gilboa PH.D., Boston, Mass.

  22. Kedar Yehudit

  23. Eyal Levinson

  24. Prof. Shimon Levy, Tel Aviv

  25. Yoav Yaffe, Ramat-Hasharon

  26. Dr. Neve Gordon

  27. Catherine Rottenberg

  28. Mauricio Goncalves

  29. Rohan Saxena, Tel Aviv

  30. Tamar Gutman, Tel Aviv

  31. Yosef Grodzinsky, PH.D. Tel Aviv

  32. Noam Knoller, Tel Aviv U.

  33. Dr.Judith Feher Gurewich Cambridge MA

  34. Prof. Victor Gurewich Harvard U.

  35. Irit Katriel

  36. Deborah Gerner

  37. Prof. Oren Yiftachel, Ben Gurion U

  38. Gideon Spiro, Journalist, Jerusalem (west)

  39. Dr. Dudy Tzfati, Jerusalem

  40. Aron Trauring, Kfar Sava / New York

  41. Erica Rappaport Gringle

  42. Ronit Chacham, writer, Jerusalem

  43. Joel Beinin, Department of History

  44. Dan Schachter, Jerusalem

  45. Liora Halivny, Jerusalem

  46. Porf. Nira Yuval-Davis, London

  47. Micha Kovler, General Manager

  48. Dr. N.Bar-haim, Jerusalem

  49. Nina Vaisman, architect. Brasil

  50. Gershon Knispel, artist, Israel/Brasil

  51. David R. Bassett, M.D.

  52. Maxim Sansour

  53. Tanya Zaben

  54. Dr. Anat Matar, TAU, Ramat Ha Sharon

  55. Regev Nathansohn, MA student, Israil

  56. Dr. Neve Gordon, Ben Gurion U

  57. Catherine Rottenberg

  58. Dror Feiler, Sweden

  59. Prof. Eli Glasner, Jerusalem

  60. Anne Glickman- Toronto, Canada

  61. Rohen Saxena, Tel Aviv

  62. Yael Meroz, Rome

  63. Prof. Eli Glasner, Jerusalem

  64. Dr. Louise Bethlehem, Hod Hasharon

  65. Prof. Ahron Eviatar Hofit, Tel Aviv U.

  66. Nicole Cohen-Addad, MD, Tel Aviv

  67. Prof. Hannan Hever, Jerusalem

  68. Dr. Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv

  69. Talma Bar-Din, Haifa

  70. Helga Shoham- Modi'in

  71. Maya Gal, Tel Aviv

  72. Amos Wollin, Tel Aviv

  73. Aya Kaniuk, Tel Aviv

  74. Michal Chacham Dallal

  75. Dalia Hager, Tel Aviv

  76. Yael Lotan, writer, Ramat Gan

  77. Alex Massis, Tel Aviv

  78. Dan Kedar, Tel Aviv

  79. Yoav Yaffe, Ramat Hasharon

  80. Prof. Eli Glasner, Jerusalem

  81. Yom-Tov Shamash- Teacher

  82. Miraim Ruerup, Jerusalem

  83. Bat-Chen, Tel Aviv

  84. Patricia Carmeli, Caesaria

  85. Lior Wachtel, Farod, Israel

  86. Yehudit Elkana, Jerusalem

  87. Norah Orlow, Jerusalem

  88. Dina Hecht, Jerusalem

  89. OZ Shelach, Israel Citizen, nyc/Jerusalem

  90. Athena DeRasmo Univ. of Haifa

  91. Ran Hacohen, Translator, Tel Aviv

  92. Dr. Daphna Golan-Agnon, Jerusalem

  93. Bilha Golan, Beit Saarim

  94. Noa Mor, Tel Aviv

  95. Yehuda Miron, Tel Aviv

  96. Avi Berg, Israel

  97. Shelly Nativ, Tel Aviv

  98. Prof. Yoav Peled, Tel Aviv

  99. Horit Herman Pelded, Artist

  100. Prof. Zalman Amit, Tel Aviv

  101. Shira Stav, Jerusalem

  102. Smadar Sharon, Yel Aviv

  103. Asaf Schurr, West Jerusalem

  104. Dr. Janina Altman, Haifa

  105. Prof. Colman Altman, Haifa

  106. Anders Ettinger, Jerusalem

  107. Udi Levy, Beer Sheva

  108. Dr. Uri Davis, Sakhnin

  109. Shmuel Groag

  110. Annette Feld

  111. Peretz Kidrom, Jerusalem

  112. Tamar Getter Painter, Tel Aviv

  113. Ronit Dovrat, painter, Firenze

  114. Dr. Tal Siloni, Tel Aviv

  115. Dr. Samu Shalom Shitreet

  116. Hemdat Lerman, Oxford

  117. Eldad Benary, New York City

  118. Dafna Hirsch, Tel Aviv

  119. Nora Bandersky, Jerusalem

  120. Dr. Randa Farah

