Law Professor Kenneth Mann in 'The Apartheid Law in Israel: A Seminar on the Occupation Law and Israelís Military Courts'

The Apartheid Law in Israel: A Seminar on the Occupation Law and Israel’s Military Courts

There are two separate judicial systems functioning in Israel and the OPT. The first – the official judicial system of the state of Israel, based on parliamentary law; The second – the military judicial system overseen by the IDF and the Civil Administration in the occupied territories, and founded on the Emergency Laws dating back to the time of he British Mandate.

Due to the existence of separate court systems, and of the different law codes – the manifestation of justice, the severity of punishment and the effectiveness of enforcement are determined by the nationality of the accused – Israeli or Palestinian.

The impact of military law, military courts and prisoner related issues on Palestinian society can not be overestimated. The resolution of issues related to the Palestinian prisoners composes a fundamental element in any future solution regarding the conflict – thus, the destiny of the prisoners is highly pertinent to the Israeli public.

The Apartheid Law seminar offers a unique opportunity for lawyers, law students, media professionals and political activists to hear first hand accounts and analysis from the predominant figures in the field.

We believe that the cooperative investigation of the Apartheid law – an issue which has been absent from public discourse in Israel – will consequently lead to public discussion and to civil action.

The seminar is comprised of 8 bi-monthly sessions – conducted in Hebrew - beginning 8th of November, taking place in Daila, Queen Shlomzion 4, Jerusalem.

Session 1: The judicial framing of the Israeli occupation in the OPT – an international perspective – Attorney Michael Sfard
Tuesday, 8.11.05 at 19:30, Daila.

Session 2: The right for representation in criminal law in Israel – overview
Prof. Kenneth Mann, Tel Aviv Aviv University
Tuesday, 22.11.05 at 19:30, Daila.

Session 3: Occupation Law – The military law code
Attorney Leah Zemel
Tuesday, 6.12.05 at 19:30, Daila

Session 4: Administrative Detention and Secret evidence
Attorney Tamar Peleg, The Society for the Protection of the Individual
Tuesday, 20.12.05 at 19:30, Daila

Session 5: Legal Representation in Military Courts
Attorney Sahar Francis, Adameer
Tuesday, 3.1.06 at 19:30, Daila

Session 6: The Bureaucracy of the Occupation – a detailed examination
Attorney Limor Yehuda, ACRI and Attorney Yael Berda
Tuesday, 17.1.06 at 19:30, Daila

Session 7: A Panel of Palestinian Ex-Prisoners
Tuesday, 31.1.06 at 19:30, Daila

Session 8: A Study Tour of the Military Court in Offer Camp
Time and date to be finalized.

Concluding Session – Thinking Together – Palestinian and Israeli lawyers, presenting personal perspectives and possibilities for the future.
Time and date to be finalized.

Tel Aviv University
      Adina Kutnicki, 18-11-2005