Hebrew University capitulates to its campus anti-Zionists!

A minor brouhaha has been operating at the Hebrew University in recent weeks.  It seems the university opened a special program for officers in Israel's intelligence services.  The Campus Moonbatocracy, led by the anti-Israel "post-Zionist" professors, had a conniption.

   The profs claimed that the Hebrew U had lowered admissions requirements for the officers.  The University denied that.  The profs oppose lowering admissions standards for anyone unless they are Arabs.  But of course the real reason for the selective outrage on the part of the Hebrew University's academic friends of the Hamas was the same as the reason for all those protests on US campuses against ROTC and the right of army recruiters to speak to students.  They simply hate their own country and express this hatred by doing everything they can to show their contempt for the military.  The difference of course is that in Israel the military is the  only thing standing between the jihadniks and their plans to conduct a second Holocaust of Jews.  The irony is that Israel's security services are themselves largely dominated by those who would feel well at home in some of the goofier corners of Mt. Scopus.

The two main crusaders against allowing intelligence service officers on to the Hebrew U campus have been Moshe Zimmerman and Baruch Kimmerling. Both are fanatic anti-Israel extremists. Zimmerman is best remembered for his frequent denunciation of settlers as nazis and of settler childen as Hitlerjugend. (see This same prof who wants to bar the intelligence officers from campus has a policy in his classes according to which students in prison for refusing to do military service get automatic exemptions from assignments and tests, while students called up for reserve duty do not.
Kimmerling is a Marxist sociologist who is widely acknowedged by himself as being some sort of expert on Palestinians. He claims to detect signs of a Palestinian "sense of national identity" centuries before any Palestinian claimed any such thing. He turns out pathetic poorly-written, shallow, transparently propagandist "books" about "Palestinians". Kimmerling in the past has justified terrorist bombings of Jewish civilians (see

Kimmerling is so extremist that he is a hero of the fanatic anti-Semite Jonathan Cook at the fanatically anti-Semitic Counterpunch magazine (see Israel's failure to tar and feather Cook or at least deport him to Syria has long been a matter of great regret. Kimmerling also writes for Counterpunch, in part because he despises the United States (see He played a crucial role in the "Jenin Massacre" fabrication and blood libel ( He is arguably the worst anti-Zionist at the Hebrew University (see, although Zimmerman is also a serious contender also (see

As you know, those professors at the Hebrew University have been jihading against the plan to open a special program for officers in Israel's intelligence services.  Yesterday they got their way.  The Hebrew University's administration yesterday voted to cancel the program.

For details of the Hebrew U story, see here: . Note how the university chiefs express fear of having "homogeneous classes": "Academic staff have raised concerns in the past that classes limited only to security personnel may result in undue pressure on the lecturers." Yeah sure. But having homogeneous classes of moonbats, or homogeneous academic departments that do not contain a single religious Jew – now THERE we see no problem at all!

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