  121. Msgr Peter Schonenbach

  122. Dr. Allan Lichtenstein, New Brunswick,NJ

  123. Mazin Qumsiyeh, PHD

  124. Dr. Edeet Ravel, Montreal

  125. Judith Feher Gurewich PHD Cambridge MA

  126. Deborah Gerner

  127. Phil Runkel, Waukesha, WI, USA

  128. <>Rev. DR. Leonard B. Bjorkman Syracuse.NY

  129. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

  130. Bruno Kampel, writer, Sweden

  131. Micha Kovler, General Manager

  132. Leila Babes, Prof. of Sociology, France

  133. Maxim Sansour

  134. Dr. Bertran Garskof, Hamden CT, USA

  135. Hope Wilson (Student)

  136. Dr. Haggai Kupermintz, Denver US

  137. Galia Shapira, Denver, US

  138. Ron Cohen, London, UK

  139. John Dabeet, (AMPAL)

  140. Ali Khejjou, Instrutor, USA

  141. Dr. Neve Gordon, Ben Gurion U

  142. Catherine Rottenberg

  143. Dror Feiler, Sweden

  144. Anne Glickman- Tornato, Canada

  145. Prof. Leila Babes, France

  146. Barbara Moriarty, Citizen, Chicago

  147. Prof. Hannan Hever, Jerusalem

  148. DR. Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv

  149. Esti Kassovicz, Boston

  150. Talma Bar-Din, Haifa

  151. Richard McCormick, New Zealand

  152. Alexandra Caruso, Vienna

  153. Michal Chacham Dallal

  154. Dalia Hager, Tel Aviv

  155. Yael Lotan, writer, Ramat Gan

  156. Shulamit Koenig, NY

  157. Henri Wajnblum, Brussels

  158. Mady Wajnblum, Brussles

  159. Terry Gilliam, UK

  160. Yom-Tov Shamash- Teacher

  161. Ghassan Abdullah, Birzeit U.

  162. Jamil Hilal, Muwatin

  163. Prof. Dr. Herman De Ley

  164. Tony Howard, UK

  165. Diana Taylor, UK

  166. Meredith Tax, NY

  167. Ali Khejjou, California USA

  168. Marie-Dominique Gineste, France

  169. Irene Siegel, PhD Student, USA

  170. Jewish-american

  171. Eldad Benary, NY

  172. Dr. Ahmad Benani

  173. Miriam Van der sangen, Holland

  174. Suha Kudsieh

  175. Prof. Father Samir Khalil Samir, Lebanon

  176. Alain Bittar, Geneva Switzerland

  177. Handy Ahmed

  178. Ibrahim Said

  179. Rui Barreiros da Silva Protalegre, Portugal

  180. Joelene G. Mohmad, USA

  181. Shelby Tucker

  182. Yael Oren Kahn, Uk

  183. Pr Denis Guenoun, Paris

  184. Paola Marrati, Prof. U. Amsterdam

  185. Dan Conell, USA

  186. Ute Plass, Worms- Germany

  187. Anne Plass, Heidelberg- Germany

  188. Emanuel Plass, Worms - Germany

  189. Eva Plass, Wroms - Germany

  190. Uta-Maria Darmer, Germany

  191. Erika Pinal, Worms - Germany

  192. Inga Weber, Worms - Germany

  193. Ursa Mayer, Karsruhe - Germany

  194. David Mandel, California

  195. Roberta Simini

  196. Fernando Ramalho- Portugal

  197. Mike Kahook

  198. Maha El-Sayed, Lebanon

  199. Alice Caldeira Cabral, Evora- Portugal

  200. Ismail Patel

  201. Doug Willbanks

  202. Dr. Nicola Pratt, Uk

  203. Bilha Golan, Beit Saarim

  204. Ronit Dovrat, Artist, Firenze

  205. Prof. Dr. Adel Yussef Sidaus, Portugal

  206. Horit Herman Pelded, Artist

  207. Ellen Rohlfs, Leer, Germany, Writer

  208. Dr. Uri Davis, Sakhnin

  209. Shmuel Groag

  210. Annette Feld

  211. Peretz Kidrom, Jerusalem

  212. Dr. Martha E. Nunn, Boston, MA, USA

  213. Jonatan Peled, Kibbutz Maabarot, educator

  214. Ofer Cassif, Rehovot

  215. Prof. Donald Miller OBE

  216. Prof. Philippe Mesnard, Paris

  217. Marie-Dominique Gineste,France

  218. Dr. Bambi Ceuppens, Belgium

  219. Micheal Rosen,UK, Writer and broadcaster

  220. Nermine Ezzat Rizkallah

  221. Prof. Dr. Erich H. Loewy, UCDMC

  222. Prof. Juan Pedro Monferrer, Spain

  223. Teresa Judice Gamito, Portugal

  224. Dr. Ismail AL-Jalili, Uk+I

  225. Ahlam Akram, London

  226. Jan Bauman. USA

  227. Marcos Amado, Spain

  228. Mme Naima Mchater, Morocco

  229. Ansar Balar, Morocco

  230. Nidal Balar, Morocco

  231. Adbelghani Balar, Morocco

  232. Deniel Machover, for and on behalf of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

  233. Nada Khorchid

  234. Awwad Abu Zaineh

  235. Basil Zayyat

  236. Alain Prochiantz, France

  237. Sally Weiss, Northampton, Massachusetts

  238. Nikolaus Siegfried, Hamburg University, Germany

  239. Kedar Yehudit

  240. Catherine Levy, France

  241. Giuliana Cacciapuoti Naples, Italy

  242. Kristian Gundersen, Prof. of Physiology, University of Oslo, Norway

  243. Mr. Riham Barghouti, Birzeit Universtiy

  244. Gunnar Nicolaysen, Prof. of Physiology Medical Faculty, University of Oslo, Norway

  245. Dr. Ronit Lentin, Course Coordinator, MPhil in Ethnic and Sociology, University of Dulblin, Ireland

  246. Ahlam Akram, Palestine

  247. Dr. Dawoud Subqi El-Alami, Lecturer in Islamic Studies University of Wales Lampeter

  248. Kate El-Alami, Lector in Arabic University of Wales Lampeter

  249. Prof. Dr. Magda Devos, University of Ghent (Belgium), Department Dutch Linguisics

  250. Prof. Dr. Willy Vandeweghe, Hogeschool Gent, Ghent (Belgium), Departemnet of Translation& Interpreting Studies

  251. Andrew Courtney

  252. Prof. Sami Adwan, Faculty of Education, Bethlehem University

  253. Hagit Borer, Prof. of Linguistics, University of Suothern California, USA

  254. Carmelo Virone, (Liege, Belgium)

  255. Anja Meulenbelt, Kifaia Foundation, Amsterdam

  256. Orfeo Soldati, Surgeon in Naples, Italy

  257. Prof. Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv

  258.  Aharon Shabtai, Tel Aviv

  259. Jose Carlos Pereira, Portugal

  260. Jamal Hashim, Engineer, Bahrain

  261. Prof. Reviel Netz, Stanford University

  262. Karen Malpede, writer

  263. George Bartenieff, Actor

  264. Claire Lejeune

  265. Frederic Dussenne

  266. Anne Andre

  267. Alain Leveque

  268. Annette Lejeune

  269. Philippe Andre

  270. Suzanne Lejeune

  271. Isabel Miller

  272. Tanya Suvendrini Lena ,MPH Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

  273. Dr. B Lena Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  274. Warren Montag, Prof. of English, Occidental College, Los Angeles, Ca

  275. Jan Bauman, USA

  276. Maha El-Sayed, Lebanon, Origin from Haifa, Palestine

  277. Prof. Tove Bull, Faculty of Humanities, University of Tromso, Tromso

  278. P.T. Sami Allaskuvla, Hannoluokka, Guovdageaidnu

  279. Jocelyne Vincent, Associate Professor English Language and Linguistics, Istituto University Orientale di Napoli ,Naples, Italy

  280. Mohammad Yacoub, UAE

  281. Taher Al-Shayeb, UAE

  282. Robet Neeve, UAE

  283. Waleed AL-Shehhi, UAE

  284. Ghassan Fracha, UAE

  285. Ali Khalil, UAE

  286. Khaled Temsah, UAE

  287. Ehab Quader, UAE

  288. Shukri Jeber, UAE

  289. Ms Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes, (director of an international journal for critical thought

  290. Per Brandtzaeg, PhD, Head of Dept. Group for Laboratory Medicine, Prof. and Chairman, Institute of Pathology  Head, Laboratory for Immuhistochemistry and Immunopathology (LIIPAT) Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway

  291. Dr. Kristin Hollung, (PhD.), Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo, Norway

  292. Trond Skard Dokka, Prof. Dr. eheol. Dekan ved Det teologiske fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo, Norway

  293. Elisabeth Kvaavik, Oslo

  294. Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond, Prof. a I'iniversite de Nice

  295. Bailey Doogan, Professor Emerita, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

  296. Prof. Nabil H. Dajani

  297. Haytham Mansour

  298. Dr. Flavia Ponzi, Napoli, Italy

  299. Dr. Barbara Gorczyca, Paris, France

  300. Dr. Victor Silverman, Dept. of History, Pomona College, USA

  301. Michal Goldman, documentary filmmaker, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

  302. Dr. Ruchoma Marton

  303. Taina B. Caragol, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  304. Marc Lemire, PhD Student, Polical Science, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada

  305. Seham Abu Ramadan

  306. Mona Besiso

  307. Annabel Leventon

  308. Lienhard Hofmann, Switzerland

  309. Prof. Knut-Inge Klepp, Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo

  310. Francisco Vidal

  311. Guglielmo Roversi, Rieti, Italy

  312. Orla Finucane

  313. Prof. Kjell Doving, Section of General Physiology Department of Biology University of Oslo, Norway

  314. Mrs. Gry Hay, Research Fellow, cand. scient. Institute for Nurrition Research Oslo, Norway

  315. Thana El-Habta

  316. Gale Shaheed

  317. Kate Nolan

  318. Adel Guindy, Hauts-des-Seines, France

  319. Nocole Schnitzer- Toulouse, Member of Woman in Black, Paris, Union Juive Francaise pour la Paix

  320. Hanne Dahl, editor, Aschehoug Education

  321. Michel Mendes, France

  322. Prof. Immanuel Wallerstein, Maison des Sciences de I'Homme, France

  323. Merethe Kumle, Phd student, Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromsoe, Tromsoe

  324. Blanca Gefaell (DNI 36014102) as individual sign Entrepobos (ong)

  325. Lisa Vislie, Professor in Science of Education, University of Oslo

  326. Cecilie Mohr, Norway

  327. Prof. Espen Bjertness , Oslo

  328. Arne Fredrik Nilsen , Editor, Oslo

  329. Dr. Iman Ismai, Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Program, American University in Cairo

  330. Denise Atkinson, Wrightson Wood, London

  331. Margareta Wandel, Assistant Professor, University of Oslo

  332. Dr. Ismail Jalili, Stamford, UK, President, Arab Medical Association UK+Irland

  333. Dr. Maurizio Chiurazzi, International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Naples, Italy

  334. rit Nilsen, redaktor i Aschehoug forlag

  335. Ms Rasjidah St John, B.A. , Dip. Lip., A.L.A.

  336. Prof. Lino C. Polito, Naples- Italy

  337. Ina Blom, Associate Professor, Oslo

  338. Anne Wichstrom, Oslo

  339. Meine Unterstutzung S. Dietiker

  340. Francis Schwan de Bruxelles soutient sans reserve votre appel

  341. Mounif Alzougbi

  342. Matie-Claude Al Hamchari, Researcher, Paris

  343. Guenneteau Christiane militante du MRAP

  344. Nadem Nashef

  345. Rabbi/Dr. Susan L. Einbinder, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati

  346. Dr. Cathie Lloyd, Senior Research Officer, QEH, International Development Centre, University of Oxford, Oxford

  347. Sus Van Elzen, writer

  348. Maria Fialho, Photographer

  349. Emad Zaid, Dubai, UAE

  350. Dr. Vanessa Martin

  351. Ingrid Blekastad, director Hedmark Art Centre, Norway

  352. Cludia Koonz, Professor, History, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708

  353. Knut Asdam, 3 South Elliott Place, Apt #1 Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

  354. Jorgen Lund, assistant professor, University of Bergen, Norway

  355. Tor Jessen, Industrial Designer, Norway

  356. Irene Soras (senior consultant)

  357. Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen, PhD Associate Professor, Oslo University

  358. bouchra Abdou. secretaire National de la iddf

  359. Nada Abdallah, Lebanon

  360. Dr. Renee Favre, Naples, Italy

  361. Anee Schaffer

  362. Tulin Duman, Istanbul, Turkey

  363. Rui Correia

  364. B. Horn

  365. Dag Bruusgaard, Professor Dr. med. bestyrer, institutt for allmenn- og samfunnsmedisin, Oslo, Norway

  366. Prof. Odd Steffen Dalgard, Oslo

  367. Joar Svanemyr

  368. Franco Zanello, Vercelli, Italia

  369. Eva Isaksen, PhD

  370. Mrs. Kristine Mollo-Christensensen, Senior executive officer, University of Oslo

  371. Christopher Prescott

  372. Trygve Riiser Gundersen, Oslo, Norway

  373. Trond Haugen, University of Oslo, Norway

  374. Leif Anker, Editor, Oslo

  375. Marit Grotta, assistant professor, Oslo University College, Norway

  376. Yasar Aydin

  377. Kamil Uludag, Researcher, Ph.D. in medical Physics

  378. Prof. Paul Strohm, Oxford, England--U.S. citizen

  379. Ernesto J. Quinonez, Palesine, California

  380. Jenna Osiason, Ph.D. New York

  381. Arabella Hutter, NY, USA

  382. Matheron, Francois

  383. Lahcen Elmoutaqi

  384. Prof. Robert Cohen , NY University, Germanic Languages and Literatures, NY

  385. Mario Dias, Lisbon- Portugal

  386. Dr. Ramzi Abu Aweemer, Russian

  387. Svein Aamold

  388. Peter Naumann, Conference Interpreter, Brazil

  389. Shadi Fadda, A.U.B. Student, Beirut. Lebanon

  390. Olga Fostini, psychologist, Italy

  391. Prof. Juha Manninen, University of Oulu, Finland

  392. Azadeh Kian-Thiebaut, Associate professor of political science at the university of paris

  393. Dorothy J. Solinger, NYC and Irvine, CA

  394. Werner Goldschmidt, Hamburg, Germany

  395. Veronique De Rudder

  396. Deniz Kandiyoti, London

  397. May Chartouni-Dubarry, Ifri, France

  398. Bernt Bolviken H. Aschehoug &Co, Norway

  399. Prof. Peter Wagner, Florence, Italy

  400. Prof. Micheal Brie, Member of the Mangaging Board of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, Germany

  401. Grit Peter Ebnet, Vienna

  402. S. W. Galley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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  404. Tamar Shlaim, Oxfod

  405. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Morus Markard, Studiengang Psychologie der FU Berlin

  406. Leonard Nesdal, Oslo

  407. Mr. Bjorn Age Mossin, Editor, Oslo

  408. Serena Tonstad, MD, PhD, consultant, associate professor preventive Cardiology, Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo

  409. Harald Arnesen, Professor of medicine Dept of cardiology, Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo, Norway

  410. Michael Knoch, Portugal

  411. Marianne Walther

  412. Prof. Dr. H.J. Krysmanski, Institute of Sociology, University of Muenster, Scharnhorststr, Muenster

  413. J H Buee, Teacher, Lyon, France

  414. Chistian Wille, Berlin, Germany

  415. Gunn Bjornsen, Oslo University College

  416. Pat Elston

  417. Ass. Professor Gunvor Mejdell, University of Oslo, Norway

  418. Verena Stolcke, Facultad de Letras, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

  419. Patricia Elston, Uk

  420. Robert E. Livingston, Ph.D. Dept. of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University

  421. Chandler Davis, Professor of Mathematics, University of Toronto

  422. Maria Grazia Polidore und Prof. Dr. Lothar Kanpp, Universitaet Osnabrueck Elfi und Guenther Palshues, Osnabrueck

  423. Rifat Odeh Kassis, Executive Director, East Jerusalem YMCA, President of the Board of, Defense for Children International (DCI)- Palestine Section

  424. Renata Dumitrascu, California, USA

  425. Stefan Zech, Frankfurt, Germany

  426. Jeanette Barbari

  427. Tamar Almog, Tel Aviv

  428. Ujjwal Bhattacharya, India

  429. Chirstina Gruhle, Berlin

  430. Yasser Toor, San Francisco, USA

  431. Sayyeda Mirza, NYC, USA

  432. Dr. F. D> Toor, Lahore, Pakistan

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  434. Mireille Verbeke, rue du Centre, Belgium

  435. Antonis Liakos, Professor of History, Athens University

  436. Dr. Heidrun Friese, Berlin/Florence

  437. Sonja+ Rana Brentjes

  438. Helge Jordheim, University of Oslo

  439. Martin Van Bruinessen, Professor, Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, Netherlands

  440. Dr. Henri Maquoi, Huy, Be

  441. Omer Ori, West Jerusalem

  442. Dr. Phil. Hans-Lukas Kiesser, historian, Swiss National Research Foundation and University of Zurich

  443. Frederic Hache

  444. Morten LIndbaek, Associate professor dept of general practice, University of Oslo, Norway

  445. Cenk Yildirim

  446. Emmanuel Renault, Professor of Philosophy, ENS Lettres et science humaines (Lyon)

  447. Dr. Martin Reinhardt, Drostei 7, Germany

  448. Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Ripalda, Dpt. of Philosophie, MADRID, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

  449. Vincenzo Esposito, Direttore editoriale Novus Campus

  450. Daliya Mansour, USA

  451. Rania Mansour, USA

  452. Martin Webster, London, GT. Britain

  453. Ingrid Lohmann

  454. Elisabeth Augdahi, University Secretary Dept of Radiology, Rikshospitalet

  455. Dr. Robert Vaagan, Associate professor Oslo University College

  456. Svanhild Aabo, Associate Professor, Oslo University College

  457. Ralf Kramer, Bereich Wirtschaftspolitik

  458. Dr. susanne Lettow, Mockernstr, Berlin, Germany

  459. Mary N. Layoun, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Departmentr of Comparative Literature, U. of  Wisconsin, Madison

  460. Dr. Fabio Frosini, University of Urbino, Italy

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  530. Sarah Jessup

  531. Cordelia Prokofiev

  532. Dr. Basel Ghattas, General Director

  533. Helene van Klinken, Indonesia

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  536. Anne Johnsrud

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  539. Dr. Jeanette Khoury, The National Hospital, Norway

  540. Giorgio Baratta

  541. Eldrid Mageli, dr. art, University of Oslo. Dep. of History, Oslo, Norway

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  545. Kristian Marie Vennerod, Oslo, Norway

  546. Anne Marie Vennerod, Oslo, Norway

  547. Thomas Brevig

  548. Oivind Bergh, Research Program Manager Health of Institute of marine research Department of Aquaculture, Norway

  549. Tord Kolsrud

  550. Sadia Kausar Zouq, Student at Oxford University, England, UK

  551. Prof. Kaare Nordrum, University in Oslo

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  553. Antonio Villalba Quijano

  554. Norbert Kotzur, Socialworker, Hamburg

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  561. Per E. Gjermo

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  578. Arne Vinje Gunnerud, Sculptor, Norway

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  580. Runar Eileset

  581. Sonja Regler, etudiante en Sciences-Po Paris

  582. Kristin Vennerod Azmi, Oslo, Norway

  583. Abdelmajid Azmi, Oslo, Norway

  584. Leif Christian Stige, PhD Student, Oslo, Norway

  585. Olav Gjelsvik

  586. Prof. Kaare R. Norum, Norway

  587. Gunnar Stalsett, deputy chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Norway

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  592. Ase Ribe

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  600. Piero Forno

  601. La Otra Aldea, Buenso Aires

  602. Stein A. Evensen

  603. Karina Butler, N.Y

  604. Ulla Nordgarden, Havforskingsinstituttet, Senter for Havbruk, Matredal

  605. Brit Denstad, Special Advisor

  606. Abdullatif Said Husseini, Norway

  607. Awni Khatib, Norway

  608. Knut M. Roiri, Norway

  609. Angel Borja, AZTI

  610. Gabriela Rocha Martins, Portugal

  611. Prof. Rolv Mikkel Blakar, University of Oslo, Norway

  612. Tore Audunson, Norway

  613. Elin Audunson, Norway

  614. Else Torstensen

  615. Jan E. Sander, MD

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  617. Viggo Berg

  618. Halvor Berg, Oslo, Norway

  619. Havard Raddum

  620. Kai A. Olsen, Professor Department of Information Science, University of Bergen, Norway

  621. Jan Berger Henriksen, Principal Engineer, Bergen, Norway

  622. Hildur Ve, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway

  623. Per Seatre, Molde Regional College

  624. Prof. Hanas Munthe-Kaas, Department of Computer Science, University of Bergen, Norway 

  625. Chantal Combaz, Traductrice, France

  626. Deborah Power, Associate Professor in Biotechnology, University de Gambelas, Portugal

  627. Kristin Bakken, Kontorsjef/ Head of Office vikar, Institutt fr informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen

Boycott Calls Against Israel
      Sadia Kausar Zouq, 02-04-2019